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Flynn Calder

Probably maybe not.

0 · 537 views · located in The Silhouette Institution

a character in “Silhouette Institution”, as played by Not that awesome



The Witch Docta'



| Full Name |
Flynn Augustus Calder
| Nickname |
Flynn just goes by Flynn.

| Age |

| Ethnicity |
South African-Australian. He speaks with a strange accent, almost a mix of the two,although the Australian is more prominent due to having grown up in Sydney for most of his life . He has, surprisingly, a kind of rough way of speaking. It's kind of hard to explain- Rough, but soft and calm. when angry, hie spits word through his teeth and they turn twisted and sharp. His singing voice is also quite soft.

| Gender |

| Power |
Strangely, Flynn has powers normally associated with Voodoo magic, although he has no connection to voodoo at all.

  • Blood Manipulation || the ability to generate, manipulate and control the blood of oneself and that which surrounds them. this mutation often takes on similar characteristics to water manipulation, with its users holding the capacity to shape, create, solidify and animate blood in the same manner one might manipulate other liquids. often considered one of the darkest of superpowers, users may go as far as to use their ability to puppet those around them, and may also yank their life force from them if they so choose. however, humanity often overlooks the medical advantages that come with blood manipulation, such as the ability to spawn and regenerate blood not only within the user alone, but in others. those blessed with blood manipulation must tirelessly train to better their ability so as to avoid being a danger to society, and often resort to using themselves as test subjects for such exercises.

  • Animation || The power to give crude life to inanimate objects. The user can give a life to inanimate objects/substances, animating the objects to act/move on their own accord out of the user’s control; however they do seem to work in tandem to their animator. This could range from water bottles to toys. Sometimes the the objects will get out of hand and begin to grow a life of their own. A when this happens the user, he can just effectively 'kill' the object and force it to become inanimate again.

  • Disease Mimicry || The power to induce the effects of disease for a short period of time on themselves or an opponent. It does this by speeding the disease process immensely, the effects slowly building until their most painful points. The effects descend afterwards. It leaves no side affects at all, and the pain only lasts around a minute. This does not extend to mental illnesses, only physical ilnessess and is most effective with diseases such as rabies, heart attacks etc. which cause the most pain.

  • Mild Mediumship || User can view ghosts/spirits of deceased and communicate with them, even if they have possessed inanimate objects/subjects/people. They are able to repel and run spirits away from an area, and may even view a visual conception of a spirit world in a trance if desired.

  • Deceased Shapeshifting || The user can shapeshift in the form of other people only if they are dead. This may require the body to be intact as cremation may be able to negate the user from taking the deceased person's form. They can also shapeshift into dead animals as well as humans. Of the user tries to morph in to someone living, they will get some sort of wound.

  • Summoning || The user psychically transports spirits by means of slight necromancy with difficulty users can summon forth powerful entities or "familiar spirits" and often require strong mystic connections to where these entities reside. The summoning can backfire, however, leading to any number of misfortunes, such as the summoned person, creature, or item causing harm to the summoner, unless the being is a familiar, in which case they trust the summoner too much.

  • Shadow Animation || The user can transform their own shadows into living beings. As the rule of anything happening to the real body happens to the shadow, this ability may allow the user to manipulate the body and cause damage of reality by attacking the shadow. This means anything that happens to the shadow will be reflected in the true body; in short, a form of "reverse" shadow puppetry. Flynn usually just talks to his shadow when there is no one else, and is often seen walking around talking to it. It’s called Chandler


| Eye color |
| Hair Color |

| Skin Tone |

| Height |
Six feet tall.

| Distinct Markings |
Permanent scars cover his hands in a range of white lines. His hands are really badly damaged any way you look at them.[/font]


| Likes |
Chandler || Love || France || Being Safe

| Dislikes |
His Father || Fake people || Thunder || Being called a freak

| Personality |
Headstrong, oh yeah. The boy rushed into everything without thinking. Stubborn too, I'd say so. What's it to you? I don't think sometimes but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. Maybe I do try to feel my screaming ego more than I should. I've made mistakes, yes, but they haven't changed me as a person. I'm not adaptable to change, I'm stubborn. People call me evil, call me freak and a demon. Don't care much about what they think, because their opinions don't matter to me. I'm used to abuse, I was shaped through abuse and made what I am because of what I've been through. Guess you could say I'm weathered, I'm accustomed to it. Sure he thought he could take anything they threw at him, but every word still cut deep. Freak. The word is a curse on him, a plague.

Flynn knows he has problems, he knows there are things wrong with him. And even though there is fear there he is determined and strong enough to not let it rule him. Stubborn to the point of idiocy it takes him a long time to make his mind up, but when he has it is almost impossible to make him change it. Clever, but sometimes rather foolish, truly- Flynn is kind-hearted. But there is something within him that overshadows her goodness, and even though sometimes you can forget that there is something terribly wrong with him it is always there, a dark presence within his heart and soul.

Even now, where he is with others very much similar to him, a select few treat him a little differently because of his well, dark powers. There has been a few rumors flying about pertaining the boy and his unusually macabre abilities, although those who know him know his powers are skin-deep- usually. Although macabre and frankly weird, his powers can be pretty downright scary. Sometimes, the newbloods are frightened of him, but he does not take offense and knows it's given. Usually they start to warm-up to him tolerate him after a while. He has a sort of Jekyll and Hyde mentality when he battles. If you looked at him, you'd definitely know something was different. He goes into battle mode complete with a mad gleam in his eye when challenged, so don't expect him to go soft on you. I don't expect you to go soft on him either. A lot of people have commented on his, although he doesn't notice it.

Sometimes, Flynn likes to act like a psychic for friends- like one of those old ladies you see advertised in newspapers claiming to be able to talk to the spirits, except he's the real deal. It's kind of his erm... party trick in a way, although he genuinely likes to please the ones that he loves. Deep, deep inside Flynn is a truly sweet boy, although none have cared enough to dig deep inside the guarded boy to know it. so cheesy omg

Despite this, there will always be two sides to Flynn. His anger, that little monster that has buried itself so deep in his core, scares even Flynn himself sometimes. It's so violent that he trembles with its aggression, his body quivering as he attempts to keep it within. When his hands tingle with the desire to hurt and kill, he goes so far within himself he swears he’ll never return. Everyone always says they wish they could escape, wish they could see who they were as a person, but Flynn? He already knows. He has stared into his core and seen a monster full of hate that salivates for freedom. He left that little piece of himself back near his core, back near the beast that begs to see a world it has only encountered once. Maybe it has eaten it already.

