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Quaker Testing Facility


a part of SICK!, by ShykKedid.


ShykKedid holds sovereignty over Quaker Testing Facility, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Quaker Testing Facility is a part of SICK!.

4 Characters Here

Virgis Finn [4] I'm... Not Batman (17 year old outgoing childish guy)
Felix Silas Odium [3] "Feast your eyes on God's proudest creation...for a viewing fee of thirty dollars, thank you. Just hand it over right now before I do something you'll severely regret."
Comic Rocc [3] So, wait. We're on an alien space ship, in the future, we didn't age, and we have powers? Sweet!

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4 Characters Present

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A loud siren can be heard. At the sound, a man - no - an alien whose name is not important rushes down the clean chrome white hall that seems to always be turning slightly, making one think of that of a circle or a cylinder. He passes a few others here and there, who all seem to also be rushing one way or an other, greeting them with the slight wave of his long fingers, he continues down the way.

Soon, the man comes upon an elevator. The rounded doorways opens for him to step in, allowing another person behind him to enter. Of course, this has nothing to do with anything, but the man and the other individual who identifies as neither gender have a bit of sexual tension. By time the elevator makes it to the very top floor, the man is flushed with passion from the thoughts his love was sending him. Of course, theres a job to be done, and the man continues on his way, walking down the hall that lead to two large doors.

After putting in a special code and giving a DNA test, the large doors slide open revealing a long walk way with a silver silk carpet leading down a way of columns to a large, sparkling metal desk and a large, black leather chair. Walking down the way to the test, the man stops before the desk and takes a knee, seeming to bow to whomever sits in the chair facing the other way.

A moment later, a voice comes from behind. "What the hell are you doing?" The voice can only be recognized as the spunky, feminine voice of the Boss. Also known as Cal.

"I was just..." The man started, a puzzled look appearing on his face. He stood and glanced to the chair behind the desk and back at Cal. "I...thought you were in the chair."

"Oh, really?" Cal said, a smirk appearing on his face and his slender arms crossing as he strutted over to the chair and spun it around. In his seat sat a small fluffy kitten with eyes far too wide and bright to be that of an Earthling cat. "Cougar! I told you not to sit in my seat!" The cat looked up right at Cal, whose hands were not firmly planted on his hips. In the cats mouth, a remote with many round, colorful buttons could be seen. Cal reached down and snatched the remote from the cats mouth. "Now, get out of my chair!"

"Yes, sir-rrrr," The cat said and slowly crawled out of the chair.

β€œAlright!” Cal said, clapping his hands together. β€œLet's wake 'em up.”

And from there, all the earthlings that were held in the large white room were awaken. Cal gave his little speech, explaining little yet a lot. He couldn't wait to sit back and watch the little reality show he created. He was inclined to tell all those earthling that he actually was broadcasting their lives on the ship to over forty planets as the universes next most watched reality show, that would not be shown on Earth due to the peoples decline to accept life past their planet. But as it goes Cal was advised by everyone, including his executive producer, not to inform the earthlings on their rise to stardom on many planet.


Seven Years Earlier...

It was a Saturday like any other. Comic was doing what she usually was on Saturday mornings: sleeping in. The buzz of the alarm clock stir her from her sleep and made the small black cat that laid at the end of her bed look up, a displeased look taking its features like it always seems to do to cats. Reaching out from under the covers, a slender, pale hand made a fist and repeatedly hit the clock until it hit the snooze button. A moan escaped the mouth of Comic Rocc as she sat up, her red hair going each and every way and the pale yellow covers falling off her.

After sitting a moment and stretching, allowing the sleep fogging her mind to slowly slip off, the girl got up from her bed, ready to start the day. She did what seemingly every human being would be doing at the time to get ready for the day with brushing their hair and teeth, not to forget eating breakfast and getting dressed. After that was all over, it was time for some to head to work or go about a lazy Saturday. In Comic's case, she would be heading to work. She worked at a little store that not only sold comic books, but also had a small record area and an arcade in the back. Comic spent the whole day in this little shop reading comics, changing the records that played over the intercom, and β€œtesting” the arcade machines.

Once evening arrived, she headed home only to get a call from her girlfriend that said they needed to talk. Of course, no one wants to hear this because they know what's coming. And, low-and-behold, she was right. Her girlfriend broke up with her.

Comic then ended the evening sitting on the floor in front of her couch facing the TV and mindlessly playing Earthbound. Before she knew it, she was passed out on the floor in front of the couch surrounded by 7Up cans, bottles of cold coffee, and various Nintendo Gameboy games that she didn't get to playing or had played already.

At approximately 12:04am, a quiet wooshing sound could be heard by anyone who was listening. A light pink light beam came through the opened window of Comic's apartment. It first picked up the cat, taking it partially out the window until the cat meowed and cried before jumping out of the beam and landing on the fire escape out side the window. Then the beam came back through the window and this time it gently picked up Comic. It completely destroyed her apartment in the process, but gave little to no attention to the mess, dragging Comic out the small window long ways and bringing her up to the large ship that hovered above the building. Either not caring or not paying attention, the ship went about it's business as a large man with glasses and a baseball cap took pictures of the ship and the person it was bring aboard.

Later that year, the man was charged for using the disappearance of a person to bring about the existence of aliens. He would then continue to drone on about what he saw and then be charged for the disappearance, where his attorney would plead insane and the man would be taken to an asylum.


Comic woke up with a fright, sitting up straight. She looked around, seeing many people in many beds in a large white room. Looking around, she saw behind her a large window that raise from the floor to the ceiling. Outside the window, she say nothing but darkness and stars, not to mention the cluster of planets that seemed so far away.

