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"This should prove..Interesting.."

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a character in “Shattered pieces”, as played by リトル·ミス·サンシャイン



Role: Shinigami One
Shinigami or Human?: Shinigami
Age: 2090
Gender: Female "But I doubt you'd guess that."
Height: 6'8" "Tall, like most Shinigami."
Hair color: Nio has pale blue hair which arrives at her chin on one side, her elbow on the other.
Eye color: Nio has one scarlet eye and one sea green.

Nio has a very relaxed personality, she is a sort of passive aggressive and doesn't like to yell.
She is calm and cunning, always thinking of a way to trick people and her only redeeming point would be was that she was loyal and would never betray someone she likes- Although that doesn't mean she going to necessarily 'help' them out either, she thinks that if they want to do something, especially concerning the Death Note, that they should be allowed to figure it out for themselves, rather than she having to tell them.

Independence is her middle name and usually she only likes working alone, although when she gives The Death Note to male one, she doesn't mind following him around and quite frankly, finds it terribly amusing.
Nio is overly sarcastic and most of the time you can't tell whether she's being sincere or using her world famous sarcasm skills.
She can find out everything about a person (not just the name & when they're going to die, which her eyes tell her) through her ability to question people so casually that they don't even realize that she's doing so.

Nio was so bored, so very bored, that was until she came up with her ingenious plan.
It all started when she was playing cards with a few other Shinigami, she was talking about how they never killed anyone anymore and that their lives were so boring.
The three other Shinigami agreed with her and that got her thinking.
'If other Gods of Death want to have some fun, why don't we?'

And so she hatched her plan, first they would enter the Mortal world and to make it more fun, they wouldn't choose who would receive their Death Note but rather, they would leave it to fate because then, it really is a lot more interesting.
Nio knows nothing about how a Shinigami can die if they fall in love with a human, most Shinigami don't, and anyway it's not like she was going to fall in love with such horrible creatures.

So now, here she is - Waiting to see whom stumbles across her little..'present.'

Crush: N|A

"Don't call me hideous because you don't know what unique means."

~It's hard to find pictures of Shinigami that aren't Rem or Ryuk, so I shall just explain her~
Nio has a very sharp jawline and high, what you could call cheekbones.
One of her legs is a deep, navy blue while the other is clear (transparent) so you can see her mishmash of thrown together veins and arteries.
Working with only one 'real' arm, Nio has a stump on her left side, where her arm should be yet the other arm is still there, and is a vibrant orange, sticking out sincerely because the rest of her is dull, dark colours.
Like I mentioned earlier, Nio has powder blue hair which on one side, cascades down to her where her elbow would be (if she had one)
Her eyes are a mixture of green on one side and red on the other. They are large and round framed by thick, black lashes - Possibly the only way you could tell she were female.
Her face is three different colours, her forehead is black, one cheek a dirty, off-white and the other a dull, pink laced with mud brown.
Nio's lips are thin but shockingly red, standing out - Just like her orange arm.

So begins...

Nio's Story


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Nio looked back at the place she had despised, the barren landscape hadn't changed in years and the usual litter of Shinigami were sitting, doing nothing with their Death Notes laying in peaceful retirement on their laps.
It was pitiful, excruciatingly pitiful and yet, Nio had found herself becoming one of them the dormant ones, sitting for what felt like centuries and playing simple card games. Pitiful.

Now, she had finally decided to do something about the bore that she had seemed to become, finding her mischievous side had come back with a vengeance.
They were due to take their flight from this wasteland any minuet, dropping their second Death Notes to unknowing victims.
It really was a perfect game, they weren't allowed to plan whom they would drop their burdens on, as to make sure that it was a surprise.

It hadn't taken her long to acquire her second book, and even though many gamble theirs away she decided to take the more tricky route. she had been silently planning how she would steal a Death Note for around a decade, going over the most intricate details again and again, just to make sure that she had not missed anything out.
Then, when the times was right - Her plan being fully formed - she began to play cards with the usual group, like every-other day, except it wasn't.

