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"Please don't be so kind to me, I may misinterpret it..."

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a character in “Shattered mind”, as played by Lyysa








Face Claim
Naoto Fuyumine



Negative Traits
- Quiet, Nana is a quiet soul. She speaks when spoken to and if no one has addressed her she will speak so softly to voice her opinion that you will have a hard time hearing what she says.
- Shy, this trait corresponds to the previous one. The reason why Nana is so quiet is that she's so shy. She blushes easily but tries to hide it by acting nonchalantly. That doesn't work.
- Emotional, Nana is easily swayed when it comes to her emotions. You can't push her buttons by triggering her, she's emotional in the way where she would without a thought sacrifice herself in order to save someone else or bawl her eyes out in case she doesn't succeed with doing just that. This puts her in unnecessarily dangerous situations.
- Absent-minded, this is not something that counts for all the time but at times Nana seems to disappear from the present and disappear into her own mind. It's not of her own choice though, it comes with her ability to scan the environment and predict events.
- Calculating, Nana could be seen as calculating at times and not in a good way. If you don't know her she can seem to be trying to control everyone and everything by pulling the strings. This is true at times.

Positive Traits
- Determined, Nana is not to be underestimated because you won't be able to make her change her mind once she has decided on something. She may not raise her voice towards you but you will have to be able to stand the vicious daggers she will sending you with her eyes.
- Kind, Nana wish you all the good in the world. She wants to see you smile when you meet her. She can't stand people being sad, she wants everyone to be their best self. She may not show it at first but you will notice it soon.
- Clever, I wouldn't describe Nana as a genius or anything near that but compared to others' Nana could be described as smarter than most. At least when compared to someone like Ivan. Her mind is built to predict future events and recognize patterns and it works in her favor.
- Motherly, she has everyone's best interest at mind. She won't nag you or anything like that but she will be there with encouraging words and a hug if you need it. If it's in her ability to keep you warm and fed she wouldn't think twice about making that happen.
- Empathetic, Nana truly is a soft-hearted person. She's not someone who stands to the side when others are in pain or sorrow. Her heart aches when she hears sobbing or sees a sour face.

Sexual Preference


-Loud noises
-Fizzy drinks
-Being touched without notice

Darkness, Nana has been extremely afraid of the dark since an young age. It's not a valid fear, it's just something she has always been uncomfortable with. She can't predict what's about to happen there and all the noises around her just get's louder. She get's a claustrophobic feeling when in these situations.
Loneliness, Nana is not an lone wolf. She is a flock animal, she prefers to have other's around her so that she can lean on them as well as carry them. Solitude is one of those things she fears more than others. Just the thought makes her skin crawl.


Close ranged combat, Since Nana easily can adapt to whatever fighting style her oponents take on she's a fierce adversaries.

Ranged combat, It's hard to predict things that travel at such a speed as bullets. Nana can't see far enough to be able to notice someone pushing the trigger either. She can handle guns and other things but it's not her first choice.
Noisy areas
Bloodlust, With this we mean the lack of blood lust. Nana don't want to kill others. She always tries to spare her enemy.



Hair Color

Eye Color
Dark blue

A scar is centered on her chest forming a huge X between the breasts.





- Blades
- Reading
- Singing
- Yoga
- Strategic games

Biographic History

Birth name: ้ป’ๆœจๅฅˆใ€… (Nana Kuroki)

Nana was a strange child, as a newborn, there was nothing wrong with her. She was like any other normal baby, cute, high-maintenance and keeping her parents awake at night. However, at the mere age of four-month-old Nana took her first step. No, she didn't learn how to crawl, she could already do that, she could already sit up without help. At four-month-old Nana was already standing up on her own and walking, like a toddler obviously, but still, there had never been a child that had stood up and walked that early before. Her parents were mortified but extremely happy at the same time, it was all strange but yet a pleasant surprise.

They contacted the hospital to have a check-up, not that they thought anything was wrong with their baby girl but just to make sure. Once they got to the hospital they were greeted by an entourage of people calling themselves doctors and almost demanding them to hand over the baby to them so they could run some checkups. Scared and intimidated her parents handed over Nana to the medical team. It took several hours before they could see their baby girl once more and when they did she had been hooked up to life support. Somehow, the doctors had been able to detect a brain tumor inside this healthy baby's head. Stumped the parents only stared at their baby daughter, they didn't know what to say or do. All they could do was to stay by her side and watch as she grew smaller and sicker until one day where the doctors told them that she had died. They hadn't been able to save her. She was truly gone and the parents were devastated.

But in all honesty, Nana never died. Sure, she looked sick once she finally got to leave the hospital but she never got better either because she had been taken from her loving family and was transferred to a new country and a new family. If you could call it a family. It was more like a concentration camp with only kids. Nana wasn't the youngest one there, she never was because there was a never-ending stream of children coming in and disappearing. One day she got a new friend and the next they were nowhere to be found. It was soul breaking.

Every day was just another day to be tortured, at a mere age of 4 Nana was forced to fight against adults in an attempt to learn how to use her power more actively. She needed to be able to control it at all times and if she wasn't able to do that she didn't get any food. Constantly hungry and tired Nana continued to fight even though every bone in her body hurt and her skin looked more like a rainbow than the light pinkish color it originally was. Her hands were sore and had blisters on them constantly. Until she became a beast and never lost a fight again. At least if they were fair.


Power Description
Nana's ability could be described as photographic reflexes which means that she's able to decipher and predict her opponent's movements and therefore can counter them. This also makes her able to learn and mimicking her opponents fighting styles. This ability has, therefore, altered both her brain and her body all in all. It has made her able to predict future events to some extent by analyzing the environment and everyone around her. Her body is altered in that way that she is an extremely fast learner when it comes to anything that is within normal humans' reach - meaning fighting styles as well as other abilities like cooking, etc.

Power Weaknesses
There is more than one limitation to Nana's power though! Darkness is one of those. When in spaces where it's hard to decipher what's going on around her she won't be able to make out anything. She' basically like anyone in situations like that. Another weakness of hers is noisy environments. Nana's power work in a way where she's not only using her eyes to scan the environment and her opponents she also uses sounds to decipher what's going on. When she's in a place that's naturally noisy like in a factory or with a lot of people around her that makes sounds she has to rely only on her sight. Another weakness is loud noises, not any noise but high pitched ones, they disturb her scenes completely and make her disoriented. More than normal.

Notable Skills/Abilities
Blade usage, Nana's weapon by choice is her katana but she's adatable at using other blades as well. She's able to use other things as well, like nunchuks and staffs but bladed weapons are always her first choice.


So begins...

Nana's Story