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Reuben Owen Mather

"I'll show you all. Some day..."

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a character in “Ship of Misfits”, as played by Makenna Young


Reuben Owen Mather




Cabin Boy

Reuben has dulled brown hair, and light greenish eyes. He can't exactly be considered tall, nor muscular, making him look younger than he actually is.

Reuben is quiet, keeping to himself. He seems weak to many of the crew, but he wants nothing more to prove himself to them. Of course, he has plenty of sorrow in his life, his father having died when he was younger. His dad was on the same pirate crew that Reuben is now, having confirmed his son's position on board. The deal was that Reuben would start out cabin boy, and as he proved himself, he'd be permitted to move up the ladder. Reuben has become increasingly discouraged over the past three years of his life, feeling slightly abused though he's never shown it.

    Reading (odd though it may be)


To prove himself to the crew.

(1 being most skilled, 5 being least)
Flexibility ~ 4
Strength ~ 5
Intelligence ~ 1
Combat ~ 3
Hand-Eye Coordination ~ 2

Reuben isn't very strong, and he's afraid of being kicked off the ship.

small silver dagger, 6 inch, his father's[center]
(It's his theme song because of his feelings towards his father's death. Use your imaginations. :P)

So begins...

Reuben Owen Mather's Story


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Reuben sat on a rock, feet dangling, toes barely touching the water. He picked up a smooth stone, and with a flick of his wrist allowed it to skip across the crystalline ocean water. "1... 2... 3... 4..." PLOP! He sighed. He could never get further than four skips. His father had been able to do a round dozen in the right conditions. And Reuben reckoned that these were easily the most perfect conditions.

Reuben stood with a sigh, turning back, looking towards town. The sun was rising, surely the crew would be up by now, even with their night games, you could call them. He personally didn't care for most of the other crew. He was only in this to get a little bit of cash for his mother and sisters. After all, since his father's death he was the sole bread-bearer of the family. Piracy was certainly not his first choice, but his father had already secured him a position on the Anna Lois. "Cabin boy," Reuben muttered under his breath. He supposed he should have moved up position wise now, but no. Why would they allow him to do such thing?


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This was turning into one of those days, Baz decided as he continued to search his person for a handkerchief, that nothing was going to go right. Well, for him at least. Waking up early and leaving a relatively comfortable bed, no tea anywhere in sight, a bar fight, getting roughed up, and to top it all off he had some stranger's blood on his face and no scrap of fabric to get rid of it with. Well, at least that's what he thought before a white cloth fluttered towards him. His hand reached out automatically to catch it.

"Take it."

It was the last thing that Ron said before storming away, shouting something about going about his plans to the Captain before vanishing from sight. Baz blinked as he gazed after the first mate, handkerchief still in his hands before he seemed to realize that he was staring and began to scrub the red stains diligently from his face and hands leaving behind only a bit of pink residue. It was not often that anyone apart from the Captain was graced with any sort of act of kindness from the volatile pirate, but Baz wasn't one to question a stroke of good fortune. He didn't bother to wonder where he was wandering off to because, quite frankly, Baz was convinced that he really didn't want to know. Anything that required that much of Ron's attention was probably something he was better off not knowing about for his conscience's sake.

As it turned out, the answer to his prior question about leaving now was met with a resounding no by the Captain who was apparently insisting that they stay for the day. Which, of course, didn't make much sense to Baz who very much thought that if the crew started a bar fight and murdered officials in one town then they should leave said town as quick as possible. Then again, this was Captain John they were talking about. He may be a brilliant captain, but he was very much prone to flights of fancy, too enraptured with just being a pirate to use what Baz considered common sense. Then again, the Captain also had an irritating ability to be right about most things, so he couldn't complain. Or, well, he could, but Baz had long since learned to choose his battles when it came to his idealistic Captain, especially when the Captain was so busy that he didn't take up a woman's obvious offer. Well, then.

"I'm going back to the ship," He announced for the benefit of the crew members still lingering around, stuffing the handkerchief, now stained red, into his pocket and doing a quick pivot away from the group and towards the ship. There she was, floating amiably in the water only occasionally rocked by the ocean's waves, the love of his life, the Anna Lois. She wasn't the prettiest boat nor the fastest, but, he thought as he climbed aboard and leaned against the railing, she was Baz's(at least that's what he liked to pretend) and that made her special.

Not all of the crew had decided to stay in the town for the night to partake in drink and, more often than not, pleasures of the feminine kind. Case in point Reuben, one of their cabin boys seated glumly on one of the rocks scattered across the harbor. The boy wasn't much of a talker, but he was decent enough with the ship and didn't cause a ruckus which was more than enough to put him in Baz's good books.

"Hello, Reuben," He called down with a wave. "Captain said we'll be leaving later then expected." It wasn't necessary, really, to tell the cabin boys anything apart from orders, but Baz did have a soft spot for anyone who put up with the level of abuse that they did and still stuck around the ship to take it.


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"Okay..." She said rubbing her bottom, for she was just harshly dumped onto a pile of small crates. "I deserved that." Ethel was taken aback as she and Basil were scolded by their Captain. T' Captain was a very attractive and calm man, but boy, was he scary at times. She thought to herself.

Soon, the pirate woman was left by herself, with nothing but a bird or two to keep her company.
"Oh Ethel, you really made a mess, didn't ya'." She spoke to nothing and sighed. A few seconds later, she realized solitude was quite boring so she turned her attention to the seagull at her side. It hopped from crate to crate, maybe searching for food. Or maybe it just liked to be near women. She scowled at the bird and the feathered "beast" instantly looked towards her.

"What are you lookin' at?" She asked it, but instead of giving an answer it flew off. She didn't expect the bird to respond to her, maybe she just likes to hear herself speak. But that didn't matter, she grew bored of the streets and made her way to the harbour, where a certain ship was floating amidst the waves and sea foam. I nice ship, but not the biggest she had ever seen. At leasts it floats, that's no small feat.

To no one's surprise, she saw her crew members near and on the ship. Basil and another boy. Ethel creeped up from behind the two and surprised the younger boy. She quickly threw and arm over his shoulder and interrupted whatever conversation or "staring contest" the two were having.

"Hey, Mather. Long time no see!" She said to him. Even though they had just seen each other the other day.