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Hiiro Yamata

"What is magic? Let me show you."

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a character in “Shiroioka Academy”, as played by Magnificent.Bastard



Name: Hiiro Yamata

Club and Position in the Club: Magic Club, Founder/Creator

Age: 16

Class Sophomore

Physical Description: Hiiro is 5'8" and lanky. His red hair hair tends to make him stand out which he enjoys
because performers love attention. His hands seem slightly larger as well as his fingers are long and dexterous finger nails colored with alternating colors
Uniform/Gear abilities. His uniform jacket goes all the way down, just shy of touching the ground itself. The suits is very dark with black and dark as the base. His uniform comes with a few accessories such as a top hat, deck of cards, and a "magic" wand. His abilities revolve around illusions created from not only his suit, but thousands of mini drones which project light and sound waves into the air allowing him to create limitless realistic illusions. The devices are hidden via bending light making them invisible but they continuously revolve around the scene allowing for constant perspective changes for all those viewing. His had is a sturdy yet elastic light weight material that serves as a means of capture and transportation. His cards are used as projectiles that send both electric currents (to disrupt machines circuits) and a variety of computer codes, depending on the card, to hack into the software of devices. The wand is made for close combat and at the end vibrates at frequencies that allow it to cut through hard objects (as long as the objects frequency doesn't change). The suit produces an illusion of pristine white gloves over his hands that draw peoples attention towards them. His miniature "invisible" projectors also allow for tactile sensations which make the illusions even harder to disbelieve.

Background: Lost mother at an early age. In order to protect Hiiro's smile his father and grandfather did their best to entertain him the best way they knew how to. Magic tricks. Though the father was a novice due to not being passionate about it, but when Hiiro got older his grandfather, a retired professional magician, started to teach him more advanced tricks and he continues to be amazed by slight of hand, misdirection, and other forms of magic.

Facts: Hiiro enjoys all forms of magic and has spent his life learning the secrets of his grandfather as well as experimenting with "tricks" of other magicians so that he may improve on his own skills and understanding. He has a weakness for dares and gambling though he prefers to play against others that have a knack for cheating, because then it is more entertaining.
(link youtube video Misdirection Short Movie 8:31 - 8:51) How fun, right?

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"Working his way up to Captain, is rather impressive, and I'm aware I have to overcome his 'sound' "

"Another skilled club Captain, that is hard to grasp their intentions due to chess players always seeing five or 20 moves ahead."

"Kind of scary, due to her "

"A strong captain that seems to be overcoming not only those with fencing blades, but those with hurtful words. She is seems like a lone wolf, and her solitary has made her quite formidable."

[color=color red]"A bit mysterious seeing as he had earned the place of Captain and for reasons I don't know, he is no longer in that position."[/color]

So begins...

Hiiro Yamata's Story

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Hiiro Yamata had no stall to speak of. He was the only member after all and it just wasn't his style to just stand around. He walked around with a long holographic pole sticking out of his top hat that had an overly large flag labeled Magic Club. It looked as if it was blowing in an wind that clearly did not exist.

"Step right up, don't be shy. You may be impressed by the science of the world but nothing will ever impress people as much as magic itself." He approached a group of freshman and took out a coin and showed off a bit of slight of hand by making it appear in their pockets or as if it was falling from the air, switched their phones around without them knowing, and removed their watches and gave them back as reward for being a great audience.

Hiiro continued to walk around as he looked in on the other clubs. Hiiro wasn't sure if he would get any members but he was ecstatic about the impressions he was leaving on the faces of those he entertained. He was hoping he'd get a few, that way the club could stay open and compete with the others. The adviser of the Magic club was Ms. Noburo, the Chemistry teacher. She was usually quite stoic and refined but when she had spotted Hiiro performing magic last year she had insisted he start up a magic club. So he did and now he is trying to share the wonderment of magic with others.

Hiiro watched as an arrow flew and struck an apple dead center. He sighed and smiled knowing he had some serious competition with all the clubs that already had funding. Hiiro was glad most tricks didn't require anything elaborate or expensive, but he realized he was running of decks of cards to perform with. He had performed a trick that had people sign a card and he gave them the card after the trick was done.

Hiiro smiled and continued to make his rounds, finding people actually approaching him after hearing about his tricks from others. Magic always impresses people..

The setting changes from Shiroioka Academy to The School Commons

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Yuki sprinted through the sea of students who had crowded around the front of the school. Despite having promised to set up, she had lost track of time. As she ran she bumped into several people, though most of them didn't notice her, for once she was actually grateful for her height.

Most of the other clubs had already set up, so she was thankful that her booth didn't take much time to set up. It was nothingc extravagant like the other clubs had done. It was rather plain, just a booth with flyers and a punching bag. While other clubs were making big displays to attract potential members, Yuuki chose a more mellow method, talking to passerby, and if they were interested, she would even show them some of the basics. While out recruiting for her father's club, she had learned that big displays can intimidate some people, and that a calmer approach seemed to work better. After assigning a couple of the team members to hand out the uniforms, she began to give a short lesson to a couple of freshman who were passing by.

Glancing over at the neighbouring booths, she noticed a guy sitting in front of a target with an apple on his head while his club mates shot at him. Poor guy, some clubs take this way to seriously. Directing her attention back to the students she was teaching, they seemed to be enjoying it, so hopefully they would join the team.

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Takeshi stood at the Chess Club's booth with a confident smile on his face. His booth had a few rather colorful, and impressive banners, and Takeshi himself stood in front of the booth in his uniform, with his drones flying beside him. This and a few of his members playing a few games for demonstration purposes was all that he had visually done to attract new students to his booth. Compared to some of the other booths it wasn't to spectacular especially when compared to the impressive display Gousuke and the band had arranged, but Takeshi had taken more subtle means to attract potential members. He had spread word about the influence the chess club had gained, and the efficiency of it's leader, throughout the town. Already there were many new students in front of his booth asking questions, and staring at Takeshie's drones. He looked over at Gousuke and returned his friendly nod, it was no surprise when he had started to put on a flashy display, it was to be expected from the leader of the Band after all. Even Rieko, the Fencing Club captain gave a short but effective speech, Takeshi was certainly capable of giving a speech, but he thought it best to play to his strength, besides he couldn't compare to Gousuke's display, and it would just make him look bad if he tried. Takeshi looked over at some of the other clubs, when he spotted the Archery Club's booth. They have also put on a small display of skill, though Takeshi frowned slightly when he saw what it was.

Katsu stood there in front of a target set up by his club mates, with a distinct frown on his face, and a fresh apple placed atop his head. Someone in the club had the brilliant idea to shoot an apple off the head of some poor sap, and while Katsu thought it was a good idea he didn't know he would be the "poor sap" with the apple. However Katsu stood there confident and,unafraid, even when the arrows started flying his way. The arrows kept missing it's target, though thankfully they had all missed Katsu as well, this caused Katsu to grow slightly more annoyed however." Why don't you actually try to aim next time? No sooner than he spoke the arrow pierced the apple, covering Katsu in bits and pieces of the fallen fruit.His frown only grew deeper, he may not be the captain anymore but he was still one of the most skilled archers in the club, he could have made that shot in one try, Katsu was sure of it. He looked over at the booth,a dn gave a small defeated sigh, at least this little trick was working, as several students stood at the booth watching the display.