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Shattered Eternity

Shattered Eternity


A mermaid kingdom is forced into hiding by the development of science and technology. Even in hiding, they cannot avoid the mermaid hunters when they attack

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For centuries, peace had been kept within the kingdom, fights were uncommon, and this was something which kept the merpeople going, even if they were otherwise under threat by anything and everything else....

However, the world is ever changing, humanity is growing all the more intelligent as the days pass by, the thirst they possess for knowledge could now wind up destroying this peaceful people and their beloved kingdom. As science gains more ground, and the scientists garner expertise, they are readying to explore deeper into the oceans than they ever have before. Until now, it had been impossible for them to reach such depths…with the oceans no longer safe from the prying eyes of humanity, the merpeople have found themselves with nowhere left to hide, their watery sanctuary no longer secure.

However…it was long ago that this race developed the ability to walk upon land, just as humanity did. Though, this was something that no merperson enjoyed—even blessed with the capability to step upon the earth, there came with this a heavy toll. It would be easy to be found out by a human, one’s legs would give nothing but agony to their owner, as in the stories, each and every step taken by a merperson with their legs and feet, it would feel as if they were being pierced through many times over by daggers. And to revert to their true form, all it would take would be but a single drop of water to reveal a merperson from a human. Even gravity proves to be an enemy to all merpeople, compared to the water, it would feel countless times stronger for any newly land bound merperson. Connecting this together with the already painful notion of walking, and any single one of them could easily wind up clumsy, or even paralyzed....

And, if it so happened that a human and a merperson managed to fall in love with one another, truly in love, then it would become possible for the human to breathe underwater. However, if the love was one-sided, if a merperson loved a human who in turn wound up wedding another, the only thing that would beget them was tragedy—the merperson would be reduced to sea foam.

Within humanity, there do exist people that possess the blood of this aquatic race. More than a few times they’ve intermingled with another, resulting in children coming to be born of mixed blood. It’s common for these children of crossed bloodlines to have to their name a wondrous song voice, but to also inherit from their nonhuman parent leg and feet problems…despite their aquatic blood, these children cannot breathe within the bounds of water unless they would come into contact with a pureblooded merperson—unlike their aquatic ancestors though, these in-between children can never possess fins.

For many centuries, the merpeople lived beneath the waves—there were just too many complications to live upon the land. So long did these finned people isolate themselves from the rest of the world, that they came to fade away into legends. Stories can be remembered, and are told of sirens, those who lured sailors to their demises with their voices, or the story of a mermaid princess who found herself infatuated with a human prince, whose story ended in tragedy.... Then, there were the stories of mermaids whose tears faded into precious stones worth more than gold and silver. These myths weren’t untrue.

Despite the complications…with their lives threatened, and the secret of their existence uncertain, they had but one choice—they had to take to land, and live among humanity. At least, long enough for scientist’s studies to find an end, so that they may again return home and live in peace.

For the time being, the merpeople meld together with humankind, and to live as they do; going to school, having jobs, etc. They’ve money though.... The whole merpeople society is supported.

Although…just how well these aquatic folk can blend in with humanity remains to be seen.

The Setting
Each merperson lives in a house with at least one of them old enough to be considered an adult by a human, one of the royal family members and one guard who must stay nearby the royal at all times. Each member of the royal family and his/her guard must go to school every day to appear as normal human children. Both will be known as weak and ill to his/her classmates so that when it rains, the person can stay home from school because the rain lowers the immune system and can cause him/her to become gravely ill.

Regarding the Merpeople

Merpeople have the ability to breathe both under water and above. When dry, their fins separate into legs, they can walk, and their fins where ears are transform into actual ears. Merpeople can be born with any color fin, hair or eye color and most of them grow their hair very long, even the men. Most merpeople have extraordinary singing voices. If their voice is good enough, they can entrance any human with it and lure them. They have much better hearing than humans do. Merfolk can also communicate with any sea creature.

Traits of the Merpeople

A siren’s voice – Not all merpeople voices are so good that they can hypnotize a human with it, but some can.

Painless walking – While most merpeople struggle with walking due to pain and gravity, not all have that problem. It’s rare, but some can walk as easily as a human. These merpeople usually don’t feel a deep connection to water.

Hydrokenesis – Like magic, some merpeople can control water. They are deeply connected to the ocean.

