Shizuka: Vampire Hunt

Shizuka: Vampire Hunt


In Shizuka city, an increasing amount of vampires roam the city. But as some of the student of a school turn into vampires, distrust grows and some students even decide to go hunt down the vampires. Are the turned friend or foe?

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Shizuka city was a normal city in Japan like every other. But one day vampires appeared, roaming the streets at night, sucking blood from the sleeping homeless and unknowing people. But soon vampirism began to spread, more and more vampires came to be and the more vampires, the less human they got. While noble pure vampires lived by strict rules and mostly didnt have any suspicious actions, the unpure vampires or vampires by bite roamed and kept spreading vampirism. The further the generations of the bitten went, the less human they got. There are some who are already 5th generation unpure vampires and therefore have little to no civilized personality left in them. But as it reaches a local high school and some students turn into vampires, distrust arises. Most of the students dont know if the newly turned vampires are the same people as before, deceiving or even hostile. Some students even start to hunt down the vampires to dispose of them. Those who have turned but kept their humanity as well as the pure vampires have a growing fear about this.

Pure vampires: Pure vampires normally have red eyes and pale skin. At daytime people think they would deteriorate but they dont. Pure vampires can step out into the sunlight without getting damage but therefore they arent much stronger than humans during daytime while at night they normally have inhuman strength and can survive long falls. Pure vampires have more control over their hunger than unpure vampires.

Unpure vampires: Unpure vampires used to be human until they got infected by vampirism. The first generation unpures are in most cases personality wise the same people as they were before while the new 5th generation unpures are either brutal and sadistic or have lost their humanity altogether. Unpure vampires deteriorate under the sun and can therefore only go outside on rainy days and at night. They dont necessarily have red eyes but their skin is pale and they have visible fangs that they cannot retract.

Shizuka high school: Shizuka high school is a school for about 1200 students. It is like any other japanese high school: School uniforms, optionally long school hours, occasional suicides, a courtyard. Just the Shizuka high school has a special program allowing students, who either wait for a college/university vacancy or only do smaller college courses, to stay two years longer as supervising students or assistants. These students wear a special uniform and often work as substitute teachers, assisting teachers or supervisors for school clubs. They have earned the title "Elites" by the other students. In case of teacher absence during school, they are in charge.
Uniforms: Normal students: Girls: Serafuku in blue and white, shortsleeved in summer, longsleeved with white turtleneck undershirt in winter. Boys: Gakuran
Elites: Girls: Black and white serafukus, white or black turtleneck undershirt in winter.

Character sheet:

Class (1-3 in combination with A to E, or 1st year elite or 2nd year elite)
Freetime clothing
Weapon (optional, guns are unlikely, though revolvers with limited ammo are allowed as well as all kinds of melee weapons)
Alignment: (Good, Evil or Neutral)

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Character Portrait: Keiko Hurizaka
Character Portrait: Azuki Himamoto


Character Portrait: Azuki Himamoto
Azuki Himamoto

Azuki is afraid someone will found out.


Character Portrait: Azuki Himamoto
Azuki Himamoto

Azuki is afraid someone will found out.

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Character Portrait: Azuki Himamoto
Azuki Himamoto

Azuki is afraid someone will found out.

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