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Benjamin Growst

A dreamy crybaby who'll protect the innocent like a knight in shining armor...he'll wash you away.

0 · 195 views · located in Government Base XII

a character in “Shattered Elemental”, as played by torinoko_angel


Name- Benjamin Growst

Element- Water

Gender- Male

Age- 17

Personality- A lot of the time he’s away from the group, staring off into the sunset or drawing in the dirt or something equally useless, because he’s the dreamy type, and he’ll usually try to solve problems with made-up magic spells from books and video games, accomplishing nothing but confusing his friends and making the enemy laugh their heads off, which, admittedly, can be a useful skill in distraction. When an argument starts, either among his friends or his foes, he’ll try to help them out. He’s very empathetic that way; or should I say pathetic? When you make him angry, though, either by breaking his trust (he’s very trusting) or by hurting him or his friends, he’ll throw something like a temper tantrum, with no control over his powers. It usually ends in everyone being soaked/washed up a tree, and no one the better unless they’re in the middle of a forest fire. If he makes even the smallest mistake, though, including his fits, he’ll apologize profusely before going to sulk in a corner. He is helpful a little, though, because he’ll always protect his friends and any innocents who get involved in their scuffles. He’s valiant that way.

Height- 6’2” (Kind of pathetic, right?)

Weight- 146 lbs (He’s skinny, so he’s relatively light)

Usual Attire- A black snow vest over two layered blue t-shirts of different shades, dark jeans, and flip-flops.

Time so far in the cell- 5 days, and he’s already freaking out.

Likes- Fantasy roleplaying video games, nature, the beach.

Dislikes- Violent video games, hot days, caves/large, dark places.

Sexual Preference- Straight as a ruler. Too bad he can’t impress many girls.

Crush- Air, female

Username- torinoko_angel

So begins...

Benjamin Growst's Story