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The Depressing Edge

0 · 378 views · located in soul eater universe

a character in “Shibusen Academy: Reign of the Soul Reaver”, as played by RedRaine


Name: Noir

Age: 15

Appearance: Noir is about 5'1, 110lbs. She has short black hair she usually ties back in a ponytail and short bangs at the front. She usually wears a red plaid skirt with black pantyhose, a long sleeve white shirt, a black cropped jacket, and a pair of orange rimmed glasses. She usually has a small white bag at her side that carries her camera.

Sex: Female

Lkes/Dislikes: Noir loves tea and taking photographs. She also has a slight attraction to reading but isn't exactly enthusiastic about it. As for dislikes she really dislikes her hair color as it makes her stand out too much; there aren't many Asians in America. She also dislikes the long climb up the stairs every morning to school.

Skills/Abilities/Talents: Noir doesn't have many talents if any at all. She's a rather normal girl with the ability to transform into a weapon; she is also able to transform her arm into the main blade of her weapon form. What does set her apart is that she's able to use gravity magic but doing so causes her resistance to the sway of magic to weaken considerably; she becomes increasingly manic until she fully loses control to a witch's naturally destructive nature. Aside from all that Noir can also make a nice cup of tea.

Hobbies: Noir loves to takes photographs of anything she finds attractive. She usually carries her camera with her wherever she goes. Noir also loves to frequent cafe's and bask in the lighthearted atmosphere. She is also a bit of a tea enthusiast.

Personality: Noir is rather gloomy and unconfident; she's very pessimistic and usually looks at a situation very darkly. She's unconfident about her ability as a weapon and it'll take a rather strong willed partner to rile her up into doing things. Noir can be seen as shy but that's only due to her nervousness around people.

Roles: Demon Weapon/Student

Back Story: Noir was originally known as Tachibana Iroha; she was a typical girl that lived in Chiba, Japan. Ever since she was born she had always been incredibly gloomy and pessimistic and bad luck always seemed to gravitate around her. It wasn't until middle school when the problems suddenly escalated. The local Shibusen scouts in the area originally thought she had the makings of a witch about her and so did research. In time they realized she was affected slightly by the sway of magic, in which explains her gravitational powers and her witches soul wavelength, but had a more dominant weapon gene instead. In order to control her powers more her family sent her to Shibusen under the name of the guardians in the area. Thanks to the liberal naming system of Shibusen she renamed herself 'Noir'.

Weapon Form: Razor Blade Sword

Weapon Look:
-still have to edit further-

Weapon Powers:
-Soul Resonance; Heavy Soul: Noir and her partner create a large green spherical space around them the size of a human body. Everything within this space is burdened with incredibly dense gravity. Nearly any physical object that comes in contact with this space instantly plummets to the ground.
-Vacuum Wave: Manipulating the space of vacuums between herself and the opponent, Noir can cause air to slice through it at incredible speeds.
-Weight Manipulation: Noir can manipulate the weight of her sword to make it as light as a feather or as heavy as a boulder. This ability can be manipulated further but that will require more training.

So begins...

Noir's Story