Lived in Shikkun for years now and is the go-to person for almost anything. She owns a shop downtown called "Nana's Shop"

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“Welcome to Nana's Shop, how may I help you?”

Name: Nanami Hinoki
Age: 23
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5'4
Build: Curvy

Appearance: Her hair is cut short right above her shoulders, tanned skin, and green eyes. She has a voluptuous curve to her body from her full breasts to her curvy hips. She is a beauty to look at.

Demeanor: She has a badass, nonchalant attitude. Usually, steering away from too much attention, she still tends to her customers with a weakened smile, saying the same tired line every time someone walks in. Yeah, she's a bit mean.

Fears: Love, getting stepped over/ taken advantage of

The Police: Nanami generally hates the police because they are always busting her for a crime, AKA doing their jobs.
The City: Though she's lived here for years, things still surprise her everyday. She enjoys Shikkun.
The People in Shikkun: Most are always smiling, it creeps her out.
New Travelers: She doesn't care for them.
Customers: She only aims to get them in and out.
Family: ...
Friends: ...

Weapon of Choice: She carries a blade with her normally but she also has a gun always nearby.
Apparel: Depends on the day.

Combat Overview: cter at least having some combat skill, as there’s a lot of fighting in Dragon Age, it isn’t a requirement. Feel free to message me if you need help in this area.

Place of Birth, Nation of Origin: Unknown
Social Status: Introvert

Personal History: Under construction.

Established Relations (coming soon)
Character Name: Description of relation.

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Nanami's Story


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#, as written by Nanami
Nanami swept the concrete in front of her store, occasionally waving to those who pass by. Children ran around her, their feet hitting the concrete steadily as they laughed and ran away from their parents. The day was sunny and breezy, just as the weatherman had predicted. It was days like this that she enjoyed the most.

"Good morning, Nanami! How's your father?" An older man who owned the bait shop across the street from her asked, waving at her as he smiled cheekily.

"Good morning. And he's fine, thanks for asking." She replied,unmoved, before sweeping the trash into the dustpan and emptying it into the trashcan by the tree.

He smiled warmly before returning into his shop. Nanami had done the same, opening it as she unlocked the door and stood behind the counter. She leaned against the counter, tracing the top as she awaited customers. Her shop was always busy but it was a slow day for her today.


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#, as written by Nanami
Today's newspaper read: RAIN OR SUN? Good morning, Shikkans of Shikkun! We will be getting a slight chance of rain today followed by a breezy afternoon. But not a worry, there will still be a good chance for a good day. SO pack your umbrellas! Of course, there was also a daily report of crimes and comics for the children, as well as job findings and local advertising. "Head on down to Nana's shop today!