Skylar Pendragon

"Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for."

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a character in “Shugo Chara: A New Chapter”, as played by Stellabellum



Name Skylar Pendragon
Nicknames Sky, Lee
Gender female
Age and Grade 16 / Sophomore
Role Joker
Personality When people speak of Skylar, they almost always speak of someone with confidence. She is very comfortable with herself and isn’t about to let people try to change her. Though she is sort of the rebel at school, she’s intelligent and witty when it comes to making up schemes. Her stubborn personality often earns her a disapproving gaze from authority figures, though they enjoy the fact that she has the ability to make almost everyone smile. Adventure is her first instinct and curiosity is her best friend. However, her boisterous behaviour often brings her into trouble. It is a well known fact that she’s got a lot of fans of her love as her perky attitude sometimes comes across as flirting. Along with this, her sharp tongue can get her into a lot of trouble. A lot of times the things she says may be in a sense perverted even if she doesn’t realize it. Some people believe Skylar is socially awkward because of her lack of speech. Usually speaking only when spoken to or to intervene in an unsteady situation, her silence can be quickly taken into offence. She has accepted the fact that she doesn’t really understand who she is, though from time to time she’ll ponder about her purpose for long hours. Then again, a lot of her pondering goes into romance. Because of her reputation with the guys, she’s also awkward in the sense that she really doesn’t know what to do or say. Perverted comments often catch her off guard and leave her stuttering or shouting in response to cover up her embarrassment. This doesn’t mean that she can’t be romantic, though. She does have her way with words once in a while.
Likes athletics, soccer, boxing, piano, gymnastics
Dislikes sour things, X Eggs, Easter
Brief Description Skylar stands at a small 5’4’’ and weighs a light 103 pounds. Though she is skinny, her form is on the slender size. Her bust is around average, perhaps a little smaller than normal, just enough that she is proportional. The smoky blue eyes she adorns are often described as her best feature since they give her a mysterious appearance. Dark locks of black hair flow to just below her chest, framing her face nicely. Her high cheek bones and thin lips brighten up her face and often give her the expression of deep thinking.
Crush The Jack/Ches. The two of them attract Skylar fairly easily. [will edit Jack part in when the character is submitted]. She’s attracted to Ches because of two reasons: mainly because he’s handsome in an exotic way and he’s got a way of brushing her off her feet, and two because he’s got the Humpty Key. This aroused her curiosity rather quickly. When it comes to romance, however, she’s exceptionally embarrassed and isn’t sure how to handle the situations when they arrive.
History Mr. Pendragon always wanted a son, so when he got a daughter instead he made do with what he had. From an early age Skylar was taught martial arts and self defence. However, up until now when she has actual enemies, she’s afraid that she’ll hurt someone if she isn’t careful with her strength. At the age of seven, she promised herself she wouldn’t use her fighting skills on anyone who wasn’t going to cause pain to anyone she had even mild interest in. Since her mother was often away because of her acting career, Skylar grew as a tomboy with many, many friends. It wasn’t a surprise that she had so many dreams. From ten, she took up piano and swimming lessons to distract her from her father’s wishes of boxing. However, after becoming adept in both areas, boxing became second-nature to her and she quickly grew to love it. But because she had so many dreams, Skylar became lost. She wished she could be someone who could accomplish many things and soon enough she was gifted with her three eggs.

