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Kai Xavier Finlay

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a character in “Shattered Eternity”, as played by Sicariius


Kai Xavier Finlay

Theme: 2's My Favorite 1 - Coheed and Cambria
Image Song: Dark Side Of Me - Coheed and Cambria
Singing Voice: Gravity's Union - Coheed and Cambria

Role: Princess's Guard
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Kai isn't really used to being called anything other than his first name. There have been some occasions where he has been addressed as Xavier, however, and ever fewer occasions where he has been addressed as Fin or Finn.
Age: Sixteen
Race: Mermaid

Height: 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (74.8 kg)
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Maroon
Eye Color: Green

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: He has no tattoos or piercings, but he houses scars he does not wish to show. Many are masked by his clothing, including a particularly nasty one that runs along his back.

Description: Kai doesn't look much different between his forms on land and in water. On land, he is particularly taller than average, as well as somewhat thin for his height. He often gives off an ambiguous feel and people might find it somewhat difficult to legitimately determine his gender at first. He has short maroon hair, which gives off a layered appearance and seems to be different shades in some areas. The bangs and sides seem to extend down to the bridge of his nose along to his cheek bones, whilst the actual length in the back trails down his neck and stops only at his collarbones.

His face tends to remain expressionless, echoing his personality, and so his eyes may seem to have a cold glance whilst his lips remain straight. Despite this, he does have a habit of biting his lower lip. His eyebrows are thin, and below these he has rather full sets of eyelashes, which add onto his feminine appearance. Below the eyelashes he has a pair of glowing green orbs, his eyes, which are an extraordinary feature of his. The irises start at the outer edge as a circle of a pale yellow-green color, and then the inner circle before the pupil is a darker green. Around the iris seems to be a thin circle similar in color to his hair. All of this is set into a face with smooth jaw, thin lips, and small nose.

When in water, again, much doesn't change. His face and upper torso remain the same, whilst he loses his legs and substitutes them for a tail. Along with the minor change in his ears, the change is relatively simple. His scales are a pale peach color, similar to that one would see on a koi fish, along with the random spots of maroon circles, bordered by black scales. His fins are a similar maroon color to the spots on his tale, becoming as they trail off in extravagant wisps that are longer than usual. The fins on his ears seem to be spiked, the jointed cartilage poking through.

Preferred Clothing: Kai is fine with simple clothing, though he prefers it to be somewhat thin. He is usually seen wearing low gripping white shirts, that expose a portion of his shoulders along with his collar bone. Along with this, he tends to wear a simple pair of black jeans, the pockets of which is fingers always seem to be shoved in when they have nothing else to do, sans the thumbs.

Oddities: Kai has an odd habit of biting his lower lip for no reason whatsoever. Maybe he just enjoy feeling the thin layer of flesh being torn away, or maybe it's just something he does idly. On top of this, Kai seems to be just a shell. It appears as if he is just empty and autonomously wandering about and functioning. He doesn't respond to outside stimuli, or otherwise, pain.
Skills: Kai, much like most mermaids, has one hell of a singing voice. Besides that, he can cook fairly well and finds himself medically adept. Along with this, Kai is one of the few mermaids who can handle the change from water to land and he is able to walk just as a human can, without all the added pressure.
Likes: Rain, thunderstorms, star gazing, spicy food, swimming, somewhat warm weather, large bodies of water.
Dislikes: Snow, sleet, hail, any other bloody cold weather, sweet things, bitter things, sick things, intrusive people.
Hobbies: Ironically enough, Kai has a hobby of running whilst on land. Most mermaids tend to dislike even walking, but he enjoys the runner's high.


Personality: Kai is, in the strictest sense, hollow. Or at least, appears to be, and remains to be for several layers. He is apathetic and awfully pragmatic, often coming off as harsh or cold with his words, despite not meaning to be. He always thinks before acting, and many would think that he is just a well calculated machine rather than a mermaid. He never really reacts to outside stimuli or anything else, really, he just observes it calmly and then deals with it accordingly. Along with this, his expressions are subtle, a pair of watery eyes, for example, being akin to bawling, and a small smirk being a kin to a fit of laughter. If he has feelings for somebody, or just particularly likes somebody as a friend, his feelings will be filtered through snark and dry wit. His appeal is bluntness and directness.