Suprisingly, he loves to sing. Singing is an escape for him, he can get in touch with himself more. Most people don't know that Flynn enjoys singing, but as long as he knows himself nothing else really matters. He sings softly to himself wherever he goes – studying for test, when he’s lying in bed and just about to fall asleep, and even when he’s quietly going around doing his own things. He only begun singing when he was thirteen. He’s entirely sure how it started, but one day he felt so upset and angry and frustrated that instead of yelling, he began singing. It felt right, like it had always been a part of him, just trying to find its way out of him. Now Flynn looks back on it, he actually wonders how he survived for twelve years without singing. It's a part of him now, the soft, tender side of Flynn that stays locked away, the side that no one but him, as far as he knows, gets to see.


| History |
My childhood was a series of flashbacks- memories both amazing and traumatizing. I can’t explain my past, but I’ll do my best with the memories. Before Silhouette, People called me freak more than they call me Flynn. I put on that blank expression and walk away, every time. Anger is a disease, y'can't let it spread. I don't get angry anymore, not like I used to.

My father. I can barely remember him, but I know he was evil. Mother always tells us what a horrible person he was. After my sister’s birth, he just… vanished. Packed up his belongings and left in search of a better life. Nobody knows what happened to him. Mother says he took off in the direction of Africa, but why would he bother? Like I said, my father left when I was 7, so I didn’t really know him. He was always out working, while mother stayed at home and looked after me. Mother says he was a cruel, cold-hearted man who only cared about himself. She has said numerous times before that she didn’t even know why she married him, and the only good thing that came from their marriage was me and my sister. That always makes me smile. But I can’t help feeling like there is a big hole in my chest, a huge part of my childhood missing.

[size=150]A G E 5[/size]

”Dadda, how did I get deaf?”

”Listen closely Flynn. Listen to every last word…”

You would have been, maybe 2? It wasn’t too long ago. Yes, 2. You had just begun to walk. Your mother was overjoyed, me... meh. Anyway, she thought it was a brilliant idea to get as many people that lived around us to come over and see you walking for the first time. She sent me out to go get people over, and your mother frantically started working to prepare as much food as she could.

She had just put some boiling hot water on the counter, and had to leave the house for something; it was so unimportant that I can’t even remember what she left for. You must have been just walking around the house, not a care in the world, and must have slipped or something, accidentally bumping the counter. You have to understand we were very poor and could hardly afford a sturdy bench. As you bumped the counter, the boiling hot water crashed down, right on top of you. Luckily, you were lying on the right side of your body, so the water only hit the left side of your face. Most of it went straight into your ear, though, so that’s good. Sooner or later we raced in after hearing your screams, and you can imagine what it was like. Everyone was horrified; I guess nothing like that had ever happened before. Your mother fainted, which wasn’t really much help. But anyway, some random old lady raced out to get some Ambulance and they were all in our house in no time. You got surgery on your ear, but never heard another word in it after that. Your mother never really forgave herself for what happened. She tries to forget it, but it’s not easy I guess, knowing you were responsible for something that terrible happening to your son”

A G E 10

“This is not acceptable and very strange, Mrs Calder. Where did he get the blood from anyway? My son nearly choked.” The woman yelled, crocodile tears spilling down her cheeks. She was always like this- they first to slink away from any violence. I must’ve got anger issues from my dad.

“I’m very sorry Ms Fratelli” My mother said, looking rather flustered at even slight conflict.

“Where did you get the blood from Flynn?” She asked me sternly, and I suddenly felt ashamed of what I had done, although it wasn’t really my fault.

“I made it” I replied matter-of-factly

“You cut yourself” She said in horror, turning my arm over for sign of a wound. She looked frantic.

“No. I touched the fountain and it turned into blood.” I said again, looking back at the two women blankly while they looked at me like I belonged in a mental asylum. They were speechless.

The mother told the boy to come in, and he scurried in, looking lke he would sink in to his own sweater if given the chance. The mother asked the boy if what I said was true and the boy nodded his head.

That was the last time I was in public school. The only time someone truly normal knew my secret. I went to France shortly after.

As I grew up, I learnt to look after myself more and more. When my little sister came along, she didn’t have a father, and at the time my mother was burying herself in work to hide her anguish. So not only did I have to look after myself, but I took on the responsibility of my younger sister, Stella, as well. But I love her. She’s one of the only things that makes this life worthwhile. She spends more and more time with me every day, even though I have to work quite often. Our age difference doesn’t bother us – 7 years isn’t that much different, really – and it saddens me sometimes that soon she might develop a power. I don’t want her to turn out like me – indifferent, sarcastic, macabre, and weird – nothing good can come from any of that. I want the best for her, as well as for my mother, who, thankfully, is gradually getting better. I might be in France, but I won’t abandon my family, ever. Love is one of the only good emotions that I can relate to. Love for my family. Nothing means more to me than them, no matter how messed up we all are.

So maybe I’m not an entirely bad person after all.


W o l v e s | B o n I v e r

Someday my pain, someday my pain

Will mark you

Harness your blame, harness your blame

And walk through

With the wild wolves around you

In the morning, I'll call you

Send it farther on

Solace my game, solace my game

It stars you

Swing wide your crane, swing wide your crane

And run me through

And the story's all over you

In the morning i'll call you

Can't you find a clue when your eyes are all painted Sinatra blue

What might have been lost -

Don't bother me

So begins...

Flynn Calder's Story

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Atheya was sitting up in her bed, surrounded by the many pillows she often slept with, her old and recent sketchings scattered along her wall. Beside her on her small dresser, her lamp shone a faint glowing radiance, just enough for her to read her aged and uncared for book that she held gingerly in her hands. She had found it in the library the night before, piled underneath a mound of uniformly old books. She had been searching for a copy of it for quite some time now, but the condition was less than satisfactory. Yet, she couldn’t say she really minded; She found older books that are torn and elderly (to an extent) hold more history, a story untold by the story inside.

The particular book she was reading at the moment was a classic that many knew of, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. The whole innocence of the children within the book with the harder more serious whole tone of plot in the book was a balanced she liked, that she would have thought hard for an author to pull off. She really did love the book.

Mumbling under her breath in a soft whisper laced with her English accent, “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it,” She closed the wrinkled pages. That was probably the most popular line of the book, well, at least one of the many. It was something that she really agreed with, and understood to a complete detail. She had experienced things from people’s point of view, almost literally going into their skin at times. If that what you could call going into others thoughts and pasts through an invisible mind link between her and others. Yes it is a little hard to understand, but she often just referred to it almost like a wireless telephone. Brain waves bouncing off of others, blah blah blah.

Glancing over to the simple digital clock that rested right beside her lamp, its gleaming red light stated clearly that it was 7:02 in the morning. Removing the big black rimmed reading glasses that started slipping so it rested at just the tip of her nose, she set them down on top of the book. She figured now was probably a better time to get up, rather than when she originally woke at 5:30 after only getting around four hours of decent sleep. Being as her brain was always almost ticking and processing, she had a bit of insomnia. And by a bit, it was actually quite bad.

