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Keikatz Buchet

A kind-hearted goblin, whom isn't all she appears.... Though she poses as a common tinkerer, there is much more to this little goblin.

0 · 929 views · located in Triand

a character in “Silencing the King”, as played by Vio-Lance


Full Name: Keikatzeliandra Kelfalige Buchet
Nicknames/Alias: Kat(z), Keikatz, The Green Thief
Race: Goblin
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Physical Description:
Keikatz is actually a rather tall goblin girl. Not saying much about the miniscule race, but.... She stands roughly at 3'7, and looks to weigh close to 79 pounds. Her flesh is a pallid green, but it's not so deep in pallor that it's sickly looking. In fact, she probably has some of the healthiest skin amongst the goblins. Her body, however, is something men lack to desire. While goblin women are usually curvy, this attribute has been passed over Keikatz. She has very small breasts, and narrow hips, and shoulders.

Her facial features are soft, and usually non-agressive. A kind, or curious look is often spread across her face. Her hair is clean, and very nicely kept most of the time, the golden blonde locks of hair kept back in a ponytail. This truly sets her apart from the others of her race, as blonde hair is a very rare trait in goblins, whom almost always have brown or black hair. And it seems to bring out the color in her green eyes, the deep emerald color jumping forth from the green of her skin, almost forcing you to make contact with them.

Her attire is generally casual; a sleeveless shirt, and a pair of thick cloth trousers. Oddly enough, she has chainmail boots, that cover up to her knees. A pair of glass goggles sit on her head, made of lenses, and a strechy leather band. She hardly wears them, but she likes to accessorise like that.


Keikatz is generally a nice person. She talks to everyone, not really holding herself above them (except for the very, very bottom of the barrel). She talks calmly, and elegantly, being very skilled in Common grammar. She carries herself well, almost always standing upright and finely. She bends her knee to kings, bows to nobles, and shakes the hand of the commoner. She also is very intelligent and well-educated. Dispite her occupation of the day, she is actually very cheery, and is able to laugh and pass on jokes.

She generally likes to enjoy herself; even go as far as to drink or gamble. Also on her 'like' list is the art of metalwork. She loves watching things being forged, and giving minute tips to the smith, such as "Knights like their swords to have pommels with a knob. It gives them a way to knock someone unconcious.", or "Rangers like blades with very small points, such as geting through armor." And she is somewhat of a flirt, as both men and women alike are subject to her advances. Though, it should be known, it's done in good taste. She's no womanizer. Although, she has a particular hobby.... She loves to sing. But for the life of her, she only does it when she believes she's by herself. She doesn't believe she's very good at singing. So she simply doesn't mention it to anyone.

She hates being insulted, and even petty insults seem to grind her blocks. She retorts with harsh sarcasm and foul language. Also, those that hold her below themselvse (without due cause) generally cause her to fume. She likes to rant, and doesn't really know when to shut up, honestly.



Steel Goblin Saber - A light, one handed weapon made for the shorter peoples of the world. It's slightly longer than a shortsword, about 30'inches in total. Forged out of high quality iron and enriched with carbon-filled coal, this weapon is sturdy, and razor sharp. The hilt, handguard, and pommel are all black steel. The grip itself is wraped in soft leather, to make the blade more comfortable to the user. Unlike most sabers, however, this one is double-sided. This weapon is seldom used without it's companion. ... tsword.jpg

Elegant Goblin Dagger - A fine piece of craftmanship, this dagger is almost a work of art. The smooth steel is sharpened to a razor's edge, and has a point that can skewer even the toughest of leathers. The blade is wide, and strong, making an excellent weapon, and a fantastic tool. It's generally held in Keikatz's off hand, as she dual-wields her blades with lethal skill and precision. It is just under 18 inches. ... 281_2_.jpg

Throwing Hatchet - A small, utility axe, generally kept on Keikatz's hip. She is rather talented at throwing this weapon, but it is a tool, which can be used for cutting wood, a small hammer, or even a large skinning tool. The blade isn't exactly razor sharp, but it can lop through skin and lighter armors.

Garrote - A simple metal wire, with two grips. Being about a foot long, this weapon is one of the most gruesome ways to kill a man. Since goblins are shorter then men, they also have a rather cruel way of killing men and elves. The wire isn't sharp, but is very thin, which cuts into men's throats, and kills the quickly and quietly. It also makes for quite the interesting defense against pole based weapons. This is usually kept in a pocket somewhere.