Water Dowsing – Some can instinctually find water. They are also deeply connected to the ocean.

Hydromancy – (Water Scrying) This is basically a way to see things through a mirror, crystal or water.

Royal Family
The royal family consists of ten children and their father. Currently, various parts of the family are in different areas. Three of the children are living together and attending the same school as classmates. Not all of the siblings have the same mother, for the king had bad luck with women and his wives all seem to die mysteriously. They all go by the last name Acquarone.

As for everything else, there are mermaid hunters. Some of the hunters are simple human beings while others aren’t human at all. No one knows what the mermaid hunters who aren’t human are, but they prey on mermaids. While these non-human hunters are always very dangerous, the human ones are typically harmless themselves. The fact that they can lead the non-humans to the mermaids can be the worst part.

Non-human mermaid hunters have abilities like the mermaids. However, none of their abilities are the same except that they can communicate with sea creatures as mermaids can. However, they are usually cruel and dark even though they have a human form. Their non-human form is more aquatic, like a mermaid’s. However, they are more like sharks than fish.

Non-human hunters don’t have the problems with walking that mermaids have and they have a bite that is venomous to mermaids as well as other aquatic creatures. They may or may not (Varies from hunter to hunter) have the ability to hypnotize mermaids, telekinesis, telepathy, pyrokinesis, echokinesis or vituakinesis.

Human mermaid hunters are pretty much like normal humans, but they can have a few abilities too. Perhaps he/she is a medium… Or maybe he/she is psychic. They tend to have abilities that other humans cannot see easily so that he/she can blend in with his/her community.

The Roles
Age Sixteen
PLAYED by LazuliMetempsychosis

Princess’ Guard
Age Sixteen
PLAYED by Sicariius

Princess 2
Age Between Seventeen and Nineteen
PLAYED by xfaithyx123

2nd Princess’s Guard
The Same Age as the Prince
PLAYED by Ellipsis of Gothique

Human Mermaid Hunter Classmate
Age Between Sixteen and Nineteen

Human Mermaid Hunter Classmate 2
Age Between Sixteen and Nineteen
PLAYED by UtaUsagi

Non-Human Mermaid Hunter Classmate
Age Between Sixteen and Nineteen
Played by KuroNeko

Non-Human Mermaid Hunter Classmate
Age Between Sixteen and Nineteen

Basic Character Skeleton
Code: Select all
[left][size=200]♦ [color=choose color]FULL NAME HERE[/color] ♦[/size]
[img]DIRECT LINK TO ANIME PICTURE(Human form)[/img][/left]

[color=choose color][u]Theme:[/u][/color] [url=YOUTUBE LINK TO SONG]Song title and Artist Name[/url]
[color=choose color][u]Image Song:[/u][/color] [url=YOUTUBE LINK TO SONG]Song title and Artist Name[/url]
[color=choose color][u]Singing Voice(Only for Merpeople):[/u][/color] [url=YOUTUBE LINK TO SONG]Song title and Artist Name[/url]

♦ [color=choose color][b]GENERAL INFORMATION[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Role:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Gender:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Nickname(s):[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Age:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Race:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=choose color][b]APPEARANCE[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Height:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Weight:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Build:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Hair Color:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Eye Color:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Scars/Tattoos/Piercings:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Description:[/u][/color] (Please describe both the human and non-human versions if the character is a merperson or a non-human mermaid hunter)

[color=choose color][u]Preferred Clothing:[/u][/color]

[img]DIRECT LINK TO ANIME PICTURE(Non-human form if there is one)[/img]

♦ [color=choose color][b]MENTALITY[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Oddities:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Skills:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Likes:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Dislikes:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Hobbies:[/u][/color]

[color=choose color][u]Phobia(s):[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Personality:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=choose color][b]COMBAT[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Weapon:[/u][/color]

[color=choose color][u]Fighting Style:[/u][/color]

[color=choose color][u]Abilities:[/u][/color] (No more than 2 per character)

♦ [color=choose color][b]BACKGROUND[/b][/color] ♦
[color=choose color][u]Relationship Status:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Family:[/u][/color]
[color=choose color][u]Personal History:[/u][/color]

♦ [color=choose color][b]OTHER:[/b][/color] ♦


1. I will decline any characters who do not follow my guidelines and send some tips and tell you why I declined if I do.
2. No Mary Sues or Gary Sues.
3. Posts must be AT LEAST 150 words long.
4. Everyone should post at least once per day. If there is a surprise situation where you cannot do so, try and notify me and you must post within seven days. I want active roleplayers. If you do not post for an extended period of time, you will be removed from the roleplay.
5. No Goddmodding
6. There is no posting order.
7. Keep things at a PG13 rating.
8. Use proper English and grammar. No text talk.
9. Light romance and violence is aloud.
10. Character slots will only be reserved for 24 hours. If you need more time, just let me know. I will be lenient on this. Just be sure to get your character apps done as soon as possible please.
11. Please don't begin roleplaying until I either give the okay or make the first post.