Swinging her legs over the side of her double bed the institute so generously gave instead of tiny twin ones, she hopped down, but tripped a bit over one of her acoustic guitars she had haphazardly left sitting on the floor. Doing a slight somersault so she didn’t just fall over, she sat up, and clutched the dark wood guitar in her grasp, saying “I’m sorry, Watson!” still in a quiet tone. She had a name for every one of her guitars, and would argue with anyone who doubted her theory that each of her guitars had certain personalities and souls. But that thought aside, she got up and put him on the stand with the others she had.

Rummaging through her drawers, she pulled out a make shift outfit for herself, a more lazy one considering it was a Sunday. Throwing it on quickly, she finished it off by slipping her phone in her pocket, and clasping on the oval locket she had worn every day since she was ten years old. Inside it held two pictures, one of her mother, and one of her Father. They had died and this was the only thing she really had left to remember about them. She still laughs at the slight irony of them both being Neurologists.

Slipping out of the room, she walked down the stone hallways, glancing outside the faintly fogged up windows as she continued down the long corridor of the girl’s dorm rooms. Making her way along the long stair way down to the main floor, she went into the large kitchen that all the students shared together. There weren’t many students at the school, only about thirty or so. The kitchen was a large enough space for everyone, so it really didn’t matter much. Opening one of the fridge’s, she noticed it was lacking some milk, one thing that really went fast in the institute. Opening up the other two, she found the same thing. Not only that but It seemed there was no more coffee left either when she went to go check for her “spirit” that she called it; a frightening thing really. It looked like she was going to have to go out and get some, hopefully before all the late bloomers of student woke up and grunted angrily and slurred unrecognizable words, glaring with their tired eyes. It had happened before and she could have sworn it was the bloody zombie apocalypse.

The good thing about this was that as one of the very few Superlative students, Atheya could actually go out into the city without having to have someone like a teacher or another student accompany her. One of the actual few rules in the Silhouette Institute was that a student of Medial or New Blood rank must, with no exception, be accompanied by a teacher or a superlative student like herself. When she first got to the school, actually only around a year back, she was infuriated at that rule. Her young rebellious nature seemed destroyed by that, but alas, she always found a way to sneak out. She had been a traveler before then, so staying in one place within walls was suffocating. She had grown a lot since that point. Now she was actually kind, and a little more laid back. Laughing and smiling, something that was very hard for her to actually do for a very long while.

“I guess I better go out then." She stated out loud to herself. Going out to get the food was a task that Superlative students where usually stuck with by the lazy teachers. She didn’t mind going alone, but it wasn’t the most fun thing to do. Yet again, neither was dealing with caffineless students

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He woke up with a muffled scream tangled up in the tripwires of his vocal chords, nothing but silence breezing past his lips as he clawed at his own throat without mercy. Scatterings of thin pink crescent marks bloomed into life across his skin as his fingernails attempted to dig in deep enough to find release.

It had been another nightmare. He had another burst of night terrors this week, and his sleep schedule was completely off. He was beginning to feel terribly stressed, so much so that his palm rested against his temple- which was drenched in sweat and a thin layer of blood. Nothing to worry about, of course. He blew out air through pursed lips in an attempt to calm his racing heart. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven for the dead. One. Two for the spirits. Three. Four for Chandler.

Chandler. He mused, wondering when the shadow would be here it was mornin- oh. Peering outside the curtain, all Flynn saw was outlines, dark caricatures of his daytime view, like someone had taken a pencil and shaded them all in. The horizon was the same color- dark and hazy. It almost blended in with the rest of the world, creating a one dimensional prison. It was the middle of the night. He flopped back on to his bed and breathed out an exaggerated sigh of annoyance. In frustration, he soon fell asleep. At some point, he rose once again, leaning back on his palms and gazing out all around him. The first few rays of sunlight shoot up from the horizon, staining the sky amaranth. He hopped from bed- the morning suddenly giving him a zest of purpose. ZHe glanced over at Zac's bed, only to find it empty. He must be out. He didn't put much thought into his
outfit, but that was given because on weekends he didn't put much thought into anything.


The fountain was red. Never had he been so confident to see it red before. It had been any number of impossible shades of gray, blue, green — flickering with sunlight yellows and moon shadow violets — but this is unlike any reflected sunset Flynn had witnessed it over the years at Silhouette. His finger ran over the fountain, creating ripples in the blood. To anyone ordinary, it sounds almost delusive, a ludicrous dream. But no, this is reality. Flynn Calder's reality. A flick of his hand, and the blood moved with him- upwards- and as he took his hands and forced them in to a rolling motion the blood formed in to a sphere. Flynn threw his hand in the direction of the fountain, and the sphere shattered into a million droplets of blood, glittering in the sunlight.

He sighed again, except this one was on indifference, for lack of anything else expressive to do. He made his way in to the school again, although something caught his eye. Wait, not something- someone .

"Theya!" He called, recognising the face "You're up early"

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Double post

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Atheya was standing there, lost in her own head, in the middle of making a mental checklist of what to buy, but turned to look at the person who just called her – a familiar friendly face. Grinning she said, “I’m always up early.” She stated with a small laugh, walking up closer to Flynn, one of the other Superlative students. A friend of hers. “Just call me early bird, or girl who doesn’t sleep... or Atheya. Well now I guess I’m just rambling. Really am tired, I suppose.” She said a little sheepishly, shaking her head the slightest bit. She was about to ask him the same question why he was up in the early hours, it was obviously telling he hadn’t just woken up, but she was interrupted by yet another familiar face.

“Good morning to you too,” She grinned at Zac, yet another student who was in the same rank as the two. “How did you know?" She laughed, adding in "You must be a mind reader or something." She thought that was kind of funny. "But yeah, all out of milk and coffee and a couple other things. I was just about to run out, actually.” She said, her evergreen eyes flicking to one of the clocks at the wall, checking the time. It wasn’t actually that long ways away, she would take the school car and it took about ten minutes to get to the market she usually went to. It was a good thing that she spoke French although, saved a lot of time with that card. “Hey,” she said, glancing over at the two once more. “If either of you wants to go with me, I wouldn’t be against it. Might be able to stock up a bit, actually. I’m just going to go grab my list; I should only be a couple minutes. But if you guys have other things to do, that’s fine.” She smiled kindly, slipping away to grab a blank piece of paper that was often stacked oddly on top of one of the fridges in the kitchen. She also made sure to grab a pen as well. Plopping it down on the Island, she told the others in the room, all faces of people she kind of recognized. “Sorry about being low on stuff, especially the coffee. I’m just about to run off and grab some things. If there’s anything you want, write it down,” and rushed off out of the room and back up the stairs.