Walking up to the window, Comic paid no attention to the alien man that appeared on the screen above the only door way. When the doors opened, she didn't notice at first, but realized after she saw the reflection of many people heading down the way toward them. And at that, she followed close behind. As dazed as she was, her eye did catch onto a few people here and there. Then, the voice had sunk in just that moment that they were all enhanced in some way, with some type of ability.

She did feel slightly different. She felt a pulse driving through her veins and a buzz of excitement and something else jeering her body. Stopping mid-step, she looked at her hands and, unless it was pure imagination, she could see the blue light buzzing up the veins on her wrist and collecting in the palms of her hands. Then, without warning, the light buzzed to her fingertips and shot out in sparks. A large grin of wonder and excitement spread across Comic's face and she snapped her fingers. At the moment her finger snapped, a spark flew off as if her fingers were two metals striking each other.

β€œFuck yeah! I'm Pikachu, muthafuka! Whoo-hoo!” Comic yelled, her excitement seeming to be even greater than it ever was. Of course, this excitement caught the attention of a few dazed earthlings, but Comic paid no attention to them as she excitedly followed the crowd to find herself some β€œsick rags” and go find out what else she can do with her new found abilities. The bottom line here is she can't wait to see what else she can do.

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Seven Years Ago...

Virgis woke up to an alarm. He hit instead of the snooze. Nope. Threw a pillow, resulting in the lamp falling off a table. Fell out of bed, which tipped over the table and his books, phone, and other things on it. Tried unplugging alarm, gets shocked.

Virgis sighs. He manages to turn it off, and gets up. Thank god it's Saturday. No school, no activities, just him and his house, and his family bugging him to do things all day, when he doesn't want to. Virgis groans loudly and stays in his pajamas and just goes downstairs, with an extreme case of bedhead. He stumbles off the last step and walks into the kitchen. He grab some bacon and microwaves it, pulls out the plate, sits down, and turns on some t.v. He perks up because Doctor Who is on! He eats his bacon, and watches doctor who. After he finishes breakfast he's sits down is his lounge room and gets on the computer, while turning on his t.v. and watches youtube on the screen while playing on his computer. He watches Cryaotic and some other channels. His black lava lamp shines brightly as he slumps over asleep. He almost notices the beam picking him up, but he just thinks it's his lava lamp...


Virgis tries to hit the snooze again. Once he realizes there is no snooze, he falls out of his bed. Deja-vu. That's new. He gets up and stretches his arm, turns to go out his door to go watch doctor who, but realizes he is on a spaceship with a bunch of people, and there is an alien talking. Cool. He yawns, only actually processing it all after everyone goes to get clothes. Virgis blinks and thinks, Okay... Don't panic... Just go with it. It's not like you can do anything about it, so...

He starts going through the crowd but is getting pushed around and can't make it to the stores. Virgis lets out a frustrated, "Ugh." There probably won't be clothes by the time he gets there... He doesn't see any way through the crowd, until he gets a strange feeling. He feels a pulse through all his veins. No one notices. Virgis's veins glow for a second and he looks around... Everyone is frozen. Virgis stumbles backwards, confused and scared. He walks through the crowd looking at people's frozen faces and gets to a store, grabs a newsie hat, trench coat, red and blue flannel shirt, some grey nike's, and some brown fratty pants. Once he changes, everyone starts moving again. He blinks, just to make sure it's all real. Virgis had no idea what was going on...

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Seven years prior

Alison woke up to loud coughing, she rolled on to her back and sighed. Alex must be sick again, she thought, pulling herself out of bed to check on him. Once she had reached his room, she walked over and checked her little brothers temperature. He rolled over on his side to face her.

looks like your sick Aluson said patting her little brother on the head. I'll run out and grab you some medicine, if you need anything wake up mom, okay?

Alison grabbed a light jacket and slipped out the door. She ran to the store, quickly grabbing a small bottle of NyQuil. After she left the store she began walking home, a little bit nervous since it was still dark. Suddenly a rough hand pulled her into a small alley, dealing a tough blow to her head, rendering her unconscious. The man took her wallet, and the bottle of medicine. While Alison was unconscious a beam off light pulled her up to a large spaceship hovering above the city.

Present time

Alison snuggled deeper into the comfortable bed, before rolling over, and face planting into hard tile flooring. She sat up scratching her head, wondering where she was.

She glanced up noticing others pushing their way out of the room, she quickly got up and followed. As she made her way through the crowd she noticed people doing peculiar things, like turning to metal, or making water appear out of thin air. Confused she tried making different gestures similar to what others were doing but nothing happened. Sighing, she ran into the closest store, grabbing a flannel shirt, a pink Floyd tshirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of black sneakers, she also grabbed a small lighter that might come in handy if she needed a weapon. She ran into a change room to put on her clothes, shoving the lighter into her back pocket. Slipping out off the store she continued moving forward, not really paying attention to where she was going. I hope Alex is okay she muttered, just before bumping into someone.

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Virgis was walking around looking at everyone. How could people not be freaked out, or screaming, or something? Maybe the aliens only chose people who wouldn't... That'd make sense. Anyways, he looked at all the shops. They most have stolen all this clothes. Virgis chuckled at that thought. News flash, mall robbers are actually aliens.

He looks at his arms again. Normal veins, no glowing, people are still moving. Something else is different. He move easier, lighter, as if he bends the air around him (space). He feels like he could run fast and climb things... Virgis notices something on the ground, and when he goes to look at it someone bumps into him.

He stumbles forward, and looks back. "Oh, hey."