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Shattered Crystal

Shattered Crystal


Can three teenagers manage to stay alive when they are thrown back intime to the edo era and have blood hungry Yokai on their tail? Can the Onmyouji save them with their powers!!?

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- Teenagers side –

What if a group of friends living in Tokyo 2011 one day visit a shrine for a simple hang out, maybe even camping, however, they may have tripped onto lands they really shouldn’t have gone too, especially when those teenagers break a clear white crystal that sat guarded by the shrine’s protector.

You see, the shrine they were at held a Kitsune, this Kitsune was not happy, neither was her god Inari with what the teenagers had done. So, in her anger at the humans camping freely on her land without paying an offering and then breaking the sacred crystal the Kitsune decided to punish the humans.

She showed them her human form, then suddenly she cast her arms wide and muttered words the humans could not understand. Within moments they felt their bodies churn with a weird feeling as they saw their hands being sucked towards the shrine. Naturally they panicked confused as to what was happening, the next thing they knew however was that they awoke in a world completely different to their own.

They had been sent back in time to the Edo era of Japan, a time of samurai, peasants, kimono’s, poor medicine, murder and blood not to mention rice for a main source of food. However the most important thing was that this was a time where Yokai and the gods such as Inari were worshiped and far more real than the teenagers had ever imagined.

However, completely unaware the Kitsune had also cursed them not by sending them merely back in time, but by inserting a piece of the crystal they shattered into each of their hearts. This jewel is a sacred crystal that has lasted generations; it was protected at the shrine because Yokai were attracted to the power it held.

If a Yokai were to get their hands on it they would be overwhelmed in power.
So, sent back in time where Yokai roam freely with a shattered crystal in their hearts how will the teenagers manage to survive against the Yokai that want to rip it out of them?

Will they ever make it home?


- Onmyouji side –

In the Edo period some humans with blood traits from generations had the power to kill Yokai protecting humans from their wrath.

They could focus their spiritual energy in order to seal the Yokai with paper talismans into jars, inside houses, caves or anything object that could hold them. Only the most powerful Onmyouji were capable of using their powers to destroy a Yokai completely.

Onmyouji also had the power to capture Yokai and make them their familiar’s through chains created from their paper talismans. Every Onmyouji however is limited by the number of Yokai they can control by two. Not all familiar’s are captured though, some willingly agree to employment as a familiar by the Onmyouji, these are normally the more docile Yokai and less powerful than the ones captured.

These young Onmyouji are training to become top officials within their organisation, they have been sent to protect the princess of their country from Yokai that desire her liver for power. However on their journey they come across the teenagers sent by the Kitsune when they are being attacked by a Yokai. Their Yokai instantly sense the crystals within their hearts, some may want it, others wary of it and some just plain not interested.

The Onmyouji have the ability to sense the power of the crystal within their hearts only with their palms by placing it over the teenager’s chests.

What will these Onmyouji decide to do with the teenagers when they discover this? Should they kill them in order to destroy the crystals and make sure Yokai don’t obtain them and grow powerful or should they protect the teenagers as they are?


- Yokai side -

Yokai are creatures from Japanese Myth, they are creatures such as Kitsune, Tengu’s, Kappa’s, and many more. However they also consist of animal spirits that have grown vengeful and hungry for blood which are the Yokai with less mental states. Not all animal based Yokai are like this however, Tengu’s for instance resemble black birds and are associated with protecting the household that they live within.

There are many Yokai unknown also each with their own creation of life and dangerous abilities.

Yokai have powers that can make Onmyouji tremble ranging from the ability to control fire and having teeth larger than a lions in order to eat humans whole. The stronger ones are able to give themselves human forms in order to become harder to detect and catch prey easier.

Yokai survive by implanting fear into the humans they know, some merely play tricks as they are small like fish with legs, others are large and inhumane eating humans on whims of boredom. However most desire power to grow stronger eating human livers on the belief it will give them power. The more noble a human the more power the liver would give them, so a princess is the most desired liver to have.