Walking back down the hall way to her room, she thought back to some of the faces in the room. She wasn’t really particularly familiar with the medial students, and she felt a little bad about that. Some of them had actually been there longer than she had. Atheya came to the Institute around only a year ago. She went through the whole process of being a Newblood, but was obviously advanced through that whole process. She practically skipped her medial years, that some never really come out of. She wasn’t actually the only superlative in the school like that, Zac was as well. It made her feel a little better, actually. Unlike many others, Atheya was, also, sought out by the Institute, having someone come literally get her. This wasn’t necessarily because they wanted her there, but they really just wanted her out of the reach of society, as she did stir up a bit of trouble. She was more advanced through the whole time she knew she had her powers, only because she could never turn whatever it was off. It was always progressing. Not only until she came to the Institute actually would she be allowed to figure out how to power off the mind links. But, there are some things she would never figure out how to do. It was more or less side effect, physical reactions to her head. She would get headaches a lot of the day, and had Advil hidden in any nook and cranny within the old building.

Opening up the door to her room quietly, she glanced in, still seeing her roommate Olivia asleep. She didn’t want to bother the girl by waking her up; afraid she might have already heard Atheya when she had a bit of a topple in the morning over her beloved guitar. Grabbing off the lounge chair in the corner her blue coat, she slipped it on. Grabbing a sticky note from the desk, she wrote a quick note, reading Morning! There’s not a lot of supplies in the kitchen, I’ve run out to grab some although and signed her name on the bottom, leaving it sticking to the door. Walking out of the room, she closed the door softly, letting go of the doorknob after she heard the small click.

Making her way quickly back down the steps, she stopped on the last one as she felt a small buzz and a jingle come from inside her pocket; her cell phone. Taking it out, she opened the new text message from Jane, and read. She began typing back a message, simultaneously as she began walking back into the kitchen to grab the list. Stopping at the entrance way, she glanced up and saw Jane, and slipped the phone back inside the pocket. Walking up to her, she gave a friendly smile. “Jane! Morning to you. I got your text and sure, we can work on it a bit more, I had nothing I was going to do today.” She spoke, her British tone adding in the extra charisma she always seemed to carry around with her. She liked Jane, she was a sweet kid and she actually enjoyed mentoring the New Blood quite a bit. Walking back over and around the Island, she grabbed the list and said “Any last things you guys want?”

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Bobby woke up, feeling his arm being slightly tugged on."Bobby, you're going to have to wait in line for the bathroom again if you don't get up now." He mumbled and groaned, turning over in his sleep."What now..I'm sleeping ?He felt another light tug."Come on, we can't be late for class again. I'll leave you behind this time." He felt a sense of light enter his eyes, with all the tasteless slob running down his cheeks."Oh fuck you. Did you really have to wake me senseless ? I mean if I was a bloody vampire, you would've killed me. But oh well you do the best as always.

Bobby walked towards the bathroom and started to brush his teeth. He looked back behind himself and turned off the sink, putting his toothbrush back into the small pouch sitting on the mirrors edge. He walked back into the room and put on some fresh clothes, admiring the fact that he didn't change his socks, with one being red and the other being white, he looked back over to Lacy and smiled."Coming ? I feel hungry right now.

Bobby walked down the steps, looking around as some of the other students were chatting as he supposed. Even though he hated being on the top of his bonks early this morning. As he was walking into the kitchen he had just a little bit of time to hear Atheya, one of the high class students speaking, he decided it was time for him to butt in on the discussion.

“Any last things you guys want?” He smiled and decided to put on his girly voice, something he always used to mock Atheya slightly at times."I. King ButtBaton of the third order would like three oranges, two banana's and one cup of cold tea. Seeing as though the british kinds of me and you must always drink up our, slight advantages of tea yeah ? Oh yeah I forgot to mention something that's been of the top of my head. Morning !!

He laughed and smiled, snatching the list away. He glared over it a few times and scratched his head, nodding in response."Can I go ? I've been feeling quite hungry today anyways, besides that every time they bloody send you I never get what I need."

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#, as written by Artik

The steady thudding of footfalls drowned out much else, the music blasting through his ear buds was really background noise to the rthymic motion of the mutants feet. Repetition. Rhythm. Routine. With every elongated stride, Charlie inhaled, then exhaled both air and energy. Out through your nose, in through your mouth. Thankfully the process was a quiet, harmless one. His pores didn't glow a sickly green as he expelled the excess radiation or anything, rather the bright tint to his eyes might have been known to dull just a tad instead.

Eventually, those footfalls came to an abrupt halt. Charlie's lips ceased their silent counting as dipped to touch his toes. A quick stretching routine later, and he had his hands in his hair, head lulled back - cool down walk in process. Killing two birds with one stone, the New Blood traversed the courtyard back towards the dormitories. Not in any rush, the fresh air did wonders to the kid who'd been awake for several hours already. Thus was the way of things when you're sleeping schedule was all out of whack. At least, no nightmares. Those stopped years ago, while he'd spent some time his previous 'institution' - if you would call it that. Appreciative that his head was that much clearer, Charlie rolled his shoulders and pressed one against the nearest door. On today's agenda...make a visit to the library, and chemistry lab.

Piecing together the rest of his day, he removed his headphones and took a leisurely stroll through the halls towards his room, with a detour into the kitchen. He stopped short, swiping the back of his hand across his forehead, eyebrows suddenly furrowed. Head on the swivel, he surveyed the room a moment. The fuck was everyone doing in here at all once? Charlie spoke up, but mostly to himself - words audible but directed at no-one in particular. "Apparently I missed the memo..." The memo sent out by Professor Xavier summoning all the X-men to the kitchen island on the third Sunday of the month.
The mutt, the witch doctor, the other mutt - all of 'em, congregated in once place in desire of sustenance as it were. To be fair, he wasn't much different in his reasonings for being there.

Still, as he weaved his way through the gathering of his peers, he stuck his water bottle under the faucet, casting a lazy, green-eyed glance over his shoulder. Whatever lull in the conversation his remark might have made, if it even made one, was over by now as requests were being thrown from this way and that at the Superlative Female. The one that could supposedly mess with memories. Somewhere amidst the chit-chat, Charlie chimed in a second time with a curt inquiry. "Pass it here?" Water bottle now capped, he extend an arm and snag it out of the grasp of whoever it had been handed off to last. With the pen in hand, he scribbled down his requests on the bottom of the piece of paper, whilst adding a title at it's top as well.

Things Atheya needs to get.

