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She Still Counts The Minutes

She Still Counts The Minutes


"Sometimes Perfection Can Be Perfect Hell. I Swear I Didn't Mean For It To Be Like This, Like Every Inch Of Me Is...Bruised." --Jack's Mannequin

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She Still Counts The Minutes

"I watched as he got onto his plane, one last wave to me, his smile radiating our love. I watched, almost broken hearted, as he made his way onto the plane. As the plane took off, tears began to roll down my face, i couldn't stand being away from him for one minute, let alone an entire year. I understood that his job called for it, and i would wait. And that's what i did, even after i got the news that he had died in that car accident, i waited..."


A girl with the gift of agelessness, waiting for her love to reincarnate so she may go find him once again. After twenty years, the time had come, she finally has found her loves reincarnate. But, there is two problems. The first being that her love was reincarnated into a female. Although she can handle this and does not mind the fact that her true love is now of the same gender as herself, there is another, more troublesome problem. Her love's reincarnate is madly in love with another male and is married to him. The ageless girl, although she finds this very hard to deal with, is committed to her love and will do anything to get his reincarnate to be hers, no matter the costs.


Ageless Female - Can make up age because she is ageless - Is in love with the Reincarnate

Reincarnate - Female - 20 years old - Is in love (and the wife) of the Husband
PLAYED BY: Annalysa Jones

Husband - Male - 23 years old - Is in love (and the husband) of the Reincarnate

OC - Somewhere in their 20s -I am going to be pickie with this role, the character MUST be tied into the RPlay somehow (ex: in love with husband, in love with reincarnate, in love with ageless, [or for something really strange] has a grudge against the reincarnate and wants her dead or something like that)

Code: Select all
[b]Love Interest:[/b] (put if it's love, lust, crush)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (anything not noticeable in the picture)
[b]Biggest Fear:[/b]
[b]Biggest Secret:[/b]
[b]Occupation:[/b] (the ageless doesn't necessarily have to have one.)
[b]Power:[/b] (only the ageless gets a power [unless the OC charii is not human], but she only gets one power)
[b]Theme Song:[/b] (must have one, can have up to three)
[b]Personality:[/b] (can put "To Be Revealed IC.")
[b]Equipment:[/b] (anything they carry with them, doesn't need to be a weapon. Also put an outfit picture or link to picture just so we get a general idea of how they dress)

Toggle Rules

  • The RPlay Takes Place In 2019
  • The Reincarnate & The Husband Have Been Married For A Year.
  • The RPlay Starts In The Winter
  • No One-Liners
  • Must Post At Least Once A Day
  • If Gone For Long Period Of Time, Please Tell Us In The OOC
  • Everybody Contributes To The Plot By Making Twists And Such, It Is OUR RPlay, Not Just Mine
  • Besides That, Follow The Rules Of The Site & Have Fun

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Lucy waited at the stop light, not really paying attention to the cars around her or the street lights that were shining down on the side walk, she just wanted to get home to her husband. She had had two performances that day of the play Pippen, and though she hadn't had the biggest role in it, considering males being the main in said play, she still was happy to be going home. Though, at the time, it was pretty late, and she figured that he would have already eaten and gone to rest. Thus, as the light turned green, she turned left and made her way to pick up some food for herself.

She pulled up to the small food place and ordered herself a roast beef sandwich, being the norm of what she ordered when going there. The workers there practically knew her by name, considering she went in there many times at night after work and ordered the same thing. She leaned against the counter, waiting for her to go bag, looking about the few people inside. A couple of them looking at her as if she were from some strange planet, you would think they had never seen pink hair before. She shrugged off their stares and once getting her bag, she handed over the money and walked back out to her car.

She sat the bag down in the passengers seat and moved a hand through her long, odd hair and started the car once again. She pulled out of the parking lot and headed back towards her home, knowing that it wouldn't be long until she got there.


