Yeon Mi Ri

Heiress of the Yeon fashion company

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a character in “Shinhwa Academy”, as played by Kaida


Name: Yeon Mi Ri

Age: 17

Type: Heroine

Personality: Mi Ri is a kind and attentive girl who tries to get along with just about everybody, if she doesn't like someone she makes it known. She enjoys participating in school events as well as sporting activities. Mi Ri can also be shy, especially if she is around a person she does not know or has a crush on but her friends say they find it adorable. Despite all her flaws she is incredibly intelligent.

History: Yeon Mi Ri is the only daughter of the Yeon Fashion conglomerate, her mother being the owner of said fashion industry, they design everything from baby clothes to wedding dresses. Mi Ri's father died when she was young but from what she heard about him he was an amazing doctor. Yeon Mi Ri's mother remarried when she was 9, her step father is Noe Jae Wook, the CEO of some big gaming company. Despite her rich parentage she prefers to do things on her own and not let the wealth go to her head.

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Yeon Mi Ri's Story