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Argus Lyle

Straight to the point. I don't want anything stopping a streamlined action.

0 · 207 views · located in Signal Academy

a character in “Signal Academy”, as played by PulseTrick


Name: Argus Lyle
Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: ARgus has pale skin, blue eyes, and Brown hair with blue highlights. He wears an Argyle sweater vest with a dress shirt underneath, corduroy pants, and usually attaches suspenders even though he usually wears a belt.
(This was a quick drawing and I had to do it by hand. At least I colored i somewhat)


(I'll have better pictures by the end of next week, trust me)

The Scholars Talon.

A Lance fitted with an Anti-tank Rifle (modified Denel NTW-20 replication model) on the opposite end. The Rifle is Fired to give more power to a Lance thrust, and to gain speed while running. It uses a swing-out revolver that fits into the cushion that houses the entire rifle mechanism. Each mag holds only Six shots, but the Magazine is revolver style, and is reloaded by a belt system. There is no Vamplate on The Scholars Talon, because the actual lancehead is so huge. It is quite heavy, uses the propulsion from the rifle to gain speed towards enemies.

Fighting Style: Argus's standard fighting style is dashing around, trying to get a good chance to rush the enemy. If he is forced into close combat, he begins to thrust less, and batter his target with the ance as if it were a club. He doesn't fire while in close combat, as if he had to reload he would be left open to being attacked undefended.

Personality: Argus is extremely intelligent, and does not hesitate to let anybody know this. He has a strange sense of determination that constantly drives him to push himself and others as far as he thinks he can go. This often turns sour as he comes off as extremely demanding. When relaxed, he usually tries o start conversation about world events, and predict outcomes of the future. There is nothing he doesn't want to think, know, or learn.

Argus always wants to be right, and pride is something he finds hard to swallow. He is usually reminded by his friends that he is after all, only human, and that he must remain a social human to be a successful one. When in class, he is fierce, on the battlefield, he is diligent, linear, and calculating.

So begins...

Argus Lyle's Story