Oranges x3
Bananas x2
ButtBatons, x4
Pot of Gold
Granny Smith's Apples, not those red fuckers.
This # 991-555-7244

Handing the list back over to it's owner, he was aware that the last little scrawl of information may garner some attention, and it was meant to. Still, he had his reasons. Real reasons. He needed to chat with someone who'd been here for a little longer than most, pick their brain a little. But not before he checked out some books and jotted down some notes. In passing, Charlie took a swig of H20 and offered up a dismissive wave over his shoulder, pausing only to spare Lacy a complimentary quirk of his brow as she nibbled on a random slab of meat. "Smells good." He murmured through a straight face, making it really quite difficult to tell if he was mocking her, or if he was serious. Nonetheless, they'd all disperse soon enough, whether to shop, or other. Charlie on the other-hand, was off to speedily shower and change before trekking over to the library to do some important research.

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Olivia stirred in bed as the a loud hollow thump invaded the silence. She opened one eye, and deciding not to investigate the noise, she fell back asleep. The next time she woke up, it was to the annoying blare of her alarm clock. Lazily reaching out from her the covers, she pawed around her nightstand until her fingers met her clock, and she turned the alarm off. She sat up in bed as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She looked around for a moment, wondering where Atheya was. She must've woken up earlier than her and left.

Olivia scurried to the bathroom, determined to finish her morning routine as fast as possible so she could get food downstairs before it was gone. She brushed her teeth and took a hot shower. Leaving the bathroom, she quickly picked out clothes, not really caring what they were, as long as they natch or looked neat enough. After she put her outfit on, she grabbed her phone and was about to leave. Her eyes noticed the note on the door just as she was about to open it.

Morning! There’s not a lot of supplies in the kitchen, I’ve run out to grab some though

- Atheya

Olivia smiled at the beautiful signature at the bottom before hurried downstairs. She passed through many stone hallways, and down a main stairwell before arriving at the kitchen. There were already many people there, all crowded around the island. It looks like she woke up a little late... Again. She spotted Atheya amidst the people near the island. Guess she hasn't left yet. Olivia made her way to the island. "Morning!" she said brightly. She noticed everyone writing on a piece of paper; it looked to be a grocery list."Pass me the list please?" she asked, and waited till the list got to her. she quickly scribbled down what she wanted, and passed the paper to someone else. Olivia was about to ask Atheya if she could join her, but noticed a lot of people wanting to accompany her, so she changed her mind. It would be a stupid for so many of them to go. She'll just wait for them to get back with the food.

In the meantime, Olivia still needed something to eat. She opened and closed a bunch of cupboards before finding a broken poptart in the corner of one. "Still looks good enough to eat," she thought with a shrug. She nibbled on the poptart as she leaned against the island, passively watching as the others talked and went about their business.

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“Bobby,” She said, rolling her eyes with a slight laugh, trying to snatch the list back from his grip. “I never get what you want because half the things you say are daft! You can’t just buy Monkeys eye balls at the market. Or anywhere, at that.” She chuckled. “But yeah, come along.” She yawned. I really am tired. She thought to herself for a second, glancing over just as one of the newest New bloods left. She believed his name was Scott.

Glancing down a bit at the smaller girl, she gave a kind smile. “Of course you can come Lace. I would appreciate it actually, not leaving me alone with your roommate.” She chuckled. Lacy was one of the only Medial students she knew a bit about. She was sort of shy and timid, but it made sense with her. Atheya though thought she was kind, and really enjoyed being in the girls company. Atheya wasn’t one for overly loud people anyways.

Glancing over to see who had the list, it was quickly handed back to her by an unfamiliar face. A new blood, most likely. Glancing down to what he had written, she gave a bit of a confused glance at the number at the bottom, but glanced back up as Zac handed her the money. “Nope!” She said, walking over to him and giving it back, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay for it. I probably will owe you someday for something anyways.” She laughed, looking over at Olivia, and saying almost frantically, “Oh! Sorry If I woke you, I tripped over Watson, I tried to be qui-“

'Oh this god damn bastard new blood, what does he think he’s doing here.'

“Well that was an angry thought.” She mumbled, a serious tone brushing her very hushed voice as she talked to herself. “Excuse me for a second,” She said to the two, walking passed Flynn. She backed up quickly and handed him the list, saying quickly, “Hold on to this for me please,” Before running off.

Sometimes it was impossible not to hear thoughts of some people, no matter how hard she tried. It was also like another side effect. She couldn’t help but hear overly angry thoughts, thoughts filled with so much emotion. Rage was the worst. It really got to her head.

'He’s got no idea what he’s in for, my little brother will just kick his ass. He’s a nobody, so nobody will care how hurt he gets.'

“I know that voice.” She sighed, as she continued to her way to the battle ground on the school. It was a Superlative kid. She remembered him from last year when she herself had only been a New Blood. It was maybe her fourth day there. She was lost down one of the corridors, her stubborn side refusing to give in and ask anyone where she was. That when she was shoved against the wall by that very student. He was a medial at that point. She swore at him, still being her rebellious little self at that point in time, but he just shoved her against the wall, calling her stupid little new blood, who ”can’t do anything but diddle in some ones head” She still remembers the look of shock in his face when she actually became a Superlative student before him. He was really quite new to the rank.

Making her way in sights of the field, she stayed back, just letting the scene play out. It was actually quite impressive, on Scott’s side that is. Glancing over after it was done as the fatigued boy walked away. She groaned as she looked at the Superlative student and his brother, “Shell-shock.”

“Guys, really?She said, an unamused tone lacing her words as she walked up to them. “You both know for a fact New Bloods are allowed anywhere, this is a place of acceptance. This is a place we come to feel accepted because society thinks of us as mutants. If you are as to be immature as to rank yourself higher than others due to these ranks we are given, then you yourself are ranked lower as a person. You shouldn’t need to hold respect for a person that you know not to be weak. You should hold respect for everyone here. especially if you’re a Superlative. It’s petty, and sad.”

The one thing Atheya hated most about this Institute, in itself, was the people who bullied. She thought it was the most ironically hypocritical thing she had seen. They themselves had probably come to the Institute to be accepted, and there they don’t accept others.

“And you know that yes, we either need a teacher or Superlative to ref a fight, but that’s only for training or classes. Not whatever the hell you all were doing here.” She pointed out. “And Shell-Shock,” She said, eye brow raised as she turned to look at the Medial. “They call you that because you sat and played Call of Duty for twenty four hours straight and started screaming because it frightened you.” With that, she went and turned away, walking back in doors.