Leather Clothing - While hardly concidered armor, her clothing can ward off very minute attacks from bladed weapons.

Caltrops - Little, iron wrought spikes that are designed to always have a spike in the air, no matter how they lay. Usually dropped when fleeing, this makes the persuing force slow at least a bit. These are known to go straight through leather boots, and sink deep into the sensitive foot flesh.

Survival Equipment- Seen on Keikatz's back, her pack contains just about everything a traveller would need: Flint and steel, a little bit of tender, a few cloth bandages, a pair of waterskins, a pair of lockpicks, a hooded lantern, a pint of oil, signal whistle, and a spyglass.

Goblin Nightvision - Much like the dwarves, goblins can see in complete darkness, without one fleck of light. However, this vision is colorless.
Swift - Keikatz is very quick, both in speed and reflexes. This makes her a natural swordfighter.


Keikatz was born and raised in Nevorgi, a goblin girl of no special breed or heir. In fact, quite the oppisite. Her family were peasants, struggling to survive in the harsh world. Her father had passed from illness, and left with her mother, whom worked day in and day out, and didn't even make enough money to sustain their family. Keikatz was left at home, doing her mother's job while her mother was doing the work of the man of the house. She cooked, cleaned, and sew, doing all she could to help her mother. But it still wasn't enough. Soon, they were on the streets, and Keikatz was only ten years old.

The beggar's life took a toll on the family. Sadness, and depression was their daily life, begging for money or food, trying to keep each other alive. But all futile efforts were in vain. They barely managed to make it for a week.... Befire Keikatz found the solution to their problems: Thieft. Every day, the young goblin girl stole. From a baker, from a farmer, or even right out of a man's pockets. She was stealing for her survival, and the survival of her family. And she began to grow quite skilled at it. She continued this life of thievery, untill she was age 13. She finally was caught, and sent to prison. She struggled, knowing her mother wouldn't fare well without her. But it was useless. She was thrown into the dungeon, to rot away.

But prison was not her elongated fate. After an agonizingly long year in prison...something happened. While a new convict was being lead to his cell, the guard was struck in the back with a jagged dagger. The wicked knife made the man fall. The convict was then quickly freed by a goblin coming out from the shadows, unchaining him and setting him free. He was an assassin, and so was the man convicted in the first place. They were soon to leave, when Keikatz begged for her freedom. Using it as a barganing chip, the assassins made her plead for everything. Finally, with a promise of her subservance, they released her, and lead her back unto the assassin's hideout. It turned out they were part of a clan, the "Grey Crest". The operated all around the Kingdoms. A faction offering alignment with neither side.

At first, Keikatz was simply a servant; one they allowed to live in servitude. Again, she was back to cleaning, cooking, sewing, along with newer, much more... degrading acts. But as the years passed, she began to stand out in the Clan. She was naturally agile and swift, she followed orders precisely, if not a tad hesitantly sometimes, and knew her place. The clanmaster, Gravilune Veepald, finally saw her potential, and took her in as an alcolyte. She learned how to fight, how to sneak, how to kill without being seen. She was training to be an assassin. And she progressed quickly. By the time she was twenty years of age, she had taken 7 lives, and not once been discovered. Although she truly shined in combat. By dual-weilding weapons, she could best even the highest rank of assassins. So much to the point where only the headmaster, and his elite could beat her. Maybe fifteen out of hundreds. And even then, she made them struggle the entire time.

As her age increased, so did her skill, and her kill-count. At age 26, she had assassinated 30 men, and killed 7 more in close combat. But she had quenched her taste for the blood of nobles. The stalking hunter no longer had her hunger for excitement sated by stealth. But instead, feasted upon the adreniline of combat. She felt so high in combat, her mind working wonderously under pressure, and feeding off the thrill of the fight. But she knew that assassins were not supposed to be open and blatant. She brought this up with their clan's master..... And he hated to see her go. She was the only notable female assassin in the group. But he gave her special leave, on her word that if she betrayed them, her blood would be forfeit. She agreed, saying that she might return one day.

Ever since that day, two years later, she roams as a mercenary, preforming work all around the kingdoms. Currently, she is roaming the Country of Triand, making a good name for herself.

So begins...

Keikatz Buchet's Story