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Joshua "Josh" Day

the struggleing student

0 · 274 views · located in United States

a character in “Shifted Reality”, as played by Maze44


Name: Joshua Day

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Species: Hawk avian ,formally human, is a slightly muscular anthropomorphic avian standing at full height 6'6" with a curved beck and dark orange eyes with dark blue almost black color runs from feathers top his head to his scaled anisodactyl feet except his chest where he has a small patch of greyish-white feathers . Josh lacks use able wing instead has a large cluster of wing feather on both of his forearms which along with his tail feathers are tipped with the same greyish-white color as his chest.

Occupation: college student (current working in a bar)

Hobbies: reading, playing video games, practice parkour and drawing in his sketch pad,

Skill: Gun handling, hand-to-hand training

Gear: SIG Sauer 226r,

Personality: Josh calm, easy going, and a person who hides what he truly feeling to avoid saying what really what's on his mind. when asked for his true opinion it slightly cynical.

So begins...

Joshua "Josh" Day's Story


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#, as written by Maze44
Joshua Day,24 as a human was not the most outgoing person, the youngest of three children in the Day family born years apart from two very competitive sisters, the eldest being the smart one becoming a lawyer, the second eldest sportier one went on to became a doctor and traveled the world. Feeling infer to both Joshua grew up trying to say out the way of both of them finding more solace with house pets then anyone in his family. Now distancing himself from his family since going to college Joshua struggles to make through his boring life working at the Blue Gull bar as a bartender to pay his way through college to find something to do with his life.

June 3, 2015 13:33- 14:47 PM

Joshua was awaking from amazing dream by a fast drumming on a hard surface that seems to echo in his small apartment, cracking a blurry to find the source of this rude awaking he mentally cursed as they set upon the culprit. Groaning he reach over to grab the vibrating phone sitting on his night stand before flipping it over to see who was going to be put on today murder list. The picture of a brown hair man in sunglasses sat on his phone screen along with a green button to accept or a red button to ignore. Josh hit the red button and tossed his phone back on his night stand, before closing his eyes so he could fall back to sleep. A second later his eyes shoot open as his phone began vibrating again, groaning again he reach over to pick up his phone and saw the same picture. Cursing, he surrendered to fact that he was not going to be able to get back to his dream, he pick up the phone and hit accept

“What do you want?” said Josh grumpily

“Well good day to you too, sunshine” came the voice of Josh’s co-worker Danny

“Dan, skip the chit chat and jump to why you’re calling me on my day off.” Said Josh getting out of bed heading for bathroom

“Okay, okay look I need a huge favor,” Came Dan voice “can you cover my shift today, please.”

“And why would I give up a day of no work and no school to cover your shift?” replied Josh “after two nights in a row of closing up.”
“Cause I have this thing and I’d be a big help to me.” Said Dan and Josh didn’t like how ambiguous he said thing.

Josh thought about it, weighing his options as to what he would do today. Sighing he said:
“Alright, but you’re covering my next closing shift deal?”

“Deal!” said an excited Dan “and thanks Man” and with that the line went dead.

“Thing my ass.” Said Josh tossing his phone on the bed “Twenty dollars says it a woman he thinks he has a shot with.”
Joshua blow out a breath as he moved towards his dresser to grabbed a set of his cleanest work clothes putting them into a backpack, then grab a set of running clothes before moving towards the bathroom again to take a shower. Once showered and dressed Josh headed back into his main room scooping up his phone, notice a text notification.

Mom: Hey Josh I don’t know if know but your sis-

Josh stop reading and deleted at once

“I’m already in a mood I don’t needed any more fuel to that fire.” He said grabbing his bag and coat and head for the door pausing a moment to grab his ear buds. Just as his hand reach the hand he felt his phone buzz. He glanced down half expecting a message from his sister only to find it from an unknown sender. Curiosity got the better of him and he open it and read

Unknown: Hello Joshua, you don’t know me, but I know you and your desire to find excitement in your life. When we meet I have a gift for you, but until then carry on.

Josh read and re-read the text, before closing the message and filed it away in his mine in weird. After putting away his phone, Josh existed his apartment locking it up after him and head down the stairs smiling as he popped in his ear buds
“Nothing beat a parkour run in the afternoon.” He thought before sprinting off in the direction of the Blue Gull.

June 4, 2015 02:50 AM

“Next time I see Dan,” muttered Josh as he existed the bar’s back entrance “I’ll have to hurt him somehow for not mentioning he had closing shift.”