Walking back into the kitchen, she saw Mike, just as he was leaving. She ignored it and went to grab a glass of water, leaving before trailing up to the boys dorm wing, easily finding the slow and Sluggish Scott. “Oy!” She called over, rushing a bit and grabbing his arm, putting it around her shoulder to support him, not wanting the kid to fall. “Drink the water, it’ll help with energy.” Keeping him balanced as he continued walking to his room, she stopped as she saw the door, with a sign reading “Xavier and Scott.” Moving away from him, she felt confident enough he would balance himself and not fall over as soon as he entered his room. “By the way, haven’t seen a power like yours quite yet; pretty sure no one will try to fight with you soon. But, you should work on bumping up your energy. Tips from someone who’s looked up all of them, drink lots of water, do yoga or something, stay active. Lying around is probably the worst thing you could possibly do.” She stated with a smile. “I’m Atheya by the way, but I have to get going, but yeah. Drink water.” She laughed a bit, as she turned around and made her way down the hall, and back into the kitchen where she always seemed to end up.

“To the car.” She said to those of which who were coming with her to the market. She tried to sound enthusiastic, and it came out that way, but with a tad hint of tiredness playing in her voice. She turned away and out the front of the door.

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When Zac mentioned about Flynn's early awakening he replied with the usual "Just this spirit nagging me.. I'll be fine" Truly, he wasn't fine, but he was too stubborn to say anything else.

Flynn zoned out. It was something he did surprisingly often, and it was somewhat of a vice, sometimes he would think he was in one place, and end up a mile away.

"This is for my things. After all, the school won't reimburse you for stuff that's just for me. My name's at the top of my little mini-list, which I've circled for you, and if you can't find everything, don't sweat it. As much as going out on a Sunday sounds absolutely lovely, since so many others have volunteered to go with, I think I'll give my spot to Flynn. He's been wanting to go out for a while anyway, and I've got some things to take care of"

"Lucky you, eh?"

"You lazy shit" Flynn grumbled, although he added a small smirk, letting him know he was joking. Partially, anyway.

He'd never been good at making friends. Those that had stuck around, drawn in by his status above anything else, soon discovered that he was not somebody you’d want to be friends with. The manic spirits that rocked him each day that he was still breathing would have been enough to scare anyone off. However, he knew deep down if he was to survive in that damned world out there, exceptions were going to have to be made, sacrifices given and walls put up to stop others getting too close. I did that anyway, was there really any difference in it at all?

Saying this, he did have a select group of friends- select meaning a grand total of two people. Three if you counted Chandler.

As a child, Flynn had never been lonely. Surrounded constantly by his family, he happily enjoyed their company for eleven fleeting years. Flynn's been at the academy for longer than most , and although he was immersed in magic from age eleven, he only started learning completely at around fifteen.

Of all the things that could be found in France, Flynn found the variety of lemonade to be the most astounding. Citron pressé. Back home, he could only make one flavor and hope it kept cool in his icebox, but here? Strawberry lemonade, blueberry, raspberry, banana, pomegranate. The list seemed endless, and as such, he had made sure to drink a different one with each meal and rate the flavors on a scale of one to twelve. As he inspected the great number of students in the cafeteria, he debated whether or not it would be a good idea to ask the dean to install a drink dispenser in the room. Most of the other students looked like they could use something to cool down; the sharp tang of sweat was in the air, spattering to the floor in droplets or soaking through clothes in patches.

Morning sun-rays slipped through one of the windows, shining almost right on to Flynn. The shadow being came into existence before him. Gently the black cloak rested on the shoulders of the shadow. Torn and tattered, with a hood strung roughly over his face of nothingness like he was almost the embodiment of fear. It swooned as he glided gently over the ground, protecting the tenacity of his movement as he silently floated over to Flynn's side. Often, people wondered why Chandler would need such a billowy, mangey, jet black piece of garment.

"Hey Chandler" Flynn greeted the thing- almost absurdly , as if it was an old friend.

"G'day Flynn" Chandler replied with a thick, stereotypical Australian accent. Flynn didn't know where he got it from- he didn't have much of an Australian accent himself- but every time the shadow opened his mouth, it was somewhat comical. He watched while some of the newer students faces distorted in fear. No wonder, actually, Chandler looked scarily like the grim reaper, save for the skeletal body or unsettlingly large scythe.

“To the car.” He heard Atheya say, and his eyes flashed towards her. He gave Zac a sarcastic shake of the head before asking

"Mind if Chandler comes along? He doesn't bite... Well he can't." This was more for the two students- one a boy and the other a girl- that decided to come shopping "Humans don't really see him. They just think I'm crazy for talking to myself"

"Flynn, by the way" He said to the two other students, by means of introduction.

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Taking the list for the final time, she scanned it over quickly as Flynn asked the others if Chandler could come. She was sure the two would really be fine with it. Letting out a yawn, she folded the paper and slipped it into her Cape Jackets pocket. Grabbing Flynns hand, she spoke to the three “Let’s go~” and began trailing Flynn along behind her, Bobby and Lacy in tow.

Stopping at the large front entrance of the school, she always found herself a little captivated with it, almost forgetting a lot of the time the space used to be an old church. The walls where engraved with beautiful shapes, stain glass windows shoe brilliant colors, and where placed near the peak of the extremely large ceiling. The floors marble slabs that looked almost like they were melting. She had drawn this space many times, different parts and areas. Most of the sketching she had hung in her room, where in fact of the building itself. She often went exploring into every nook and cranny of the school, finding new and cools things.

Glancing around, she spotted the person who often kept guarding the doors; he was behind a desk twiddling with a pen. Letting go of Flynns hand that she had dragged him along with, she went up to the man, his name she knew well because it wasn’t unusual for her to leave the premises a lot. “Morning, Jay.” She said, continuing on. “We’re low on food, so I need to pick some up, could I have to keys to the car?” She asked with a smile. The Institute had a couple of cars itself, and Superlatives among others where the only ones allowed using them, so long as they asked of course. Jay finally spoke after rummaging through one of the drawers, and pulled out a set of keys, handing them to her. “Mornin’ Atheya. Here you are, just need you guys to sign out before as well.” Grabbing the keys, she slipped it into the pocket, and wrote down everyone’s names on a little sheet, before walking out the door, calling back to jay, “I’ll pick you up the usual coffee.”

Making her way to the car that she found herself most often using, she waited for everyone to pile in before moving over and sitting in the driver’s seat.

Switching on the car, she quickly went and pulled out of the parking lot, and began moving down the road. She often didn’t walk in cars, finding it best to focus solely on her driving. If her mind was to get distracted, it wouldn’t turn out very well. The drive to the store she often went to wasn’t very long, maybe around ten minutes or so if traffic was alright.

About five minutes into driving, She felt herself swerving the car a bit, and shook her head trying to perk herself up, her tiredness seeming to get in the way a bit. “Sorry, sorry!” She said, straightening out her driving just a bit more. I need to find someway to get to sleep at night She thought to herself. She felt herself getting worse a lot of the time. Not only that, but her health was dropping a bit of it as well. Her headaches increased, and it wasn't unusual for her to get fevers. Wouldn't surprise her if she had one now. But, she was stubborn. She refused to give in, and to rest. She always felt she needed to push herself, she felt that in order to get control of whatever it was that she needed to get in control of, rest was not the answer.