The Crystal implanted within the teenagers is known to them as the Crystal of Asure, if a Yokai consumed the crystal they would gain tremendous energy that extends their power beyond reason making them unstoppable, however absorbing the crystal also increases their blood lust for human livers.

Not all of the Yokai want to use the crystal, there are a few that want nothing to do it but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t take it if they didn’t have the chance, yet most Yokai which eat human livers to gain power would kill thousands to obtain it.

Not all Yokai desire to eat humans though, some are fascinated by them, others help them by being shrine gods and listen to their prayers, some simply live as tree spirits never interfering. However these peaceful type of Yokai if pushed by humans to the brink of destruction, their shrines defiled, their trees cut down then they may grow hatred towards humans and easily turn to killing them for revenge.

Will these Yokai gain the power they desire in order to survive in their own world, will they manage to find the crystals or will they consume the princess’s liver instead since the Onmyouji were held up?

Angry Kitsune: HiddenNymph

17 – 19 years of age

1. Female: ~ Taken ~
2. Male: ~ Taken ~
3. Male: ~ Taken ~

Onmyouji: 18 – 22 years of age:
Yokai Familiar's Age immortal so in the hundreds unless you want to be a young Yokai.

Male: Taken by Hidden Nymph
Yokai Familiar: Female: ~ Taken ~ Half Spirit like Yuki and half BakeNeko
Yokai Familiar: Female:

(may add more depends on interest- ask if want to be an Onmyouji basically)

Royal palace inhabitants: Not too old please:

Princess: Female: ~ Taken ~
Prince: Male: ~ Taken ~

Guard: Male:
Guard: Male:

Servant: Female:
Servant: Female:

Human Eating Yokai after the princess and crystals: Age immortal so in the hundreds unless you want to be a young Yokai.


Yokai Info:

Some Yokai examples are: ... from_Japan

1. Hitodama(Willo whisp controls green fire)

2. Spirit like Yuki-onna: Female: (controls ice and snow)
3. Nixie: Female (singing can allure people to her will)
4. Inugami: dog (brings good luck and sees short flashes of the future)
5. BakeNeko: cat (reanimate the dead for an hour or so)
6. Kitsune (intelligent and creates hallucinations)
7. Tengu: Black bird (Teleportation and martial arts[skilled warrior])
8. Goryo (controls typhoons/wind)
9. Harionago: Female: (Highly beautiful with thorn like barbed hair under her control)
10. Hebi: snake (controls poison within their skin)

Character Sheet! -

{Be Sure To Fill This Out Properly!}

Erase Everything in ( ) ← When Filling It Out! (:

Code: Select all
Insert in description box
[right][img] (Insert either real life pic or anime, anime probs easier if Yokai) [/img][/right]
[b]Description:[/b] (Anything that the Picture doesn't show?)
[b]Age:[/b] (Check age limits for your type of character please)
[b]What are you:[/b](Yokai, Teenager 1?, Onmyouji? Yokai Familiar to Onmyouji 2?)
[b]What type of Yokai are you:[/b] (only fill in if Yokai)
[b]Power:[/b] (Only fill in if Yokai or Onmyouji-Onmyouji should put speciality and type of Yokai weak against(i.e fire/water etc.)

Insert in Personality box
[left][img] Second picture if you like? [/img][/left]
[b]Personality:[/b] (At least FIVE sentences!)
[b]Crush:[/b] (Yokai can like humans but its rare)
[b]History:[/b] (Optional)


+ Ask Questions! I would love to answer ALL your questions! (:

+ Reserve both your Characters before Submitting them! Spots are limited and no characters are saved unless they are reserved!!

+ Get your characters in before the FOURTY-SIX HOUR time limit! If you don't get them in before then the spots will open back up! :O

+ Use the character sheet provided or they will not be accepted! also be detailed if you can please

+ Be Literate! No one-liners! Use proper grammar, captilization, and punctuation to the best of your ability! The min. is at least EIGHT sentences per character, Writer's Block is understandable, but don't use it constantly!! :{D

+ Be respectful to all other role players!! Know that nobody is perfect, mistakes will be made and I know this! You're good as long as you try! ^^

+ Be creative! ^^

+ Come to me with any concerns you have through OOC or PM!

