Amelia Grey

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♦ Full Name ♦
Amelia | Rozalina | Grey
That's me alright

♦ Nickname(s) ♦
Lia | Grey | Roza | Mia | GrimReaper (Kids use to make fun of her)
Apparently people like to have fun with my name

♦ Age ♦
Sixteen | 16
My birthday is October 31....

♦ Gender ♦
I really hope your just asking for a joke cause its pretty darn obvious

♦ Sexuality ♦
I find them attractive

♦ Role ♦
New Blood
Hi, I'm new!

♦ Ethnicity ♦
She was born in Rio, Brazil so she is Brazilian.
Olá e bem vindos ao Brasil

♦ Love Interest ♦
Nobody at the moment.....what business is it of yours anyway?

♦ Eye Color ♦
Bright Silver | Turn Black When Angry

♦ Hair ♦
Natural Pale Blonde | Loose Curly Waves

♦ Body Type ♦
Lean | Hourglass | Curvy | Pale Tan

♦ Height | Weight ♦
5'9" | 133lbs

♦ Physical Description ♦
Miss. Amelia is really a sight to behold. She's gifted with a natural beauty that make girls fume with jealousy and boys weak in the knees. With a cute heart shaped face, plump pink lips, pearly white teeth, faint freckles and big silver eyes Amelia has an innocent yet sexy look to her. She's blonde by birth and her tresses cascade down, caressing the middle of her back with shiny loose curls. A lean, curvy hourglass figure is covered in blemish free pale tanned skin that make her toned legs look miles long. Her clothing style is quite casual, she's a tomboy as many people can see by her clothes.


♦ Personality ♦
There are two side's to Amelia. The one she shows everyone around her and the one that only people close to her really get to witness. The side she shows is a quiet, unsociable, stoic and cold. She doesn't trust easily and hates big crowds. She's a major book worm, for you will usually find her sitting somewhere with a book in hand. At times Amelia will let it slip that she is actually a very kind, caring and gentle person not cold, stoic and hard. Amelia like's to mind her own business and focuses on her school work more then making friends. She ignores any boy's action's of trying to get her attention and just moves with the crowd instead of taking charge and moving in a different direction. Even with her beautiful look's Amelia is invisible, a hooded figure no one really knows.

Then there is the side of Amelia no one ever sees. The funny, kind, quirky, adventurous, creative and daring girl with a hot temper. That's right, cold and stoic Amelia has a quick fuse when it comes to her temper, though she usually deals with her rage in silence but people sometimes know when a dead bunny or bird come limping through the hallways. Amelia isn't the type of girl to say no to a dare, she's very adventurous and will take the danger road instead of the safe one. She's very creative her hobbies including anything from painting and singing to photography and instrument playing.

♦ Ability ♦
||Necromancy ||
Amelia's power's consist of the dead more then the living. By definition Necromancer's are seen as evil because of the ability they have, which is said to be 'unholy' and the work of the devil. To create an army of the living dead is frightening to many people and knowing that one person has the power to do so. That is why during the Salem Witch Hunt in 1692 people didn't only go after witches but Necromancer's as well. Now a days it is rare to find a necromancer.

|| What Amelia is capable of ||
• Communicating with Ghosts, Spirits, Souls.
• Summoning
• Reanimation
• Nether Manipulation
• Resurrection
• Immortality
• Death-Force Manipulation
• Death Sense
• Ectoplasm Manipulation

|| What Amelia can do ||
• Communicate with Ghosts, Spirits, Souls.
• When enraged or endangered she can Reanimate anything within a 2 mile radius of her.
• Amelia has a demon spirit named 'Nix' following her usually. Amelia had once summoned her by accident when she was younger.

♦ Likes ♦

+ Silence
+ Night
+ Being Alone
+ Reading
+ Autumn
+ Carnival
+ Day Of The Dead
+ Spicy Foods
+ Nix
+ Photography
+ Singing
+ Dancing
+ Sculpting
+ Cooking
+ Painting & Drawing
+ Playing Musical Instruments
+ Learning Different Languages
+ Music
♦ Dislikes ♦

- Big Crowds
- Bland Foods
- Losing Her Temper
- Jazz Music
- Mushrooms
- Player's & Assholes
- Apple Juice
- Pollution
- Being to hot
- Being to cold
- Lots of makeup
- Artificial cherry flavored anything
- Liars
- Drugs
- Alcohol
- Smoking
- Being called a 'Monster' or 'Grimreaper'.
- Rats

♦ History ♦

Amelia was orphaned by birth. Dropped off at one of the orphanages. She learned about her powers when she was six, having brought forth a dead dog, by accident, to protect her from the bigger orphan kids that were beating her up in an alley. The didn't look dead at first, it just looked like a wild dog to the boys that were picking on her. The leader of the boys little gang tried to get to Amelia again but the dog attacked, mauling the little boy until he stopped moving. After seeing the dog kill one of them the other boys ran away leaving Amelia with the dog. She thought it was going to attack her but when it instead walked slowly to her and rested its large head in her lap Amelia saw the bullet wound in its flank. Maggots and other bugs crawled in and out of the hole. Amelia screamed alerting some people who came to help her. Another incident happened when Amelia was dared to go in a graveyard, she was swarmed by many ghosts, all yelling at her to help them or to do something for them. Amelia started to hyperventilate and accidentally pushed the ghosts into their bodies. The other orphan kids that were with her freaked out when the earth started to shake and bony hands pop up from out of the group. When they saw Amelia stop it they started calling her names, making fun of her even though they themselves were frightened and thats where her horrible nickname 'Grimreaper' came from.. Amelia left the orphanage to fend for herself at the age of twelve and has lived on the streets and worked. She never went to school but she made sure to teach herself everything she needed to know and more. Then now at the age of six-teen she was invited to attend the institution.

♦ Other ♦
• Amelia knows how to write and speak in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, English and Latin.
• She likes to keep her art, photo's and music private.
• She has no friends.
• Amelia is stronger in a graveyard.


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