After gaining another Death Note, she began to recruit people to join her, figuring that it'd be more fun.
And now, here they are; Nio couldn't be more excited.
She wasn't really too sure on what to anticipate yet was certain that it would be entertaining to watch, Humans were funny creatures after all.

Deciding it were about time they left, Nio extended her large black wings, letting the stretch out further than they had is a long, long time.
Testing them slightly, she flew up straight and then plummeted back down to the ground, stopping around a meter from the ground.
"Brilliant," She whispers to herself, knowing that she was still intact, even after decades of not using them made her anticipation only grow more.


Upon arriving in the Mortal world, Nio knew exactly what to do - She would fly for a little and then drop the book, it wouldn't take too long for someone to pick it up, and that's when the real fun would begin.

As she glided, looking at all the sleepy houses, slumped next to one another, she wondered about how this could affect the Humans.
Sure most mortals whom chance upon a Death Note go insane, but that only makes it more fun for you to watch - The process is quite interesting, sick with power and then with what they have done. The most likely outcome of this visit would be that the human committed suicide - Always such a shame, she would often think, It's no fun when they die.

Deciding where she was, in a large town still busy way into the night, is a better place than any to let the book go, she flew for just a second more and then let the black object drop.
Not glancing at it as it fell to the ground and definitely not waiting to see who discovered it - What was the fun in that?


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Eyon briefly tosses a look at the land over her shoulder, whispering a quite "good riddance,"
She knew there was no way she would ever miss this place, and even before she took that one glance she knew no-one would have moved, frozen by year after year of sitting stationary.
As her wings unfurled from centuries of hibernation she finally let her bitterness go, it doesn't matter anymore - They wouldn't be coming back to this place for years to come and so why should she think so poorly of her home when she were about to abandon it.

Stroking her onyx wings she sighed, and she noticed Nio taking of.
"Oh!" She exclaims, shaking her mind out of its little daydream she lets her wings lift her up, wondering if anyone even cared that they were going - No, was the answer that sprang to mind, they probably haven't even realised we've gone.


The mortal world was so different to the world she knew that arriving, was like a fantasy.
Sure that was more often than not what Mortals thought of Shinigami and their realm but really, it was nothing special compared to this place.
Deciding she had earned herself a tour of this marvellous new world she flew in the opposite direction to Nio, settling herself on a small house's cobbled roof.
She the reaches into her bags pocket, and retrieves her second Death Note.
Suddenly smiling at how she got it - Sure the King Of Death was difficult to trick but was by no means difficult to bribe.
He had taken her offer before the whole bribe had fully left her mouth.
Shrugging she whispers to herself, "who wouldn't?"

I should probably find my victim now, she tells herself, realising that she had just been sitting on the same roof, staying dormant for around an hour and while that wasn't a long time, especially for a Shinigami - She wanted to see it all, not sit around like she would if she were back there.

Placing the book back in her bag, the female stands and looks around, moving her lank, white hair from her face and tightens her grip on her bag jumping off the roof to the street below.
As she makes her flight, to who knows where, Eyon looks in all the windows of the identical houses, at all the children and adults softly sleeping.
Sometimes she stops to have a proper look in the window, often to decide that humans were very, very funny looking creatures and laugh at their almost identical looks.
Sure they were of different colours but they weren't anything special, not like Shinigami.
Mortals really did truly repulse her, so she figured it would be funny to wreck their precious little world.
To show them up for the monsters they really are.
Shinigami aren't the hideous creatures, Humans are.

Realising that she still hadn't dropped her extra Death Note, Eyon one again pulls it out of the satchel, an idea hitting her.
She plucks one of her coal feathers, it was unlike any bird feather and would also - hopefully - make the human even more confused. How hilarious.

As she flew on for a little, her eyes directed straight she dropped it, the feather safely tucked into its pages and flew in a completely separate direction.
She had no idea where she was when she dropped it, having not looked down. Nor did she know where it landed, she only prayed that it would be picked up - and soon.