Pulling into the small lot of the store, she got it as close to the front of the door. Switching off the car, she said to them “We should make this a little bit of a quick trip,” Before opening her door, and walking out, and making her way into the bright and stocked store. Smiling at the woman she was so familiar with behind the counter, she walked up to her, giving a friendly "Bonjour!" The dainty woman behind the counter was the store owner, and more often then times when Atheya come in, she was the only one working. Most of the time on Atheyas spare days, she came down here to lend a hand on some things.

The lady, names Penelope, smiled at her, giving back a equally delighted, "Bonjour." But as quickly as that happy tone came, a mother tone laced her voice as she asked, "Vous sentez-vous malade? Vous avez l'air un peu pâle." Which meant, Are you feeling sick? You look a little pale. Atheya shook her head, and said "Non, non. Je vais bien, ne vous inquiétez pas." Simply saying that she need not worry, and she was fine. It was a good asset to be able to speak french. It didn't hurt either that she had a spare in place of the French class the students at the Institute had to take. Giving a wave of her hand in goodbye, she began going up and down the isles, finding the things she needed to get.

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Listening photobase scramble with post-modern dance like barnstorms

"Let's go" Atheya spoke, and before Flynn could process the words, his hand was yanked and suddenly he was flying; well it felt like it. For a little lady, 'Theya sure did have a strong grip. He felt his cheeks redden slightly, but it was from the heat... yes, the heat, that's what it was. Theya let Flynn out of her grasp, and Chandler floated over almost instantly.

Stupid, mortal boy. Stupid? The word caught him off guard, sent him stumbling back a few steps to avoid Chandler. Stupid? Stubborn, yes. Angry, yes. But Stupid? That one was especially new. He frowned at the shadow.

How so? Flynn asked, head cocked to one side.

To that, the shadow just gave out a short, throaty chuckle. He shook his head, the tattered garment moving with him, creating a blur of black cloth.

You'll see. Chandler replied. You'll see? How cryptic. Although it was no use trying to be all-knowing when you sounde exactly like a crocodile wrangler. After Theya got the keys, the four entered the car.

The French countryside was notorious for bad roads, and the roads that snaked from Silhouette to the nearest towns were a nightmare to drive on. He knew this personally, as he had his own car- a rickety old Ford that was bad enough on it's own without potholes big enough to house a small family in their Tarmac depths. Today was especially bad somehow, and his stomach lurched with every bump they rode over. At some point, Theya nearly fell asleep at the wheel- though common sense woke her up. She really needs to stop pushing herself. Push too hard and everything will break. He gave her a slight worried look before they came to a stop as they arrived at the little store.

“We should make this a little bit of a quick trip" He heard Atheya say as she turned off the car and made her way into the store. Inside, It was colorful, but pleasantly so. Bouquets of flowers lay on a display at the door, filling the whole store with a hint of sweetness that lingered throughout every isle.

He heard words spoken in French. You'd think after six years spent at Silhouette, Flynn would be able to speak French. He does, a little, actually but his accent makes it much harder for the soft and lilting French words to come out of his mouth right. From what he picked up, it was something about illness. Very... light topic. He thought to himself just as Atheya walked near, checking out some products.

"You alright?" He asked her, worry spreading across the boy's features. "You were up awfully early today- and you nearly fell asleep at the wheel"

Deciding to help, Flynn also added "I'll do some of the
shopping if you want... can I see the list?"

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Theya glanced up from scanning the different types of cereals to look in the face of a slightly concerned Flynn. “Oh, I’m fine!” She tried to say at least the tiniest bit reassuringly. “I just uhm... don’t get a lot of sleep. “ She admitted, turning her head away as she yawned once more. “Please, don’t worry.” She smiled, passing the list over to him. “But maybe you should drive us home.” She laughed, saying it in a sort of joking matter, but being completely serious at the same time. “I’ve got to run across the street to the cafe, promised Jay that coffee. I’ll be right back.” She stated, running out the welcoming doors of the store.

Cold wind brushed her fair skin as soon as she stepped into the cool surroundings. She waited a second for cars to pass by, before crossing the street to a five store cul-de-sac area. Making her way to the usual café she enjoyed going to, she stopped, noticing the new store that seemed to had just moved in beside. A music store; her favorite type of store. "I guess I have a little time to peek in." She thought to herself, knowing completely that there was a %99.99 she would get distracted and take longer than expected. But hey, a girl could hope. Opening up the glass pained doors, she heard a small jingle of a bell used to signal a customer came in. Smiling at the man behind the counter, most likely in his twenties or so, she gave a polite, “Bonjour,” before making her way to the walls lined up with guitars.

Atheya had always been a big music enthusiast. Her father had taught her at the very young age this soulful way to express herself. She had been singing since the ripe age of five, of course back then she didn’t sound exactly the way she does now. She had picked up Piano at eight, and guitar at nine. She had been to many festivals and concerts on end, even having specific memories of each that she cherished; going as far as to have mementos from lots of them, whether it be a tee shirt, or a flower plucked from a ground, stuck in a frame. That seemed to be the only thing that stuck with her throughout her foster homes. Well, that, and her extensive fighting training she put herself through.

A she scanned her eyes across the many guitars that hung against the wall; a single one caught her eye. “Oh no.” She mumbled to herself, as she moved it off the wall hanger to hold it. Sitting down on a chair, she balanced it in a proper way, and strummed a few cords. The sound rang in her head. Not only did it have a unique design, but almost a unique sound. It sounded a bit longing, one that would hook at your heart, and tug at it in a way you would feel it.

"Oh god, I already have a name for it." She scolded herself in her thoughts.

Well, there was no doubt that she wasn’t going to take it. Sitting up, she went over to a shelf, and grabbed a new strap for it, not really caring if it matched too much or not. She honestly at this point didn’t even care what it cost. Setting it down with gentleness of the counter, the cashier rung it through quickly, and she was out the door in around three minutes, the guitar strapped across herself on her back.

"Now for the coffee." She thought, making her way around the corner to the café. Waiting in line, she suddenly felt bad. She didn’t mean to stick Flynn and the others on the shopping, and wished she would get back in time to at least be able to do something more. Once it was her turn, she as quickly as she could ordered coffee, and even got a bag full of pastries and stuff to set on the kitchen counter for a free- for- all take.

Rushing quickly back over to the grocery store, she opened the door, almost dropping the coffee and bag in her hands. The smell of the roses beside flew up into her face in a familiar scent. “Sorry. I was weak.” She said, giving an awkward laugh to the others, pointing to the new instrument on her back. “We ready for checkout?”

