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Morris Norton "Norrie" Gray

The downtrodden satyr waiter (say it ten times fast) of Cafe Enchante.

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a character in “Shrouded Souls and Shopping Sprees”, as played by Marionette


Age: 21
Race: Satyr
Physical Description: Morris is on the short side and rather slim with milky skin. He obsessively shaves his face clean and straightens the black hair which falls an inch or so past his shoulders. He dresses as nicely as his salary allows, always presenting as clean and polished an image as possible. His face sports a chiseled jaw, but it's offset by the softness of his wide gray eyes. As a satyr, his legs are covered in a shaggy layer of fur and taper down to goat's hooves; horns curl back from his crown. Ordinarily, he covers these features with a glamour.
Powers and Abilities: As far as supernatural abilities go, Morris doesn't have a whole lot going for him. He can cast a glamour and do a little divination, but that's about it. He's quite quick on his feet and has a mighty powerful kick, though.
Profession: Waiter at Café Enchanté
Any Other Info: Morris doesn't mind being called Morris or Norrie, though he's not fond of Norton. His older brother is Marlow Gray, one of the co-owners of the cafe.

One notable thing about Morris is that he has awful luck. He seldom wins anything, and he's never been that good with relationships. He's also a magnet for airborne objects, hasty persons, and swinging doors. Feel free to have your character step all over him (literally).

As he feels it would make things simpler for him, Morris is seeking out an item that will allow him to physically transform into a human. The few he's found have been too steep for him to afford without much scrimping.


Waggish and jovial come to mind when one thinks of classical satyrs, but those words don't describe Morris at all. In fact, he's really very shy (especially with women). In personal situations, he's meek to a fault. Try as he may to speak up, he just gets run right over. Thus, Morris tends to brood and clam up even more when irritated or upset. Professional settings are much easier on him, however. He's very polite and manages to do a good job waiting on people at the cafe. As long as customers don't try to engage him in conversation too heavily there's little chance of him flailing, and even then, he generally pulls through.

His personality undergoes a radical change when he ingests alcohol. It frees him from all inhibitions (and makes him look and act like an idiot, at least in his opinion). To avoid embarrassing himself, he's practically a teetotaler, but his natural taste for wine sometimes makes this incredibly difficult. He has his slip-ups every now and again.

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