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She Stole My Heart

She Stole My Heart


1x1 Between RawkFist and Miss_Dreamer

775 readers have visited She Stole My Heart since Miss_Dreamer created it.



It was just a normal day for [insert name]. She was on were way home to have a nice dinner with her parents, but then she was taken away. She doesn't know why or who the person is that did it. All she knows is that she is no longer home. Now she is falling for the kidnapper and she can't stop. She wants so bad to go home and never be bothered again, but she doesn't want to leave her kidnapper.

Just another day in the job for [insert name]. Kidnap a girl, wait three days, pass her onto the boss. But when she kidnapped this particular girl things were different. This girl wasn't like the others and it causing conflicting feelings. She can't tell the difference between her feelings and just being attached. She thinks the girl is trying to get to her on purpose as an escape route, but she doesn't think she will be able to pass the girl onto the boss.

Kidnapper: RawkFist
Kidnapped Girl: Miss_Dreamer

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1x1 between me and RawkFist. Do not submit a profile unless you are RawkFist. Or I will be upset! And spam your inbox.

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 2 authors

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There was an abnormal winter chill in the air that contradicted the summer breeze. The sky was missing its stars and the moon was glowing a dull white. It's normal garish glow seemed to be fading the closer she got her house. Stores on the street were pitch black almost trying to keep customers away. The streetlights were dimly lit giving off the impression she was in the dark. Kyla wrapped her arms around herself as a shiver crawled down her spine. She moved a bit faster wanting to get out of the dark and the cold. Something was off and she wanted the comfort of her home.

The wind was picking up and she cursed herself for not bringing a jacket. She tugged her bag onto her shoulder and pulled her phone out of her pocket checking the time. 11:01pm. A sigh escaped her lips as she shoved the phone back into her pocket. Curfew was 11:30 and she wasn't going to make it. Not only was she going to face the wrath of her father for walking home alone in the dark, she was going to get reprimanded for missing curfew. There was no other way to get home in time unless she cuts through an alley which is dangerous at night. Her mother told her that if she missed curfew not to come home. It was an empty threat, but Kyla tries not to miss curfew.

She stopped in front of an alley on JayBird and Lycan street. On the other side was the opening to her neighborhood, but it was mile of pure darkness. Things that go bump in the night disturb this alley, but she needs to get home. Quickly contemplating the rights and wrongs about this she realized that getting killed by her mother is worth the risk. Taking a deep breath, she walked into the alley unintentionally setting her unfortunate destiny.

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"Target spotted, Scout."

I looked up from the floor of the van, a smirk finding its place on my lips. I said nothing but my heart began to race, to the point where I could hear and feel it without placing a hand to my chest. There was always something about the thrill of capturing targets that filled me with such an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement. It was sort of hard to describe to others. My smirk faded and my expression went impassive as I stood, attempting not to let the motion of the moving vehicle cause me to fall. I made my way over to the front where the driver and passenger seat were located. I took a seat and shifted my gaze in the direction of Kev, my own personal assistant. He was an attractive young man, with a head of bronze hair that fell scruffily down his forehead and pale blue eyes. Most would find him unbelievably attractive, but I had worked with him since I'd started and I had a hard time viewing him as anything besides a brother figure.

"Did you want someone else to grab the girl?" he asked, analysing my expression closely. I couldn't help but smile. "No, I'll do the honours," I said whilst shaking my head some. I shifted around in my seat to face the front, my eyes scanning the sidewalk for the target. We were drawing closer just as she turned into an alleyway, which had me smirking without me even realising it. "Stop just a little way away from the alley, so that she won't get too suspicious." Kev did as I asked and as soon as the van stopped, I got up to collect my equipment. I was pretty damn sure that she was nothing more than just an average girl but I'd been taught from an early age to never underestimate an enemy. I scanned each piece of equipment for a brief while, pondering my options. I had to be quick, lest she get home before I could grab her.