Name Kimiko
Nicknames Kimi
Gender female
Personality Kimiko is commonly described as the loud one. She is extremely perky and can be annoying to some extent when it comes to sheer optimism. She’s always fairly ditsy and it takes her a while to truly understand situations. Though she doesn’t take a lot of things seriously, Skylar isn’t someone that she lets people push around. In a way she’s like the little sister who wants to make her older sister happy.
Likes swimming, stretching, being giggly, helping people, sweets
Dislikes rude people, messing up, Easter
Character Change Description
Her symbol is a star that changes Skylar’s earrings. The change gives her:
1) ungodly flexibility
2) acrobatics
3) feather-like weight
Character Transformation Description When transforming with Kimiko, Skylar’s clothing changes to something along the lines of this. The white dress cuts fairly short, though underneath she wears a pair of light blue booty shorts to cover everything. Jewellery such as the ones in the picture also join her. Her weapon is an odd blue whip. When in this form, she is known as Aqua Charm. She has two moves that she uses when in this form: Cascade Falls (which makes water come from any part of her body she wishes) and Bubble Risers (which causes bubbles to come from her hands. When the bubbles pop they cause X eggs to fall asleep. The bubbles can also capture an enemy and become hard once the enemy is inside). Her signature move is Deep Depths which makes a dome of water surround a designated area before flooding it entirely. Though it is water, one cannot drown, though they’re paralyzed temporarily or sometimes rendered unconscious.

Name Genesis
Gender female
Personality Genesis is a toughy, someone that is really hard to get along with. She doesn’t like being weak at all and is determined to make guys see that she isn’t someone who can easily be pushed around. Though she’s got a hard-core personality, she is embarrassed easily and dislikes a bunch of attention. She and Skylar don’t appear to have the best of relationships just because they are constantly arguing with each other, but their relationship is actually stronger than with the other two. Genesis is almost Skylar’s coach and Skylar is the disobedient, head-strong student.
Likes boxing, combat, adrenaline, winning
Dislikes losing, Easter, sweets, guys who underestimate her
Character Change Description
Her symbol is a boxing glove that changes Skylar’s earrings. The change gives her:
1) martial-art mastership
2) agility
3) incredible strength
Character Transformation Description During this transformation, Skylar’s clothing changes to this. Bandages line her head, right shoulder, right fist, and both ankles. She remains barefoot so her movements are faster. The white draping skirt sits low on her hips and the red shirt shows off a lot of her lower back and chest. Her usual weapon of choice – other than her fists – would be a katana that hangs on a strap over her right shoulder. In this form, she is known as All-Star Bandit. Her special moves consist of Backslash (when using her katana, she can swing it and send out sharp, visible slashes of scorching heat), Ring’Around (creates a boxing ring around the battle field or opponent), and Battle Pressure (which allows her to see the weak points and pressure points on the opponent. She can paralyze and knock people unconscious with this, or just for fun could dead-leg/arm you). Her big move would have to be K.O., a move that allows her to move with incredible speed and accuracy. Throughout all of this, Skylar’s martial-art and boxing abilities are vamped up as well.

[size=120] Name
Nicknames Momo
Gender female
Personality Mononoke is the quiet of the three. She’s calm and collected and is incredibly intelligent. She has a way with words, whether they be comforting or infuriating. She’s the more romantic side of the spectrum and is constantly messing with the other guys. Even though she is collected, Momo can be a little perverted. She enjoys reading erotic manga and giving advice to Skylar about relationships.
Likes music, art, creativity, reading, relaxing
Dislikes Easter, annoying people, anything sour
Character Change Description
Her symbol is a musical note that changes Skylar’s earrings. The change gives her:
1) arts mastership
2) increased singing ability
Character Transformation Description Skylar’s appearance during this form is fairly simple. A light-weight black dress and black knee-high socks are the major apparel. Other than these, a red neck choker is also present. Stabbed to her lower back is a roll of sheet music, though it usually remains closed unless using it in battle. Her weapons aren’t weapons at all – though you had to expect it from her creativity – and consist of kitchen utensils and any other sharp objects she can find. The moves in this form are exceptional: Tongue Twister (the chorus lines from the sheet music on he back jump off the page and form ropes of words), Jazzy Bites (which plays jazz music to any opponents and in the case of X Eggs will render them paralyzed and in the case of humans will hurt their ears because of the intensity), and her signature move is Style Tempo, which will return anything to its original state.

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