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Thank you for your understanding. I'm really sorry...


Re: Shattered Eternity

I'm sorry to hear that Lazuli, but I understand. I hope everything works out okay for you.

Re: Shattered Eternity

I'm really sorry everyone... I am not okay lately so I won't be able to keep this going... If someone else wants to take over, that's fine. I'm really sorry.

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You're welcome :)

That's a really good idea! I actually have an idea for that!

Good idea! :D I think It'll be something requiring all the characters to be moved into the same class(es) and so, everyone will always be grouped together. I think I'll have an assembly to get everyone together first. :) Thanks so much for the suggestion!


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Ah, thank you!

And no need to apologize; I just wanted to know if I should stick around. Glad to hear we're still moving. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps we could move events to after the school day or some such? It might allow more opportunities for the cast to mix, and small as it is, I wouldn't want anyone to be isolated.

Maybe there's some kind of town-wide event going on outdoors or something? Some kind of festival, maybe? It's kinda hard for people to really interact during a class haha.

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Nice icon. :)

And... Well, I don't honestly think so. Kuroneko posted yesterday. I'll be posting soon and I know Ellipsis of Gothique is still here. Sicariius was kicked out and Utausagi recently told me she left. I honestly thought it was dead for a while too, but since there's a new post and someone pmed me about posting, I think we can still keep this going. Hopefully everyone who was going to leave has left and things pick up speed a little bit. I'm really sorry...

The reason I haven't posted is because I was waiting on Utausagi, but I can just write another post to write her out as I had to do with Sicariius... Other than those two, I think everyone is here... I'm sorry this RP has been so slow moving.


Re: Shattered Eternity

So... has this died?

Re: Shattered Eternity

Sorry everyone, but part of this RP is frozen, so the inactive character will be written out after my finals week is over so that we can get moving unless the person posts... I'm really sorry about that.

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That's fine. :) Don't worry.


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I could forge ahead with Callie, but I wasn't sure if you'd be okay with that, Lazuli.

Re: Shattered Eternity

Is anyone going to post? I would, but I have to wait a little bit. I'm sorry.

Re: Shattered Eternity

No problem, I need it sometimes haha.

Hope you feel better as well Sicariius!

Re: Shattered Eternity

UtaUsagi, it's fine. Sorry for rushing you. >_< I just want to keep this thing moving.

Ion, well thanks for letting me know. :) That way we can keep going. I greatly appreciate it.
I hope you fell/get better soon.

Re: Shattered Eternity

Yeah, sorry guys, just feel like I'm slowly dying is all.

Although, in a sense, I suppose I am dying slowly. But the kind that is faster than the rest.


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Hey, it's no problem; I just didn't want to move on without knowing how you were planning to proceed.

EDIT: Just posted for Callie; assume that Leo's in some kind of high-level math course and staring out the window haha. Anyone's free to bother either of them, of course.

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I am so sowwie!!! I have been busy and had no inspiration to post. It's up now. Sorry for the trouble >~<

Re: Shattered Eternity

I just sent her a message. If she doesn't post and you don't hear from either of us by tomorrow night, you can go ahead and post.(Sorry I didn't respond sooner... I got sick. I'll try not to take so long next time)

Also, for anyone else who hasn't posted, please do so. If we have to ignore characters, we will. Ellipsis of Gothique and Sicariius are off the hook for now because they have spoken to me and have valid reasons(and they have spoken to me).


Re: Shattered Eternity

So, I'm still here, but I was waiting for something from UtaUsagi so I didn't inadvertently godmod Maki by assuming she wouldn't say/do anything else in Callie's presence. Should I just post anyway?

Re: Shattered Eternity

It's fine, Sicariius. I hope you feel better soon...

And your post was fine, don't worry so much.