He made his way to the empty street readying himself for his run back to his apartment when someone ran into him grabbed his arm. In Shock he ready himself to push the offender away from him when an older feminine voice.

“If you were offered a different life…would you take it?”

Any words of telling off the woman froze in Joshua’s throat when woman spoke. Her voice seem to send both fear and awe through him making him shutter.

“W-wh-What…” was all Joshua could manage at moment.

The woman straighten herself and Josh wished he had more light where they were so he could see the woman’s face. The woman grabbed Josh’s hand and held for a second before, contained down the street turning the corner. Leaving Josh frozen in his spot. It took him a few seconds before his brain and body began and realized that he had something in the hand she held. He ran to the corner that she was last seen.

“H-Hey wait you forg-.” He stop short looking up a street was empty as well. “What the-.”

Joshua turned looking around for any sign of life on the street. Blowing out a breath he opened his hand to find he was holding a silver ring and with the help a nearby street light saw he could see the image of a bird in flight. As he looked at the ring, Josh couldn’t shake the strange uneasy feeling coming from the ring. Joshua turned to leave spotting a storm drain, all it would take was a slip of a finger and the creepy ring would be gone, hold out his hand as if was going to go through with it, but what was stopping him was feeling he should really hold on to it. He stood there debating until his tired mind chimed in reminding him he it was three o’clock in the morning and should head home.

“Well looks like you spared for now, little ring.” He said slipping in on his ring finger of left hand slightly shock at how perfect it fit despite the unease he still had “Hmm maybe I’ll keep you a little longer I don’t have a lot of nice things.” With that decide Josh ran back his apartment and after stripping out of his clothes fell into bed still wearing the ring.


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#, as written by Maze44
When Joshua awoke it was still dark looking much like when he went to bed, and for a while he had a hard time believing he was even awake especially after the endless list of bazaar dreams. He remembered one where he was running from something, then another where was flying in the sky, Oh then there was one where he felt like a bunch knifes were trying to escape from under his skin.

“Urgh... weird dreams suck.” He groaned sleepily before rolling out of bed, stretching his shoulders which were really sore.

He started off towards the bathroom, but the moment he was three steps from his bed he lost his footing falling to the floor. Joshua shock his head trying to rid himself of the sleep daze, for a person who could walk on the edge of a building over a busy street this unsteadiness was very disconcerting in fact both of his legs seem odd. Pushing himself back up half walked haft stumbled the rest of the way to the bathroom. Hitting the light switch.

“Ah Hell” he growled shutting his eyes against the blinding light “Jesus.”

He tried opening them again but cursed, It was like someone shoved a super bright high beam directly into his eye. Deciding shower blind today, Josh moved on memory alone towards the shower unwilling to subject his eyes to the pain of the harsh light, feeling for soap and shampoo when he needed it. Once done, he grabbed the towel from it hook and began drying himself.

"Okay, one more time." he said wrapping the towel around waist.

He opened his eyes slowly, breathed a sigh as this time the light didn't make him want to gouge out his eyes. It took a moment for them to adjust, but with with every second the room came more and more in focus. Rolling his neck, Josh turned to head to the sink when he stop dead. Starring back him was six foot humanoid bird creature with black feathers, curved beck, and fan like tail.

"That can't be..." thought Josh quickly raising his arm and saw the same large cluster of white tip black feathers as the image in the mirror. "No this is.. Just a dream.. yeah that it I'm dreaming... The bed"

Josh heart was beating fast and his head was spinning, moving from the bathroom to the main room back towards the bed. by the time he reach it his world was spinning, closing his eyes Josh black out.

Three hours later.

Josh was awoken by cloudy day sunlight, it grey light quickly told it was time to get up. Sitting up in bed he rubbed his eyes, that was until remember the dream. He looked down at his hands and saw that it was still covered with feathers.

"So not a dream, huh" he said quietly leaning back against the wall looking at his hand before a smile broke of his face. "Somehow i think that suits me."

Getting out of bed, Josh walked over to his dresser to see he could find something that would fit his new body. He figured pant weren't going to be that big of a problem if they were big enough given that his legs from the knee down where skinnier and scaly also third joint which was actually his ankle so now walking on his toes all four. After a quick search he manage to find pair of cargo shorts and a sleeveless T that work, the tricky part was his fan like tail, with a few modification to the pants he was set.

