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Jameson Moriarty

"Don't bother asking me, I'm not going to help them." Superlative Student

0 · 203 views · located in The Silhouette Institution

a character in “Silhouette Institution: Revival”, as played by libidinosus


Let's Kill Tonight


Jameson Villa Moriarty



Asexual || Panromantic

Superlative Student

Seeing as James has a, to say the least, unique situation, giving you an appearance would be obsolete. James can change his appearance at will, so I'll simply give you what he'll most commonly look like. If you were to see his 'default' form, you'd see a tall male of mainly hispanic origin with a powerful figure. You'd never see scars or 'imperfections' on his skin. He has eyes that seem to hold the personality of a predator.


Delve Deep



James is not a 'nice' person. He isn't the sort of person that would help others out of the goodness of his heart. If killing someone will help him, he'll quickly do so. If saving someon will help him, he'll quickly do so. He's a selfish person.

James manipulates others easily. He prefers to try psychological warfare before physical warfare if he has a choice. He speaks eloquently and has a slight accent, making him seem like royalty.

James is, as was previously stated before, selfish. His selfishness however, can reach over to others. If he likes someone, he'll do nearly everything in his power to save them. Telling if he likes you or not however, can be a deadly gamble.

James is a slightly introverted person. He doesn't socialize more than he has or wants to. He may put on a happy smile and speak calmly, but he'd rather be reading a book. He's sort of become obssessed with books and the internet, but he keeps telling himself its not an obsession.

James is asexual, meaning that seduction will not work on him. This doesn't stop him from attempting to seduce others, but that's beside the point. James is bribable. If you have something he wants and he has something you want, you can expect him to contact you. Just prove your worth before trying to make a deal, or you'll find that you lost the item you were bartering.

He's a temperamental person. He gets angered easily and has a sarcastic streak. If you were to come up to him and ask a 'stupid' question, he'll probably answer your question with excruciating detail.

Biological Shapeshifting

This form of shapeshifting is one that has its cons and pros.

For James to shift into other forms, he'll need energy. To get energy; James can directly convert energy around him into energy that he can store and use. If he were to, for example, be around a lot of thermal energy, he'd be able to take that energy. Or if he were to touch a live wire, he'd be able to steal that energy. James steals this energy by touch.

James can shift into nearly anything imaginable should he have enough energy, but he'll have to have enough left over energy to sustain the new form he takes on. For example, if he turns into a giant, he'll need the energy to keep his form moving and alive. This is why he prefers to change into larger forms in short bursts.

James can, as a result of his ability, adapt to nearly any situation if given enough time. If he were to, for example, know he was going into the snow, he'd most likely take on the form of an animal with a thick fur. If he were to climb a mountain, he'd most likely form claws capable of breaking rock. Surprise attacks are best when dealing with James.

James is able to mimic the dna of others and take on their traits, but he'd have to touch them or know their genetic makeup to do so. He could, if he had Einstein's DNA, become a genius in seconds. This could however, make him vulnerable. If he were to take the wrong trait from the wrong person, he could end up making himself handicapped. James cannot however, copy abilities from others. Documentation on the DNA of people with 'powers' is small and he wouldn't know what to take.

James' mind is, due to his ability, occasionally protected. You could probably look into with the right ability, but you'd most likely be confused. He could change his brain into that of a dog and back perpetually, confusing others. This does however, take manual concentration and be a bother.


James is, due to his need for energy, a gluttonous person. He can end up taking on too much energy and lack control.

James cannot be in too large of a form before losing the form, unless he has enough energy to sustain that form.

James reverts to his 'default' form when unconscious.

James can only change into forms he has enough energy to change into.

James can and will lose energy in cold environments unless protected.


James was born to a father with an 'unnatural' ability and a relatively normal mother. James wasn't born into a bad family. In fact, he was born to the happiest little family ever. He didn't have much trauma in his life, other than what you would expect in the average person's life. There were no fires that killed his parents, no muggers that conveniently left him alive, or anything of the sort. James was raised by his parents to be a good and upstanding 'hero', but fate decided otherwise. James was, of his own volition, a 'bad' child. He rarely however, showed it. James was only caught three times doing things he shouldn't have been doing, and those things aren't particularly mentionable.

James lied throughout his life without a drop of guilt. He manipulated others and saw the world through apathetic eyes. His little and happy life bored him. It abhorred him. He wanted something to entertain him, and like all most others, he made his own entertainment. His entertainment however, wasn't very much liked by others.

He played 'tricks' on others with his natural ability throughout nearly his whole life. He scared local children with the form of a monster at night and made rumors pop up at his university. He explored the outside world in the forms of animals and soon became almost completely apathetic towards human life. He saw everyone simply as toys to be played with and did just that. He however, made on large mistake, he was photographed in the form of a monster. He did not, in teenage stupidity, fear the photos that were taken of him. He assumed that no one would trace the creature in the photo to him. The photo had, unbeknowest to him, caught his signature knecklace to him. Rumors in town had started of him being a league with the monster and he had figured out too late. He had, while performing one of his tricks, been intercepted by the Silhouette university.

He had, at first, refused the idea of joining the university. After being convinced that it would be a new and exciting experience however, he could not resist. As such, he joined the university at the young age of 13. He after a year or so, managed to quickly rank up to the Medial rank through unnatural dedication. Some would say that he just enjoyed school, and that's the truth. He enjoyed the self defense & battle class immensely. He enjoyed being beaten, then eventually beating the person that first won against him. After a few harduous, painful, and enjoyed months, James happily reached teh Superlative rank.

James has recently been obsessed with going on missions. Most of all however, he's excited about the prospect of the rebels. It will, in his opinion, add an interesting aspect to the already enjoyable school.




+ Piano
+ Literature
+ Howards Phillips Lovecraft
+ Conan O doyle
+ Sherlock(TV Series)
+ Sherlock(Original Books)
+ Oranges
+ Mystery
+ Danger
+ Adrenaline
+ Cooking
+ Lightning

- Raisins
- Garlic
- Violin
- Crowds
- Smarter Geniuses
- Complete idiots
- Hypocrites
- Cowards
- Holding Back
- Cold
- Snow
- Religion
- Morality


So begins...

Jameson Moriarty's Story