But this is just the outside layers, and once you get deep enough, you find the delicate feelings under the facade, waiting to blossom up into... something. Anything. All he needs is somebody to come and melt the snow. This could be a lover, or a close friend, really, anything.

This facade doesn't always carry on well enough in front of closer friends, however, and he may slip more towards being sweet to be around rather than it feeling like you're hanging out with a robot. Which friends, he can appear to be caring, and may even be prone to actually laughing or crying in private moments, but he shuts down immediately as a new person is introduced or comes around.

Weapon: A Trident, along with the spear-like blade hidden inside. It is worn on his back, and can be used as a long-range or throwable weapon. Near the middle, the handle can be detached to reveal a spear, and although the reach is reduced to mid-range, he can wield and use both effectively at once, as well as throw them with accuracy. He also carries a decently sized, weighted net.

Fighting Style: Using gear akin to that of a fisherman's (ironically), Nico uses the lack of any protective gear, and the benefit of speed and evasion to his advantage. He avoids close combat at all costs, and keeps his distance, waiting for the opportunity to strike with either his trident or spear, even both in some scenarios. He can use his net in various ways, ensnaring the opponent, their weapon, or even their shield if the opportunity presents itself. The trident (and spear) can be used as a projectile as well, Nico being able to lob it at a high velocity without losing accuracy.

Abilities: Because of his lack of a deep connection with water, Kai is unable to use any form of hydrokinesis or water dowsing. He does, however, have a very powerful siren's voice, more so than most mermaids. His lack of connection with water is made up for with this. Along with this, he has vitakinesis, which explains his adept skills with medicine.

Relationship Status: Single, but interested in somebody forbidden.
Family: Kai's father is the captain of the royal guard, and still living. His mother is missing, but passed off as deceased by his father, though Kai thinks differently.
Personal History: Kai had a somewhat privileged upbringing, due to his father's status among many of the other merpeople. Sure, he wasn't born directly into royalty, but it was pretty damn close. As he grew up, his father never had time for him because of duties, and his mother would often end up taking care of him and doting on him. He grew to laugh his mother very much, and was generally a very sweet boy. There came a point in his life, however, when everything took a turn for the worse. His mother seemingly disappeared right from under his and his father's noses, and they had no idea where to even start looking. No idea who could of done it, and no idea where she could have gone.

This was perhaps the breaking point for Kai. It was the only time he lost something with significant value, and it resulted in his cold facade.

From then on his father would come home to no wife and a broken, emotionless son. He tried to spend time with Kai on several occasions. He'd try to get him to smile, to laugh, anything. He'd even get angry because of it and lash out to Kai, but he still wouldn't respond. His father was certain that he had lost his son, too. Dead on the inside, much like his wife was thought to be at that point. But eventually (and fortunately), Kai recovered from the initial shock of it all and began to act somewhat responsive again, though he was very confined at this point.

This carried on for most of his preteen years and up until his age now, sixteen, he still hadn't progressed much on the personalty front or made any friends. It was because of this that his father decided to force him into the same profession, a royal guard. Kai, despite not wanting to do this, of course didn't protest. And so he was shipped off to land, which he surprisingly took to well. He finds himself attending a school and working a part time job on the side now, guarding one of the youngest of the royal family, Lulu.


So begins...

Kai Xavier Finlay's Story

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Kai Xavier Finlay

The day had been relatively normal, or at least, that's how Kai perceived it. As was any other day before or it, and every other day, he assumed, after it. Being on land wasn't really all he expected it to be, and it even played into his hand by exceeding his expectation, like when he was assuming to feel a constant searing pain with every step he took, but that was nonexistent and walking was like a knife through butter to him. So much, in fact, that he had actually taken up the hobby of jogging to further strengthen his leg muscles. He wasn't entirely sure how the transfer of gained muscle mass in legs over to tail worked, but he only assumed that by exercising his legs he was also indirectly exercising his tail.