"Okay." he said walking towards the window giving a sniff and grimace as looked around his room "Jeez was this place always this smelly."

Shrugging he peer out the window. "OH WHAT THE HELL" he said in shock at the deplorable situation the street below It looked like a god damn war zone "I mean I know l live in a shitty part of town but this is unreasonable."

Blowing out a breath, Joshua turn a quickly strolled over to his desk grabbing a black sling pack then started to shove a set of clothes, his sketch book, some drawing stuff, small first aid kit, his phone, his wallet with some cash, And a metal water bottle. Once was done with the other stuff josh returned to the desk, kneeling down he open the bottom drawer and pulled out a lock black case. He quickly enter the unlock code and opened it revealing a SIG Sauer P226r, a present to himself on his 21st birthday after he got the training to handle it and the paper work to carry it, something to hopefully chase away the mundane in life.

"Never thought I might actually need you." he said picking up holster clipping it to his belt, then picking up the pistol and one it's three loaded clips he had, loading the clip and pulling the slide placed the pistol in the holster. He grabbed the other two clips and put them in his pocket a well as a box of the ammo his bag "Okay let go." he said slinging the bag over his shoulder as he head over to the door.

Once out the door, Josh breathed out a sigh if he thought the state of the building was bad before to was nothing compared to what it looked like now: missing step in the stairs, holes in the wall, and mold everywhere. "This is going to be tricky." said Josh then smiled "Perfect."

After a couple minutes and few close calls were the floor gave out, Joshua found himself on the ground floor dusting his hands. "better than any game." he thought as peer out the door of the building. the street was clear, but it looked a lot worst on ground level then from above he could see walls of building were just gone. He stepped out from cover, In most situation he would head to The Blue Gull and at the moment that sound like a good that was until he was two block away and explosion started going off to his left and right had him diving for cover and falling building.

"Okay not so fun." he muttered "Were the fuck am I." but then paused listening he could hear movement coming towards. Ducking down he slowly peer out and saw group of uniformed soldiers deck in combat gear moving into view. Joshua watched them a moment before deciding to attempt to talk to them, at least get gauge of them. He stash his pistol in his bag before stepping out from his hiding place Hands raised "Ah excuse me would you my mind point me in the direction out of this war zone."

the imitate reaction was that he suddenly had several guns pointed at him. "good reaction time" he thought as he watch a soldier move toward him.

"Identify yourself." came older male voice

"My names Is Joshua, and at moment I'm lost with no idea as to what the hell is going on."

"How is that even possible?" Said another soldier

"Doesn't matter," said the first soldier looking at Joshua "Jones contact commanded and alert them we have a civilian" there was yes sir from the one of the soldiers "you" he said pointing at Josh "lower your arms and Step down here you'll sticking with us until we're back at base where they will sort you out, Understand."

"Yes sir." said Josh sincerely "Umm may at least ask were we are and what going on?."

"Sure, Your in eastern part of southern Anchorage, Alaska" said older man then smiled " and as to whats going on, well War"


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#, as written by Maze44
Meanwhile Joshua was following his group of solders, the fine ladies and gentleman of Echo team. He was actually getting to know them, it took a little while, but they were opening up.

"So there he was his head in the toilet, telling the world how he was never having another drink, isn't that right rookie" finished Pvt. Even Daniels leaning close to Joshua, "No Shit" said Joshua chuckling. "Y-YYour full of shit, Daniels" came a voice and both men turned to look at Pvt. Benjamin "The Rookie" Erickson blushing heavily. "What was that Rookie" he said putting his hand around his ear, "i don't think you said it right". Josh watched Ben sigh then "I said your full of shit, sir" he said stressing the last world. "Atta boy." said Daniels smiling and giving a thumbs up back at Ben who seem to blush harder.

"Oh Jeez," came another voice to and Joshua turn to look one of the teams two female members her hand on her face. "Something wrong, ma'am?" he asked looking puzzled.

"Oh, her nothing wrong with her," said Daniels "That just her natural state, right Carolina?" PFC Carolina Harrison lowered her hand to give Daniels finger "Stuff it Daniels, and while your at it stop talking in general your boring our guest." She turned to look at Josh "I'm fine, Mr. Day I'm Just tired of dealing with these idiots."

