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Elise "Ellie" Makani

"Don't worry about me~ We have work to do!" - Wind Sigil

0 · 206 views · located in Hellios City

a character in “Sigilbound”, as played by Lashun


First Form:

Second Form:

Third Form:

Name: Elise ”Ellie” Makani

Age: 20

Element: Wind

Sigil: Her sigil spirals down her leg, from her mid-thigh to her ankle.

Personality: Elise is a care-free kind of a girl that doesn't let too many things bother her. She's easy-going, friendly, and caring towards almost everyone, so most believe she's has a naïve outlook on life, however, she can tell the difference between an enemy she must defeat and a stubborn or rude ally and isn't afraid to fight for what's right. She likes to talk and tries to always lighten the mood when the aura around her is thick with tension with her contagious smile – some find it annoying, others love to have her around. Though, she's slow to anger or upset, she defends her beliefs without hesitation. If, by some chance, she is angry or upset, she doesn't show it until she's alone.

Bio: Elise was born as the middle child in a middle class family as a somewhat healthy baby. According to her family's history, someone within her generation would end up with a weak heart as they grew into their adolescent years. Unfortunately, Elise had been chosen by fate to bare this burden. Though doctors told the family that she wouldn't survive without support at the age of 18, Elise was found to be the most active in her high school. She was very well-liked within her small town for her kind heart despite her circumstances. Her parents, who were fairly religious, said it was by the grace of God that she was still alive.
There was just something about her... Maybe there's just more in store for her...
Not too long after her 19th birthday, a crisis had hit the town; demons, looking for midday snacks, had invaded the town, killing everyone. A strange mark, that suddenly appeared on her leg, saved Elise, making her the only survivor. To make matters worse, the powers that lied within the sigil were able to keep her alive, but the stress on her body would kick in once the sigil passed, and, without it, she would die. Elise found this her opportunity to help others on a greater scale before her passing. Determined to achieve her goal, she trained with her sigil and mastered it within a year. Now she's on her way to Hellios City, ready to meet her comrades and take on the Demon King.

Theme(Normal): Song of Storms Remix

Theme(Combat): Ultimate Fight Music

So begins...

Elise "Ellie" Makani's Story