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(ignore, it posted it twice)


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#, as written by Katryn
Trevor stroked his paintbrush lightly and meticulously over his canvas, his brows furrowed in deep concentration. However, no matter how hard he tried or how carefully he worked, he simply could not get the paint to blend the way he wanted it to. Exhaling roughly, made a few stabbing strokes at the paint, only making the matter worse. Growling in frustration, he threw the brush into a jar of water and balled his fists into his eyes sockets. He released long groan of exhaustion, rubbing his face with his palms.

Dropping his arms to his sides, he stood from his low stool and walked across the loft to the kitchenette on the opposite side of the vast, high-ceilinged space. Snatching a glass from the cupboard, he quickly filled it with tap water from the sink and gulped it down within a matter of seconds. He set the glass down and pushed his fingers back through his sandy, blond hair.

Sighing, he allowed himself to breath slowly and evenly, his head falling back until his hazel eyes looked to the ceiling, completely out of focus. His current show had taken a lot out of him. Being in the production stages, rehearsals were conducted from morning to early afternoon, at which point the current show would begin preparing for its evening performance. His role in the production was a prominent one, that role being Billy Bigelow in Carousel. Though he enjoyed it, it seemed to only be causing him stress and frustration. And portraying a man who cared so little for his wife disturbed him on an even deeper level.

One thing was for sure, the moment his wife returned from her performance he would take her fast in his arms and prove himself to be the exact opposite of the cruel man in the musical show.


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#, as written by Soki
Cassie yawned as she stepped outside of the airport, hailing a taxi. She had taken leave from the FBI for a few weeks, to regather herself, or that's what she said anywho. No a sense, like a small shock had coursed through her entire body; her lover's reincarnation was here, in this state and she had to find her, had to regain her loved one. She had posted someone in this city awhile ago, to tail her lover; a woman now, though not the strangest thing in the world. Once she regained alittle bit of her mind she shuffled into the back of the Taxi indicating to the driver to take her to the closest hotel. She had to find a place of residence before she started her investigation.

The taxi pulled up to a nice looking hotel; not brand new but not down in the dumps either, as she stepped out paying the man and carrying her bags into the place. She bought a room, and without missing a beat stepped into the elevator. She eyed a small child that seemed to be staring at her the entire way; waving to the kid as her floor rang and she was out and towards her room within a few seconds. She closed the door behind her, throwing her bag on the bed; and first thing was first shower.

She was now clean, relaxed, and dressed in causal clothing; sitting down on the edge of the bed she let out a soft sigh, fingering a small pendent around her neck. "Won't be long now....I promised I'd find you again...and I did, just...wait alittle longer.." She finished her conversation to the pendent as she sprawled out on the bed, deciding to work off some of the grogginess from the flight with a short nap.


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For some reason, Lucy kept hitting all the red lights, which she couldn't understand, considering the fact that there weren't that many cars out at the moment. She started to get a bit testy with the few others around her though. A male pulling out in front of her into her lane, almost causing her to hit him. She shoved her hand hard onto the horn and let the horn blaze and watched as the person sped up to get out of the way. She sighed and continued on her way, the closer she got to home, the less testy she became.

She finally pulled up to their home and parked her car. She turned it off and grabbed her food and stepped out, locking it up as it made a beeping noise. She walked up to the door and stepped inside. She looked around and smiled, feeling good to be home after the day of preforming. She took off her coat and put it away in the hall closet and headed towards the kitchen. As she stepped in to it, she noticed Trevor in there and she smiled. She hadn't expected him to be up this late, but for some reason, it did not surprise her though. She sat down her food and paced over to him, "i didn't know you'd still be up." She smiled at him, "how was work today?"

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Character Portrait: Cassandra everglin
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"To live forever, is really boring; but to love forever...surprises never fall short"


Character Portrait: Cassandra everglin
Cassandra everglin

"To live forever, is really boring; but to love forever...surprises never fall short"

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Character Portrait: Cassandra everglin
Cassandra everglin

"To live forever, is really boring; but to love forever...surprises never fall short"

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