+ Have fun! ;D [Cheesy, but follow it! :P]

+ Put KAPOW at the end of your character sheet if you read this!


- Be disrespectful to your GM, If I ask you to do something just do it! It's most likely to help you out anyway. : / If you do disrespect the GM (Or any other role player in our role play for that matter.) I will make sure your characters dies tragically somehow.. Then l'll replace you.. :P

- Be illiterate! No text talk 'lyke dis!' It gets on my nerves so bad!

- Describe certain things! You know what I mean! Romance is encouraged, but if it gets too far take it somewhere else if other players would prefer that so ask first!

- GodMod!(GM) No, no, no! That will not do! It's that person's character for a reason! :O

- Complain. -_- If something is not going your way don't cause a scene! You can politely PM me, but that's it. Do not load up the OOC with pointless Draammaa!

- Cause Drama outside of the role play. :P We don't like that! xD

- I will add onto this, I have the rights to! Check by periodically if you don't mind! I'll most likely let everyone know in OOC when I update! ^^

(If you're confused in any way and have questions please ask!!(:)

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Sueki hooked her arms around her two best friend's arms. She gazed up at the temple she had found a couple days ago. It was old, but held a timeless beuty with it.

"So guys, it's the perfect hangout, right? The temple is super old, but nobody comes here anymore. Heck, there aren't even any priests! We have the whole place to ourselves."

Yes. Some might think a girl alone with two guys at an abandoned temple would be questionable. But if you actually knew the trio, you wouldn't think twice about it. They had been friends for the longest of time, and have been unseperable. Mostly. Ya sure they have their share of fights and drama, but that only made Sueki's bond with Suzuya and Yukio stronger. Recently, they had been kicked out of their hangout at a local cafe, and had been hunting for a new place to call 'home'.

Sueki had found it at this old temple.


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#, as written by phooka
Yukio looked at the temple, then to Sueki, "a temple?" He asked in a reserved tone, "I wouldn't call a temple a hang out." He sighed and unlinked his arm from hers, then walked over to the steps and sat down. He pulled a book and his gold rimmed glasses, and paged through it, scanning the words with his blue green eyes, then he put the book down and looked around.

"What are we going to do?" He asked, "sit around here and talk? It's an abandoned temple, there isn't much to do here." As Yukio was looking around, something that had been reflecting light from the sun, shone in his eye, causing a glare. He took the glasses off and carefully dropped them on his book before standing up the investigate.

"Hey guys, come here, look what I found." He said, pointing to the object that had caused the glare in his glasses, a crystal.

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Character Portrait: Nagamasa Inomi
0 sightings Nagamasa Inomi played by zane saphire
Raw and inexperienced though I am... You may count on me, dear Grandfather, to give my utmost for you cause!"
Character Portrait: Suzuya Tohzuki
0 sightings Suzuya Tohzuki played by zane saphire
What crystal? I see no crystal
Character Portrait: Yukio Usaki
0 sightings Yukio Usaki played by phooka
"How did we get into this mess?"

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"Get me a cup of tea."

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Angry Kitsune

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Aziel Sutton

Yokai? Do you eat humans?... *sigh* lets get this over with shall we?


Character Portrait: Hana Inomi
Hana Inomi

"Get me a cup of tea."

Character Portrait: Angry Kitsune
Angry Kitsune

Most of her details are Unknown

Character Portrait: Aziel Sutton
Aziel Sutton

Yokai? Do you eat humans?... *sigh* lets get this over with shall we?

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Character Portrait: Hana Inomi
Hana Inomi

"Get me a cup of tea."

Character Portrait: Aziel Sutton
Aziel Sutton

Yokai? Do you eat humans?... *sigh* lets get this over with shall we?

Character Portrait: Angry Kitsune
Angry Kitsune

Most of her details are Unknown

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If either Zane or Angel wants to start as the teenagers at the shrine messing with it would be good ^.^

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Alright! If we can get at least a male teenager then we can start!

Shall make most of the attacking Yokai NPC's unless people want to double over? but they may die =')
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