After another short while, I grabbed what appeared to be a pillow case or potato sack of some sort, a pair of handcuffs and my Beretta 92 just in case. "Good luck, Scout. Don't get into any trouble, yeah?" Kev said from the passenger seat and I scoffed lightly. "When do I ever get myself into trouble?" I asked and he laughed aloud. With that, I strapped the gun to my hip and walked out of the van carrying the sack and the handcuffs. Silently, I made my way down the alleyway. I was notorious amongst other agents as being deadly silent on my feet, which was sort of ironic because I could be clumsy as anything if you strike a chord with my emotions. I rarely ever became flustered but that didn't mean it never happened. With each second, I was getting closer and closer. I lowered myself a bit just as I came up behind her, and quickly threw the bag over her head. I tied it as quick as I could whilst I shifted my own legs to trip her up, sending her flying into the ground below us. I lowered myself so that I was hovering just above her, while she had her front pressing into the ground. As I had the chance, I cuffed her hands and pulled my gun from its holster, aiming it at her head. "Gotcha, bitch," I said triumphantly, with a grin.

I felt a hand on my shoulder but I needn't be worried because I knew it was only one of the several other members of my team, who had been in the van with me and Kev at the time of hunting the target. Now we had her, and they had me to thank for that. Like I had previously expected, she wasn't much of a threat and was an easy kill, so to speak. I stood up properly, handing my gun off to one of the others. "Put her in the van," I ordered and they did as I asked. I returned to the van and was greeted by Kev, who held a massive smirk on his face. I couldn't fight the urge to return it, as much as I disliked my own grin. "Well done," he said, standing up so that he could ruffle my long brown hair. I frowned up at him and swatted his arm, before we both resumed our previous seats and waited for the girl to be lifted into the van before we took off.

"When we return to the Base, I want her sedated and taken up to the guest room. Remove the handcuffs, the sack and lie her down in bed, do you understand?" I said, shortly after turning to face the other team members. They all nodded and I smiled gratefully at them. "Thank you." With that, Kev started the van and we set off for the Base. I let out a breath of relief. Another successful mission to add to the list.

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Kyla could see the exit at the end of the alley on the other side, but then something covered her vision. "What the-" she was cut off by hitting being thrown to the ground. She felt a pain shoot up her arm as she tried to move. Whoever was doing this was going to regret it the moment she could see. There was something cold on her hands and although she tried to moved them away from the person there was a click and her hands were bound. Quickly she figured out they were handcuffs. Gotcha, bitch said the person. It was a girl. "Who the hell are you?" she asked, but she was clearly ignored.

"Put her in the van," The woman said. Kyla felt hands on her and she started thrashing. Although they were stronger than her she was giving them a hard time. Before she was tossed into the van she let out a blood piercing scream. She hit the van floor hard and she shook her head to get the sack to fall off. "When we return to the Base, I want her sedated and taken up to the guest room. Remove the handcuffs, the sack and lie her down in bed, do you understand?" the kidnapping bitch, which Kyla decided to refer to her as, was seriously kidnapping her. The back of the van door shut and Kyla kicked the van door.

"That bitch," she said. She laid down in the van and tried to reach into her pocket for her cellphone. The task was impossible and she couldn't reach them. She was so close to her home. Why did she have to be taken? She knew that valley wasn't a good idea. She cursed herself and kicked the van again. Another scream escaped her, but it lasted a while. Wishful thinking made her believe that people would hear her screaming and help her. She kept screaming until her throat started to burn.

When she realized that she was stuck in the van and no one would know where she is or who took her, she started to cry. The tears trailed down her cheeks onto her thighs. She was stuck here. At the mercy of whoever had her. She couldn't handle this. Her sobs were silent because she lost her voice with the screams. She silently cried thinking of terrible things that would happen to her. She would be killed. Raped...again. Or worse, torture. She would be tortured beyond compare. Her tears came harder and she wasn't heard. This would have to be the third time something tragic happened to her.

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The entire ride home was spent with an eerie silence amongst the team, including myself. The only sound to be heard was our target's frightened and somewhat strained screams. At first it was annoying to hear her constantly making noise, almost begging to be granted her freedom, but then I actually found myself pitying the poor girl. My expression softened considerably and I obviously hadn't bothered to hide these feelings from my expression as Kev kept glancing in my direction, then back at the road. I avoided eye contact and kept mine focussing the area surrounding the van. We were drawing closer to the base. There was a light frown sitting on his expression and I was trying my best not to focus on that. He knew me all too well.

In all honesty, I felt guilty. It had been fun capturing her, but that's the point where the thrill died down and the sense kicked in. I'd just kidnapped another girl, who was going through the exact same emotional ups and downs that I'd been going through when I had been taken. Sure, it wasn't my first time doing such a thing but this was by far the worst reaction I'd received from any girl. They'd always just been subdued as soon as they were placed in the van, but I hadn't bothered with this one... Such a terrible mistake. I had also made the mistake of turning my head in the direction of the girl who was now sat upright. I could see the wet patches caused by her tears and my heart kind of sunk at that moment.