It was lunch break, and Kai found himself not eating nor sitting at any of the assigned tables inside or outside. He wasn't particularly fond of the food that the cafeteria served and almost always found himself settling his hunger when he returned to his 'home'. Although it wasn't really his home, was it? No, his home was back in the water, where he wasn't really to eager to return as is. He didn't really have any other words for where he was staying now, with the royalty he had to guard. It was just a building that she slept in, and he kept watch in. Not that he needed much sleep, anyway.

As the thought of royalty crossed his mind, he dug his elbows into the wall he was leaning against and propped himself up so he could actually open his eyes and get a look around the cafeteria once more. His eyes zeroed in on a table, now empty and not occupied by the bucket full of rainbows and butterflies that was usually the girl he looked after. A good guard would have probably began to freak out, but he remembered his setting, and figured that she was in no immediate trouble. At least, not in public, it was a school, in the middle of a city.

Regardless, he used his elbows to push himself away from the wall now and do a standing position, letting out an audible sigh. Knowing this particular little princess and her glorious sense of imagination and wonderment, he could only venture a guess at where she had disappeared to; Outside. Because, you know, why the hell wouldn't you go outside with this good of weather and a brain capable of fantasizing a falling leaf into some complex metaphor of the beauty of nature and how it must decay or whatnot.

So that was where he headed, reaching to open the door only to have it open from the outside by another male student, whom he let pass before heading out the door himself. He hadn't really paid much mind to the student in particular, and only registered a faint familiarity of to whomever it was. His name had something to do with a lion or mares, he couldn't quite remember. The thoughts left his mind as he spotted Lulu, however, whom was pretty much an immediate couple of steps from the entrance anyway, stood there, holding a door mouse.

"Lulu." His tone was stoic, as it usually was, but he hoped addressing her would be enough to snap her out of whatever fantasy she were in the middle of.

"C'mon, get out of lala land. It's almost fifth period, you know, classes."

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Lulu Atarah Ri Claudissa Acquarone

“A… name?” The silver haired boy seemed a bit confused, but Lulu nodded to him eagerly.

Though he looked confused, he also seemed knowlegable… As though he was thinking of things he did know, but not particularly knowing what Lulu was asking. Eventually, he answered. “Maybe, but if so, I don’t know it.”

Lulu frowned. She wished she had something to call to the curious little mouse if she were to see it again. A small frown grew on her face. “That’s too bad.” Perhaps humans couldn’t speak to fellow land creatures. How truly puzzling… Humans were strange creatures. At the same time, they weren’t unpleasant so far either. However, her interactions with humans were only temporary. Someday she would be back home… It would be bittersweet. Lulu craved her home… She desperately wanted to go back and be with her twin and her pet. Her partners in crime.

The little furry creature was released. After letting her go, the silver haired boy rose. He seemed hesitant about something… But finally he spoke. “Class will be starting soon.” He nodded moving away from the mouse and princess.

Class was really… Hard. There was so much to explore and look at… Lulu had already been in trouble a few times during the day for being distracted. Everything was so fresh and new… How could she simply sit and listen to someone for hours on end? How could anyone? "Lulu." Someone pulled her out of her thoughts. The voice was mono tonal and apathetic. Lulu looked in the direction of the sound.

Before her stood a dazzling young man. His hair was a luscious maroon, his eyes a dazzling emerald… Even for a boy, he was extremely tall. This contrasted Lulu who was short, even for a female. While Lulu had an immature look, similar to a little kid, he had a more mature look. The main thing that set Lulu apart from a child was her build. She had the curves of a woman with the face of an innocent child. While Kai had the build of a slender man, he had a more feminine face. Lulu only wished she could be so beautiful.

