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Madison (Maddy) Depp

Maddy, is a nice girl who tries to get along with her parents as well as her school mates

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a character in “Shayline Boarding School”, as played by Grace<3


Madison's parent's are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Although she tries to get along with Amber, she never can. Amber isn't her real mother, so Amber's much more interested in Johnny than in his family. Madison's really close with her dad, and she loves him, but with Amber always taking up Madison's and her dads time, she never gets to see him. It was Amber's idea for Maddy to go to this school, Amber made all these remarks about how educational it'd be so Johnny was on board too.
Madison has Long brown straight silky hair. She has Hazel eyes, and long eyelashes. she's very thing but her bust is a little big. her height is 5"4.
Her Age is 16.

Madison loves, music. She listens to a lot of emo music ever since Amber came, but she still enjoys country, oldies and pop. Madison also loves movies, her perfect date would be going to a movie theater. Madison tries not to let her emotions pf anger from amber get in her everyday life, although it's very hard. Madison is fun loving, and just kind of goes with the flow. Although if some one was picking on her friend she would stand up for her friend. Madison believes that family is very important since they will truly love you no matter what, that's why she tries to put up with hers. Madison is in class B. Madison's favorite food is pizza and to drink she loves smoothies. Her guilty pleasure, is wearing a big hoodie, sweat pants, and cuddling up on her couch with a bowl of popcorn and a movie.

So begins...

Madison (Maddy) Depp's Story


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#, as written by Grace<3
Among all the trash and few people crashed on the floor, Maddy walked around various bodies, trying not to step on anyone. she grabbed her bag that had some how ended up in the arms of a cheerleader who was sleeping. Maddy wasn't even sure she was going to go to this party, but somehow she ended up here. Since Maddy's dad is Johnny Depp, she seems to be popular throughout the cheerleaders and football players. Although Maddy would much rather just listen to music and relax on her lunch brakes, she usually just gets wrapped into drama. "Oh, pardon me" Maddy said quietly as she removed her bag and headed for the door. "Thanks for the party Taylor," Maddy thought there was something going on with her and that boy so she tried to sneak away quietly but stopped when she saw the blood. "Oh my gosh, are you ok? ummm let me see..." Maddy dug around in her bag. "here it is!" She pulled out a band aid and handed it to him. "I've learned to keep band aids haha," Maddy tried to laugh to lighten the mood as she was unsure what had just happened to this guy who was hobbling towards the door.