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Apparently, Atheya was fine. Flynn wasn't so sure. In her eyes was a flicker of tiredness that was apparent to him. In fact, it probably would have been apparent to anyone with a good eye. It was just in her personality, constantly pushing herself to make everyone else happy.

"If you say so" The boy said with an almost sarcastic undertone to his voice "But don't think I won't be checking up on you" He added as she sauntered away to get someone who's name he did not recognise a coffee. He was about to ask her if he could add in on the order, but she had already slipped out the doors of the shop and in to the town.

Childlike wonder filled his eyes as he passed the confectionery isle, watching the glazed sweets with glazed over eyes to match. he had always had sweet tooth, ever since the early days when a piece of sour lemon candy was his favourite treat after school. (Oh, how hard it was to be five.)

Picking up a bag of decent-looking lemon candy, he took a look at the list, which seemed to grow in size before his very eyes. He decided to start with his own needs. You always need a place to start, anyway, or else nothing will happen. And he's slightly selfish.

Everything basic was needed of course, and this started with a two litre bottle of water, followed by the completely needed assortment of lemonades- he noticed one or two new flavours and decided that he would definitely need them. after this, he made his way to the fruit section of the particularly large store , and stocked up on a few satsumas, avocados, and a yam, just because. This was followed by a monster pack of Doritos, guacamole, and some spices and shit. Being the child that he was, Flynn was slowly but surely over-indulging.

"Wow, Flynn, you've outdone yourself. Was all that sugar really called for?" He asked himself "Yes Flynn, you sure do need all that sugar ... It's ... now been proven to be heathy." He paused and shook his head , giving a slight laugh "I really am a crazy bastard" Flynn muttered to himself, as he started attending to the others' lists.

The store was deathly silent. The lady, Penelope, had left to attend to some flying horses- or at least that is what Flynn heard in in his broken French- broken, actually, being a understatement. Shattered in to a thousand pieces of words, glued up again, and left to age in an attic for five years. The only sound to be heard in the store was the distant sound of the marketplace and the shuffling of his own feet.

Desperate to fill the void, he started humming quietly, the sound gradually building up until lyrics came out of the boy's mouth. He was singing a song he had long since forgotten.

"I remember when,
I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place
Even your emotions have an echo in so much space..."

When he was younger, Flynn felt pretty damn good when he sang. While singing, he felt free and it came almost effortlessly. Nowadays though, he still feels free and relaxed, but now that Flynn is familiar with how he actually sounds, he never feels like anything's effortless anymore. It has become commonplace for him to scrunch his face while trying to hit high notes.

"And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much".

He was getting into it, and he was now tapping his fingers on the sides of the shelves, and resisting the urge to sing the song full volume, keeping it at a safe, low tone.

"Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?

His impromptu glee number ended when Atheya walked in the store- Atheya complete with a new guitar. Embarrassment crossed his face, but cleared in a flash. As much as he loved singing, he didn't particularly care in having an audience while doing so. Explaining that she couldn't help herself for buying the new guitar, Flynn gave a slight laugh while replying with "Not another one."

"We ready for checkout?" She asked, and the boy replied with a nod, putting all the many things on the counter. He wasn't sure was worried about- the school could pay the groceries for a small country probably, but it was his instinct. He paid the said amount of euros, and the students went back into the car, barely fitting the massive amount of groceries in the small thing.

"I'm going to drive- for safety. You know what they say, 'tiredness kills" suddenly realising it, he added "We'll, that was a bit morbid, but you get the drift"

After a particularly uneventful drive, they arrived back at the academy. By this time, it was about midday, and the sun was set high in the sky, beating down on him and setting the world ablaze.

Arriving inside, he noticed the number of people dawdling around the cafeteria was much more sparse than when he left.

"I'm gonna go." He said, pointing in the general direction of his future being. "See you tomorrow"

And with that, he was gone.

The day started slow, and moved as fast as the sun overhead - even though it was not the sun that was moving, it's everyone. Humans are such a selfish race, stopping for nothing and no one except for themselves. But even then, when they try to slow down time and take a breather, no one else wants to. No one wants to be the one slowing down the universe, yet no one wants to be the one to speed it up. And he has to admit, he's not the person to do so. Flynn is the person who suffocates themselves but doesn't kill themselves, the one who smiles but shows no teeth. And he's just waiting for something to happen, turn his world upside-down. He is scared, though, because he doesn't want to crack his head open in the process.

After a lazy Sunday in his room spent singing and doing yoga (He was bored okay, no judgement.) he realised the sun had finally set, and in the boy's mind, it was time to go to sleep. And he did.

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Atheya just gave a small laugh and nod to Flynns words, more or less becoming more tired by the second. As they proceeded to the checkout, she spoke her french and it was as quick of a transaction as she hoped.

Climbing into the cars front passenger seat, she moved her guitar so it rested on her lap. Her head was tilted side ways, her forehead resting against the cool glass of the window, her eyes resting closed. She wasn't asleep of course, as it probably did seem, but she was really just day dreaming in her head, which she found herself doing a lot more of lately. Most of her day dreams consisted of what she expected to happen the next day, or of books she had read before. She sometimes oddly day dreamed of herself actually sleeping. Those where often her favorite amongst the bunch. But as of right now, she was stuck creating boring scenarios of what was to come tomorrow in her classes. It was always unexpected, but one thing she knew was the in her morning Superlative class they where discussing the school years opening ball. Despite being a superlative student, she had never been to one herself. She was only there for a year, and decided last year in her less than mature new blood stature, that the stereotypical themed "Starry night" Ball wasn't really something she had wanted to partake in. But this year was different. She really had to partake at this point.

Snapping out of it as she felt the car come to a rumbling stop, her eyes fluttered open, and she stepped out of the car, and walked back into the building she resided in.

Strolling by to Jay's desk, she handed him his coffee, and she signed back in before making her way, grocery bags in hand, to the now starving children flock. Setting everything down, she smiled back at Fynn, saying "Alright, I'll see you later, and thanks for the help."

After putting the various food items to their designated spots within the cupboards and fridges, she slugged herself back up the stairs, and through her dorm, where her eyes landed on a music blasting, studying Olivia. She didn't really want to disturb the girl so she just set down her coat, and walked out, making her way to one of the student like lounges that was placed in between the halls of the boys and girls dorms. This particular one was barley ever used, considering it was just filled with couches and art on the walls, no stereo or television, or anything really. Sitting down on one of the black comfortable couches, she held onto her new guitar, which she had decided to name Spiridion, and simply just began playing the acoustic version of We Used To Wait, and sang along.

In little to no time at all, Atheya's lack of sleep and tiredness of the day caught up to her, and she fell asleep quickly on the couch, the guitar still resting on top of her.