I stood up, only to feel a strong hand gripping onto my arm. I turned to look at Kev, though he still had his eyes glued to the road. "I wouldn't," he said warningly and I shook my head. "She needs to be reassured... She's scared and has no clue where the Hell she is. You know as well as I do how that feels, Kev. I would have killed for someone to tell me that everything was okay that day," I muttered in response and that shut him up, so he finally let go of my arm and I walked down the van until I reached the girl. I took a few seconds to prepare myself, and I kneeled down in front of her. My lips held a sort of soft smile, despite the girl's vision being blocked by a sack. "Hey," I greeted her softly, my hand finding her shoulder. "I want to apologise for being so rough with you earlier; the thrill of a chase an' all... I also wanna let you know that nothing bad is going to happen to you," I continued, "you're going to be under my protection and care for the next few days, so don't you worry about a thing." With that, I stood and returned to my seat.

The rest of the ride was complete silence, so much so that we could quite easily hear the tires rolling against the road. We arrived at the base around 20 minutes after I'd attempted to calm the girl down a bit. The van pulled to a stop and Kev left through the driver door without so much as a word left to me or the rest of the team. I frowned a bit but tried to pass it off as if it was nothing. He always was the least emotional yet the most dramatic out of the two of us, which I never really understood but I'd gotten used to his mild mood swings. Years of training we'd been through together, Kev and I, and it had been drilled into our brain from such an early age that we were to feel nothing for our targets, even something as small as a friendship bond. They were merely just missions. It was clear to see that something about the girl had gotten through to me and Kev, still stuck in training mode, was having a hard time accepting that fact. He was looking out for me and knew only what was in my best interest, since I was team captain, and he quite obviously just didn't want to see me fall under punishment for pitying the girl.

I left the van as the team did as they were told and drugged the girl so that they were able to easily lift her out of the van and into her room, where they then proceeded to remove the blindfold, cuffs and place her down in bed until she woke up. Two of them guarded the door whilst the other couple returned to their usual duties. I, on the other hand, made a line for my boss' office. I knocked lightly on the large wooden doors and waited for a fair few seconds before they opened. The room was extremely large and fancy; I needn't go into the details on this one. It had what most basic offices require; a desk, some shelves and an unusually large amount of self-portraits. The rest of the room was empty.

"Sir," I greeted as I approached his desk. His lips held a lingering smile upon them, showing the emotion that his eyes did not, that his eyes never did. "Michelle," he replied, and I fought the frown that had attempted to lower my brows. Nobody ever called me that, but he loved it. When I was first passed on to his watch, he'd told me that he thought the name was, and I quote, 'common yet beautiful'. A few seconds of silence passed as I made my way over to the chair on the opposite side of the desk to him. "I assume you have captured the girl; Kyla, was it?" he asked and I nodded in response, my eyes emptying themselves of all signs of pity. "Yes, sir," I said, my voice clear and confident as I held my chin high and leaned back in my chair some. "She's in my room as we speak." He paused for a couple of moments, brushing his fingers along his chin, almost as if he was thinking long and hard about something. "That will be all."

After awkwardly standing and leaving the room with my head held high but my gaze glued to the floor, I made my way up to my bedroom where I knew the girl would be. As I'd requested, she was in bed and looked peaceful as she slept, though her cheeks were glossy with tears from the car ride. I frowned sadly and took a seat at the end of my bed, letting out a huff. Hopefully, she'd wake up soon.

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The entire ride was silent except for the occasional sniffle from me. My tears and sobbing died down and I finally accepted the fact that I have been kidnapped. After a while, a hand touched my shoulder and I flinched. "Hey," It was the voice of my captor. If it wasn't for the bag over my head, I would have given her a death glare. "I want to apologise for being so rough with you earlier; the thrill of a chase an' all... I also wanna let you know that nothing bad is going to happen to you," Behind the bag I was rolling my eyes, but she couldn't tell. "you're going to be under my protection and care for the next few days, so don't you worry about a thing." The sincerity behind my captors voice almost had me convinced, but I was still tied up with a bag on my head.

