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Nicholas Griffith

Major in the Elmish Aircore

0 · 358 views · located in Aresia

a character in “Shipwrecked”, as played by Irish Wolf


Nick is a good-sized man, standing at five feet and ten inches tall. He isn’t very muscled but that’s a good thing for a gryphon rider, as it allows his mount to fly faster and longer. His hair is the color of straw and trimmed short, so that it wont get too ruffled. Unlike many of his follow soldiers, he is clean-shaven. The skin on his face and neck has a fairly good tan but the rest of him has a paler completion. He has a narrow face, with high, prominent cheekbones, bright brown eyes and a small, thin nose.

As Nick is on a mission for the crown, he is dressed in his campaign dress, which consists of; a white shirt, blue jacket with red facings, gray trousers with red strips down the outer seams, black riding boots, leather gloves and a leather helmet with a bearskin strip down the middle.


Unlike many of the riders (including the officers) Nick is a proper gentleman. Through out the years, his family has always supplied young men to serve in the aircore, whence the surname and it caused him a great deal of pride. He distains how the rest of core acts like rowdy halogens, taking it upon himself to be a model officer, who could grace a table with the greatest generals or admirals.


Light cavalry saber
Two light dragoon flintlock pistols
Flintlock carbine
Tack and saddle for gryphon
Two extra uniforms


Nicholas was born the second son of Lord Griffith, which all but guaranteed the young boy that he’d been sent to the Aircore. When he was but a lad of eight, he was sent to the closest aerie. There he joined a “class” of other young boys and a few girls, where their time was divided between schooling and handling of the magnificent eagle-lion beasts, they were to ride into battle. Having been raised with a number of uncles and cousins already in the core, most of the things he was “taught”, were nothing new. By the age of thirteen, he was an ensign in the 4th Regiment of Air.

When he was fifteen, he saw action during the Eight Year’s war between Elmdelem and Delen, fighting in four aerial battles and one ground fight. Over the next thirty years, he would serve in two more wars and be promoted to Major, taking command of the second battalion of the 4th for a time, before being selected to serve on the staff of General Wolfe, commander of the Air forces along the eastern coast of the home island, becoming an exploring officer of sorts.

So begins...

Nicholas Griffith's Story