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Jay Glutonberg

"A bow is all I need."

0 · 288 views · located in Isolated Island ( Not Named )

a character in “Shipwrecked Cruise”, as played by Elemenopee


Name: Jay Glutonberg
Skill: Archery
Gender: Female
Personallity: Aggressive, Passonaite

So begins...

Jay Glutonberg's Story

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Jay sails towards the island. Freedom... she gags. Once she hits a shallow part of the shoreline, she dashes to the beach. Jay is exited to finally be on land. She was seasick for hours. Jay then remembered her family. She had to accept they were all head. Jay shed some tears. Water from the tide splashed on her. Jay got hungry just sitting there, and only eating clothes for a month. Jay looked at the clear waters and saw a tropical fish. Jay dived after the fish, squeezing it. Then she dashed back on to the sand. Jay strolled over to the beginning part of the rainforest and picked up a branch. She rapidly rubbed a fish scale on the stick, soon, it made a spark, the spark hit the stick which started a small fire. Jay gathered up other sticks and stacked them on top of each other diagonally, making a campfire. Jay cooked her fish over the fire. She was cold and wet. Jay sat by the fire for a while.

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Character Portrait: Jay Glutonberg Character Portrait: Ash
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Ash sees a small blob of land in the distance. Finally.... She thinks. An island! how long was I floating on that barrel?
Ash jumps off the barrel and starts to swim to the island. After about 20 yards of swimming, Ash can feel sand on the ground. She starts almost sprinting in the water and sees the island. She jumps on the sandy shore and puts her face against it. Ash lies on the sand, soaking up the sun. She realizes she is only wearing a one-piece swimsuit, but she doesn't care. Ash sees a coconut and smashes it open on a rock. She drinks the milk and starts peeling stuff off the white inside part with a stick. It suprisingly tastes pretty good. She gets two sticks and starts rubbing them together. I never thought I would do this.
After about 30 minutes, the sticks start sparking and they make a little fire. Ash gets a sharp stick and catches a fish. She holds it over the fire with the stick. After eating her fish meal, Ash sees some smoke. She starts running to it and sees a woman.
"Hi! Hey, my name is Ash. What's your name? Were you on that dumbface cruise too?"