"C'mon, get out of lala land. It's almost fifth period, you know, classes." Her guard spoke to her. His tone was even and smooth…

“Aww...” Disappointment was evident in the young princess’s winey tone, “You’re no fun.” She crossed her arms, pouting. Too bad there was no real way out of this in the human world…

Rising, Lulu was careful not to rush herself this time. She didn’t want to fall over again. As she stood, she brushed her hair out with her hands out of nervousness. The smooth, silky hair returned to its former glory, no longer so frazzled. “So…” She tilted her head, “What is our next class?” Hopefully it was music or art or something… Human art and music was so very different!

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♥Maki Nishikino♥

Smiling, Maki’s arm moved swiftly with each paint stroke added onto the canvas of the freedom calling sky. The clouds reminded her of children’s hearts at such a young age, full of lightness and the ability to believe in the smallest and silliest of things. She chuckled at this, remembering herself at such a young kid. She had grown up with no siblings, and parents constantly working and never giving her the attention she needed. She would lock herself up in her room and play with her imaginary friends and entertain herself.

Closing her eyes, she could still hear the footsteps of her Grandma and Grandpa stepping into their old home. The smell of cinnamon making its way through the cracks of her door, at the first hint of the smell she would run into the living room and wrap herself around her Grandmas legs. Grandpa would complain about how hurt he was that the little fireball loved his wife more than him. Whenever they had visited, she would sit on the floor as the sun shined into the cabin-like home, and her Grandma would sit on a wooden woven chair next to Grandpa…and she would tell Maki stories.

”Maki, Mrs. Blache says to come inside now and work on something else…She can’t watch you up here,” a young blonde had said, snapping Maki out of her dream.

”Alright, I’ll be right over” Maki stated simply and set her canvas to the side and quickly gathered her materials—the girl left with that, not wanting to stay in Makis presence long, afraid of the questions that would bombard her. The familiar touch of a brush or colors sticking to her skin was all she had left of that childish feeling. Only when she drew, did she feel young and innocent again, like she could run to pastures giggling, playing red light, green light and forgetting about all this teen-pent up anger with her parents and the world around her. The world was beautiful, but also disgusting. Standing up, she hoisted her brown satchel filled with the supplies around her shoulder and picked up her canvas carefully, as to not smudge the paint.

She walked through the door and down the stairs to the roof, finally making it back to the average, dull, grey and boring hallways. She walked quickly, spotting a silver haired girl with a boy that shared a hair color similar to hers. They looked like under classmen…shaking her head, she decided to leave them alone. Not wanting to bother herself with a guy. She continued on to art class, remembering the two kids…had she seen them before? Shrugging, she opened the door to the art class, set her stuff down, and started to work on a value(shading) assignment Mrs. Blache had assigned.

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Lulu Atarah Ri Claudissa Acquarone

“You have English.” Kai spoke dully. He didn’t even look at Lulu as he spoke.

Lulu frowned. “What do you mean ‘I’?”

At this time, his eyes met hers. “I have to leave. That’s why I came to get you and remind you of your class.”

Usually, the little princess could come up with mountains of things to gab about. The unusual way of the world above, the brilliant colors, strange creatures and the way humans behaved. For once there was silence. Not a peep came from her mouth as she gaped at him.

As Lulu was in shock, Kai seemed to avoid her gaze. Was he not even going to give her a proper goodbye?

“Go on,” He urged her, his voice hollow.

With that, Lulu solemnly rose and headed to where she thought class was. As she did, she saw a woman with raspberry hair. It wasn’t usually hard to talk to people, but just losing her guard made Lulu feel extremely down… Her heart sank the more she thought about it… Kai and she could have been such great friends if given the chance. Even though he seemed so stiff, there was something more to him… Something she had yet to figure out. Unfortunately their time together had ended… Perhaps they would meet again in the future. Why did he even have to leave? It was pointless to ask. Perhaps he was needed to guard one of her other brothers or sisters? Maybe even her father, the king himself.

Lulu thrust her first to her chest. Be happy! She urged herself. She couldn’t let on that she was feeling sad or down. If anyone got worried, then they wouldn’t be happy and there would be no fun!

“Hi, hi!” Lulu called out the lady, “Who are you?” She asked in a curious voice, her head tilted to the side. Lulu ran her fingers through her pastel rainbow bangs.