The captor left me and she let out a sigh. Leaning against the van wall, I close my eyes and wait for the ride to be over. Images of my friends and family flash before me. I may never see them again. Are they even looking for me? Do they even know that I'm missing? The real question is will they care? These thoughts were clouding my mind and was giving me a headache. She decided to sleep it off. When I awoke we were at out destination, but I was just drugged again. I didn't get to see or figure out where I was. I was out like a light. No dreams. No thoughts. Just peace.

I was in a moment of peace. It has been a while since I have slept without problems. Unfortunately, that slowly went away as the drug started to wear off and I was groggy. I let out a groan and rolled over. My headache was coming back causing problems. Slowly, I sat up out of bed rubbing my forehead. Opening my eyes I saw the woman the captured me. Or at least that is who I believed it was. I let out an annoying sigh and laid back down.

I pulled the covers high above my head and attempted to pretend that she wasn't here. She wasn't moving from the edge of my ed. "Go away," I said. I closed my eyes tight and prayed that this was all a dream and that I wasn't actually here.

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I looked over my shoulder as I felt the girl stir a little, which brought a faint smile to my lips. I stood up a little as I felt her tugging on the sheets until they reached over her head and my smile disappeared in that instance, although I couldn't really expect too much from her by this point. I mean, she had literally just been floored, kidnapped and drugged in the space of about an hour or so. If I was in her shoes, which I had been at one point, then I would seriously be pissed off. I sat back down after a second or so, and waited for a little while before she spoke. "Go away." I frowned a little and stood up... again. I turned around to face her, paused for a couple of seconds and then gripped onto the sheets tightly, pulling them from the bed in one swift movement.

"Okay, I'm done being soft with you, kid," I practically growled, throwing the covers down on the floor by my feet with a disgruntled look placed on my expression. "For one, this is my room and you are lying in my bed right now. Do you think I actually want you here? No, but I'm fucking stuck with you and as long as you're here, you cannot tell me what to do or act as if you own the place. You will do as I say and you will not piss me off." Having realised my mistake at the time, I picked the blanket back up a moment later and placed it on the end of the bed, not taking my eyes off of the girl for a second.

I then turned and walked into the bathroom, which was through a door just opposite the bed. I closed the door some but not all the way, because I wanted to keep an eye on the girl whilst she was in my room. That being said, I then reached an arm in the shower and turned on the water, testing it a bit until it was at a reasonable temperature. I began to undress, before stepping into the shower. I didn't spend long in there, as it was really just more of a quick wash before bed. With a towel wrapped around my body, I made my way back into the bedroom, my wet hair falling anywhere and everywhere.

"Kid, you can either sleep on the floor or in the bed, your choice, but I ain't moving anywhere," I said, quite simply. I'd lost my patience for this girl, at least for the time being, so it was either my way or the highway. I highly doubted that she'd want to sleep on the cold floor. Having dried myself off completely, I then changed into some simple night clothes. For me, that was simply just a grey vest and some black boy short underwear. "If you need some different clothes, help yourself. I got loads."

After setting my alarm clock and whatever else I usually did of a night time, I climbed into my bed, distancing myself from the girl as much as I could without giving her access to the majority of the bed. I turned so that I was lay on my side with my back facing her. "Get some sleep. We have an early morning tomorrow and I don't want you all exhausted." I paused. "By the way, if you try to escape then I'll have you sedated before you can even step one foot outside that door."

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The covers have been stripped away from me and I quickly sit up in bed glaring at my captor. Is she serious? I could care less if this was her room and her bed! I was kidnapped! Taken from everything that I know and love. I just want to sleep the drugs and headache away. All the pain that I was feeling, I wanted it to be gone. Having her in my room doesn't help at all. The captor moved the blanket back onto the bed before disappearing into the bathroom. The shower was on and I stood up. There was no way I was going to be able to run away. The door was slightly ajar and I didn't know how many people were around.

I captor came back out and got dressed in some clothes before getting comfortable in the bed. I was open to all the clothes and warned about what would happen if I tried to leave. "Trust me. I wasn't going to try," I said walking over to where the clothes wore. Pulling out sweatpants and a shirt, I changed into them and examined the bed. I was not sleeping on the floor, but it was going to be awkward. Letting out a sigh, I slipped into the bed.

I moved toward the edge of the bed. Quickly and quietly, I fell asleep not looking forward to tomorrow.

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