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Shh... They can hear you...

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a character in “Silent Moments”, as played by ChaosxChild13


Name: Echo [No one else knows what to call her]: Experiment 13
Age: 8


Mutation: A sonic shriek that can make anyone's ears bleed, walls break, glass crack and buildings to burst. She can push false ideas/memories/thoughts into your head, almost like mind control or telepathy but not as strong. She is getting stronger every day physically and mentally. All of Echo's powers are controlled by her emotions. She uses echolocation to maneuver through places, and she can feel different energies which helps her find her way.

Eyes: A blank milky white, Echo is blind.
Hair: A dark, dirty brown.
Facial Features: Not very distinct to be honest, she is quite stoic for being a young child. She has dark circles under her eyes.
Body type: She is extremely thin, almost malnourished, but don't be fooled by that, she is extremely strong.


Echo doesn't have much of a personality, or she is thought to be hiding many things from the scientists. Even when handed treats within the first few days of being found she would simply just caress her teddy bear and click her tongue, not seeming to be listening. She does have fight in her when she feels the need to defend herself. She never talks, so she was given the nickname Echo due to her powers and she realized when she was young that she could use echolocation in order to find where she was going. Echo is quiet, so many mistake this for stupidity, but that is far from it. She is extremely intelligent behind her stoic and blank stare. She is constantly listening and picking up on things.

Echo resides in a solitary confinement, a dark room where she is slipped food under the door and a doctor checks up on her every other day. Echo sits in the corner of her room, humming haunting child songs and whenever the doctor comes to visit her, all she does is stare straight ahead. She wears a tattered dress that she had come in, and wont let anyone wash it, or change it. Dark circles imprinted on her skin, like she is constantly tired.

She does have one strange saying though that doctors can hear only when she is alone, she will give a small whimper and say, "Shh....They can hear you..." and then begin to giggle to herself. No one is sure why. She holds onto a teddy bear, once the scientists tried to take it away from her, but she unleashed a sonic scream that bounced off the four walls of her cell and nearly killed the scientist who tried to take it away. Some believe she might possibly be schizophrenic due to the chemicals being put into her body, and her delusion laughter. Others believe she might be able to actually make things come alive, no one is sure though.

Likes: Teddy bears/soft things.
Dislikes: Needles, people touching her.


worn teddy bear


No one is sure about Echo's history, she has been there for a few months now. No one talks about Echo's past, no one talks much about Echo in general. They don't know what she is capable of, and they almost fear it.


So begins...

Echo's Story


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((long posts are not needed))

This place is vacant. Only a few people here and we are all tortured. I have been here for 3 weeks with my sister, Chasity, Kidnapped from our house while our parents where out of town. By now, they have come home, freaked out, sent policemen and posters to every house in our hometown, and cried gallons of tears. My sister sleeps. I sit on the bed and watch, stroking her new wings. Yes. Wings. I'm practically see through, all that's left is an outline of my features. Poor Chasity, growing wings must be so painful. She cries herself to sleep every night. My transformation was slightly painful, but nothing unbearable. I look around at the people here with us. A boy about my age that has some electric charge. A girl Chasity's age that acts like a bat. Another girl, my age, who's practically a walking chemistry lab. Maybe one of them could end up as a friend. Maybe we can all escape, tell the world. Maybe.


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A haunting hum can be heard from the cell, scraping of bare fingers against the dusty concrete floor as the voice grows softer.

Softly the voice whispers, "Shh... They can hear you..."

Footsteps bound across, shadows forming past the small crack between the door and floor. Echo stares blankly at the crack, letting in poor florescent lighting from the outside hall. A sigh escapes her tiny body frame and her dark, milky white eyes look around, nails scraping against her arm where they had placed a chip inside

"Itchy..." She mutters, vigorously scratching at the long scar up the middle of her arm.

Muffled voices are heard from the outside and Echo resides in the corner as they stop in front of her cell and she pauses her scratching to stare down the crack as two different set of feet shuffle from the outside hall. Lips pull back into an inhumane growl as she listens closely, she lets out a short shriek and the people outside her door fall over.

A smirk cracks onto Echo's face as she waits for a response, and in no time, she received it. Echo's small hands grasp the teddy bear as she turns her head slowly to the left, then to the right. She lets out a sharp giggle and chews on her lower lip.


"Send him down." Doctor swiveled in his chair, hands clasped, thumbs twirling. A boy with bright red hair and aviators covering his face stumbles in, two guards holding him down.

"And what is he called?" Doctor asks, examining him, clearly displeased.

The red haired kid leans back in the chair and lights a cigarette, "Blaze." He says, taking in a long drag. Doctor stands up, and walks over, taking his index finger and his thumb, putting out the cigarette.

"I don't allow smoking in my office... Blaze..." He spat out the name, staring him down for a moment and then snaps his fingers, "Guards, take him into Room 301...."

The red head kid was dragged out and Doctor goes to his coat rack, putting on his white lab coat and grabbing his clipboard and a set of keys . With much haste Doctor begins to walk towards 301.

Room 301 is much like an interrogation room with a separate room with one way glass. Doctor watches Blaze for a moment as he sits in the white padded room.

"Remove your glasses, son." Doctor presses down on the intercom button, his voice bounces off the white pads of the walls and Blaze looks around for a moment.


"Remove." Doctors voice pounds into the intercom and a chuckle is heard throughout the room and Blaze, with much discomfort takes off the glasses, revealing bright, electric eyes.

"Clear..." The Doctor turns off the lights, and presses another button, gasses begin to fill the room and Blaze suddenly whips around, red lazers shoot out of his eyes, but bounce off the white pad walls and go right back towards Blaze, a scream is heard, then silence.

"Music to my ears." Doctor chuckles and jingles his keys, "My work here is done, boys."


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Doctor strolled down the dimly lit hallway and spotted two scientists who had fallen over, ears bleeding, blank expressions.

His eyes flicker up towards the barred door and opens the door.

"You..." He says, Echo's blank eyes stare straight ahead and a smirk cracks on her face.

"Me..." She says, Doctor takes a step back, mouth agape.

She had never spoken to anyone before. She sat there, crossing her legs and putting the teddy bear in her lap, staring in his general direction.

"Listen, I will not have you make a fool of me like you have. I brought you in, you should respect me."

Echo snorts a bit and then was violently grabbed by the arm, she opens her mouth to scream but Doctor slapped a rag around her mouth, tying it and injecting her with a needle and Echo suddenly went limp in his arms.

"Let's just see how tough you are, missy." He says and drags her down the hall.

Echo struggled against the drug, her eyes were fluttering open but Doctor was in a fit of rage and didn't notice. Echo grabbed his wrist with her other hand and her grip became fierce, almost a dead mans grip and Doctor let out a yelp as she pulled his hand back, hearing a snap in his wrist. She breaks away from Doctor and stumbles down the hallway, feeling her way through and opens a door.

She suddenly feels the presence of many other mutants, like herself and freezes up.