Cherry Bomb

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a character in “Shibusen Academy: Reign of the Soul Reaver”, as played by CherrySwirl


name: Ayame "Cherry" Sarutobi
age: 16
appearance: Image

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5" 5' Long hair dyed pink, thin athletic body, wears a black choker with shinigami skull. Wears pink shoulderless top with a matching short skirt with black skull pattern around the edge of it. A pink boot on one foot and a black boot on the other. Also has dark blue eyes and a spiked wrist band on her right hand.

sex: female

likes: Loud noises, obsessed with explosion, loud music, random words, interesting people, colors pink and black, eating sweets, sleeping.
Dislikes: testing, reading, math anything that requires her to pay attention

skills/abilities/talents: Incredibly strong and agile. She can make small blades appear from her wrist to fight close combat with.

Hobbies: Listening to pop music, talking about morbid things, stalking interesting people, eating lots of sweets, watching explosions

Personality: Ditsy, clumsy, carefree, immature, annoying, genuinely nice, a little bit of a bully.

roles: Weapon/DWMA student/Akio Naito's partner.

back story: Ayame comes from a dying ninja clan located in a village off the coast of japan. She happens to be the youngest in her village. Her parents died when she was very young so she was raised my her caring aunt and uncle. Even though she is very strong and agile, she lacks the cunning, instinct and attention to detail it takes to be an exceptional ninja. Due to this, her family found it hard to teach her, so they decided to send her to Shibusen Academy in hopes that by some miracle she would be able to hone her skills there and someday resurrect the clan.

weapon form: Basically a cool ninja claw.
weapon look (a pic would be awesome): Image
Exactly like that.
weapon powers: Gives off jolts of electricity that have the potential to stun.
Soul Resonance: Cherry Thunder Explosion!!! The claws grows incredibly large, scarlet red and encased by black and red lightening that causes a massive explosion on impact. Also dramatically increases the meisters speed.

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