Shatterglass Academy of Magical Creatures

Shatterglass Academy of Magical Creatures


Shatterglass Academy - home to dryads, vampires and other magical creatures! They learn about their powers, have tournaments and act like normal teens they are - apart from their extra limbs, scales and thirst for blood!

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Shatterglass Academy - created by Lord Antonio Shatterglass hundreds of years ago, the Acadmy is the home for many magical creatures. The students have classes, dorms and problems like any normal teenagers but there are few things that pulls them apart from humans - their extra limbs, scales and craving for blood!

The Academy is an old mansion/castle with facilities needed to make lives of any kind of creatures comfortable. The grounds surrounding the school are massive and include a bit of mountains, a lake and a forest.

Even through the place was meant for creatures, there are a few humans wandering around the school.


1. Don't kill of characters unless you have a permission!
2. PLEASE, no Mary Sues or Gary Stus. They bore me and everyone else
3. Duels are allowed but don't kill characters off ( if you're a vampy just kill the insignificant, not-mentioned population of the school)
4. Romance is allowed but no details please.
5. I want at least 7 lines in each post please!
6. No more than 4 characters per person.

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Race: ( quick explanation would be welcome too)
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Have fun!

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Sun was shining outside the window, the birds were singing and a certain Claudia Shatterglass was getting ready for the first day of school. She was in her dorm, brushing her white hair and thinking about what kind of new creatures she will meet today. Putting the brush down, she smiled into the mirror and walked outside of hert dorm. Claudia locked it and turned on her heel to face the dorm room opposite hers. This is her fiance's dorm and as much as she disliked it she had to greet the snew students with him . She was about to knock on the door when it opened, showing Abraxas Trueman glaring down at her. Claudia huffed and glared back as he closed the door. Abraxas walked half a step before her as they went down to meet the freshmen. He, unlike Claudia hated this job since he disliked new people.
Claudia smiled warmly as she saw the group of freshmen stood in the Asembly Hall, followed by Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Many of those gathered there had wings, weird coloured hair and eyes, scales, extra limbs or were covered in fur. It was a normal sight for them.
" Freshmen" Abraxas said coldy. " Follow me so we could explain everything." With that he walked off.
" Ignore him, he hates everything that breathes and walks. Come on" Giggles Claudia and she too walked off, followed by the freshmen.

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Too many people. The thought ran through Kyrie's head as he watched a mass of new students milling around by the Assembly Hall. They all seemed so lost. Scared. Well, some of them. Others didn't quite feel fear . . ever. The half-blood was leaning against a tree on the campus grounds. Bloody eyes moved slowly over the crowd, picking out the students that could become a real problem. A leaf fell from the branches over his head and fluttered down, landing on his right shoulder and decided to stay for a while. Kyrie flicked it away with his left hand, as his right held a bright red apple. He noticed groups of freshman being taken around the grounds by older students. He lazily lifted the apple to his mouth and bit down. The soft crunch was accompanied by the sweet taste of the fruit and beads of juice running down his chin. He wiped the juice away and flicked his fingers. The main reason he wasn't currently leading a gaggle of frightened freshlets - his sister's term - was simple: He wouldn't be able to handle it. Normally he didn't get angry easily, but when it came to freshman . . they just seemed to push all the wrong buttons. He swallowed and glanced to his right, where three new students were eyeing him warily. The Demon cocked his head, red-black hair falling in strands over his face. He suddenly barked, "Shake your heads, your eyes are stuck!" and the three scattered. His face once again reflected his usual calm, and he was smiling a little now.

Why help them when you could scare them?

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Half way through the entire 'show freshmen around' thing, Abraxas sneaked out when Claudia was busy talking to some other Sophomore - Alannis was her name, he thought. He really didn't want to spend the entire morning showing the hopeless kids around. Abraxas walked around the campus until he saw a boy in his year near a tree. He knew that it was Kyrie, a guy that most people stayed away from. Suprisingly, both of them knew eachother but hardly ever spoke. Knowing that he would rather hang out with Kyrie than follow Claudia around and show the freshmen around, he walked up to the boy.
" Hello" Abraxas said.

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Kyrie quirked an eyebrow as the vampire approached. He nodded when Abraxas greeted him, "Finally had enough?" he let his lips turn upwards a little in a wry smile, "I'm surprised you even considered showing the freshman around." he commented, looking around at the crowds again. More students - sophomores, juniors, and seniors - were now moving around the campus grounds. Either looking for friends, dorms, or classes. He noted that a number of freshmen hadn't partaken in the tour. They were rushing for class when they didn't even start for another hour or so. This gave time for other, less panicked, students to become more acquainted with the Academy grounds. A portion, anyway. The campus was too large to cover completely. Just the main buildings and dorms were on the tour. He spotted another group staring at him and said in a low voice, "I don't even want to go near them." before chucking his apple at the group, scattering them. He rolled his eyes and turned back to the junior. He'd met him when they were both freshman, but their contact had always been . . limited, per say. "So," he folded his arms slowly over his chest and leaned his back against the tree, "where is your loving bride-to-be?" he asked with a hint of humor in his voice.

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" Hopefully six feet under" Muttered Abraxas. To be honest, he never liked her and he constantly wondered where do their parents see the 'love' between them they claim the two share. He watched the childen run around. He hated children. And he was supposed to be the next headmaster after Claudia's dad retries. It was a pain in the backside for him to show them around. " I never actually agreed to show them around. Headmaster kind of forced me." Abraxas said. " Something about 'interacting with the future of the school'. But its all bullshit for me"

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Kyrie chuckled at the Vampire's answer. He'd seen it before. Just the way they looked at each other. Their eyes would not show the deep, beautiful romance depicted in many a corny romance novel. He nodded when the other junior said that the headmaster had roped him into doing it, but he froze when Abraxas gave the headmaster's reason. "'Interacting with the future of the school'." Kyrie repeated slowly. He would have laughed. His red eyes moved to one of the tour groups. The freshmen all looked so lost; their expressions part awe and part utter fear. He looked back at Abraxas and gestured toward the passing group, "If this is the future of the school then I can say without a doubt that it's screwed." the Demon shook his head. "I'm honestly wondering why many of them have yet to cower in some secluded corner." he scoffed.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and chuckled dryly, "I dread going to classes." he said with a sigh. It wasn't because he didn't necessarily like them, nor was he nervous about them. Well, at least not for the same reason the freshmen were. He was worried about classes like Theatre. The previous year the freshmen involved had turned the class into a joke with a combination of mediocre performances, an inability to memorize lines, and severe stage-fright. And not to mention Fencing! As far as he knew, Orchestra was one of the few classes that had yet to be murdered by the invasion of bumbling, wide-eyed freshmen. He let his hand fall to his side and opened his eyes, "I don't know." he said wearily. "Maybe the Board took their jobs seriously this time."

Yeah. Right.

A thought occurred to him. He looked back at the Vampire, "Have you seen my sister anywhere?" he queried.

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