"What," said Daniels with surprised "No I'm not, Josh here loves my, right." He quickly looked Joshua and Josh quickly took the opportunity presented going stone face so put on his best nervous look and glancing to the side so as not to meet Deniels's eyes. "right?" he asked in a unsure voice. "Ah...Well" said Josh looking at Daniels crest falling face it's smile gone, Josh smirked "They're not bad." He heard Carolina cover a snort laughter as Daniels glared at him "Asshole" then brighten "You had me going there."

Sadly that was the last thing spoken, as gun shots rang out and all hell broke out. Daniels shoved Josh behind cover as he and Carolina returned fire with the rest of the squad. Josh glanced around for the Rookie, he forgot how to breath as spotted the solder's body a yard or two back on the ground, red pooling. "Ah Shit" he thought looking around, his squad had fail to notice he was down busy with returning fire with the attackers. Joshua breathed out forcing himself to steady as prepare himself, Maybe he couldn't fight but, he could retrieve the rookie. "Nothing Ventured nothing gained" he thought as he bolt from cover. He reach the fallen solder and grabbing him by the combat vest heading back to cover. He was a lot heavier then he thought he would be, somehow with luck they both manage to get to cover. Joshua quickly notice with relief that the rookie was alive, but bleeding from a wound on neck shoulder area. Taking off his bag, Joshua dug out his bandages, applying them to the wound and keeping it there until the firefight end.

"That'll show yo, assholes" came Daniels voice as gunfire came to quick end. "Hey Day it saf-Oh shit Medic" Joshua looked as Daniels and Carolina knelt beside him "When he get hit?" one asked "With the first bullet I think, he was on the ground when i looked around." said Joshua sliding back a little to allow his team to help him. He seem to drift away from the solders, feeling as if there was nothing else he could do to help. He wondered over to a bombed out building, His heart was thumping hard in his chest, his hands were shaking and he like it . He looked down at his hands seeing the rookies blood still on him, wiping them on his pants he turned to leave until eye caught something in the rubble. Walking over he prayed to a heavenly force that it still worked.

Meanwhile "What happen." came a gruff voice of Sarge the man in charge of Echo "report." "Rookie took a bullet, sir" said Carolina scooting over to allow the teams medic work room "Will he make it?" "He should, but anything can happen out here, I'd like to get him back to base camp." said the medic. Sarge blow out a breath "Command ordered a full return to camp, get him on a stretcher Daniel's help the medic we need to double time it." "Ay sir" "Something bad must happen if command has ordered a full return." He turned head off, but paused "Where's the civilian." "He right here, si-" said Daniels looking around "Day?" Their attention was suddenly pulled as they heard a loud noise and ready themselves for a fight. A vehicle came roaring out of a building coming to a stop in front to the solders. Joshua open the driver's door a pleased look on his face "Hey Guy" he said "Check out what I found."

15 minutes later
Joshua was now seated between Daniels was in the driver seat and Sarge who had shotgun, somehow they all manage to squeeze in to the green military issued Humvee and were now driving down the streets. Joshua had hoped that since he found it he get to drive, A hope that thoroughly crushed by the five minute sarge chewing him out. So now he sat awkwardly between them listening to radio chatter coming from Jones's radio in the backseat.
Suddenly Jones spoke up "Sir I got a request for assistance."

"Whose it from, Jones" replied Sarge

"Sir it's Charlie 1-2-1, they met up with Bravo they got wounded, a civilian and wait repeat." there was a pause before Jones spoke again "They are confirmed wraiths, sir"

"Oh Shit" said Daniels making Joshua look at him "Jones get on the horn and tell Charlie 1-2-1 give us their coordinates, tell them to hold on we can't get the whole team out but we can their wounded out, and when done with that send those coordinates to command tell them to send aid."

"Yes sir" came Jones voice "Daniels Step on it." said Sarge "Yes Sir".
It took about twenty minutes for them to meet up with Charlie 1-2-1 Daniel pulling up fast "Echo team fall out and assist" said Sarge jumping, and Joshua went to move, but Daniels put a hand on his shoulder "you Should stay." Josh nodded,but wasn't happy about it. Looking up he notice the hole meant for gunners,

"He wasn't technically leaving the vehicle" he thought as he stood up get a better view. He watched as solders started moving wound on makeshift stretcher to the back of the Humvee. He quickly spotted Carolina with the medic while Daniels covered them scanning solders saw Sarge talking with a woman with normally dressed grey wolf male next to her. "That must be the civilian." he thought but before he could wave at them. he heard an unholy screams and snarls coming from down the street "What the fuck was that?" he said up.