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Layla Lethe

I've always been a black sheep. That's a hard thing to be until you find your calling in life.

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a character in “Silhouette Institution”, as played by Not that awesome




[size=300]B A S I C S

| Full Name |
Layla Alexandria Lethe
| Nickname |
She despises being called Ms Lethe. She prefers Ms Layla, and usually enforces it.

| Age |

| Ethnicity |
American. Born in a sleepy town in Oklahoma, Ms Layla has a slight southern drawl, but a pleasant one.

| Gender |

| Teaches |
English 103

| Ability|
Bibliokinesis || The ability the manipulate, animate or figuratively 'jump into' books, comics, scripts etc. She can also correct essays without the need of a pen by using her mind. This does extend to amateur works, such as pieces of writing done by students or even herself, although, if little description is written, this may not work.



| Hair Color |
Strawberry Blonde

| Eye Color|
Green, with flecks of blue and gold.

| Height |

| Description |
They say when I was born, I was ugly. They're lying, because in the books I've looked through, none of the babies like me are ever ugly. They are small and twisted and sick, with bones that jut out at the wrong angle and a sickly blue in place of whites in their eyes. None of that matters though, they're still beautiful. They usually don't live, these children. I did, despite the four breaks in my legs and the three cracked ribs I suffered being born. It didn't take long before my infant body was cracked like a jigsaw puzzle - twelve breaks in the first week left my mother clawing for answers.

These days, my frame is not so different to the others. I'm tiny, fragile - unable to run through the grounds for fear of sending jagged bones through the surface of my skin. My hair is fair, my eyes the same shade of green as my elder sister. My cheeks are pale, as though I am in a perpetual state of shock. The sun hasn't had much of a chance to dapple my skin with telltale freckles - signs of a life I will never life. My sclera still flash blue when I break.

Sickness is something that haunted me in the form of injury - bandages are commonplace, bound around my limbs like parasites who never leave my flesh. Nurse says it doesn't matter that I keep breaking, that we'll always be able to fix me back up and move on, but when I look in the mirror I see something so terribly, perpetually breakable and I know this will never go away. This is me - red curls and a shining smile and a habit of crumbling into far too many pieces.


| Likes |
Outside || Animals || Great Adventure Stories || Travelling || Dancing || Disney || Teaching || Flowers
| Dislikes |
Whispers || Tears || News It's always sad. || Cruelty || Ignorance || Sly Comments

| Fears |
Breaking || Not being accepted

[size=89]| Personality |
Some say I shouldn't be so happy all the time - constantly smiling and laughing, finding joy in almost everything. I think they're wrong - Children laugh about 400 times a day. Adults laugh an average of 15 times a day. This, I find sad. It scares me that as time passes the world begins to press down upon you until you cannot smile as you once did. Pressure builds, and when it does, things snap. Everyone wants to keep me as safe as they can. I know it hurts people when I cry, so I don't, not anymore. I can't really manage to go without hurting, though - it's unavoidable. They want me to stay inside all day, but the wind calls to me and the grounds begs to be explored.

I don't like to think of myself as a liar, but I lie to her. Everything is far too wonderful to miss, and when I take a fall by the street and drag myself to the nurse, I let her believe I tumbled from my bed onto the floor. If they let me fly, I would. They say I'm clever - intelligent and bright even when I was young. My sister liked to say that my mind worked twice as fast as everybody else's to make up for my body being so useless. It's a nice thought, but really I just burn for information and knowledge - Father provided book after book of that I clung to as though they provided support to my weak limbs.

I love being outside and in the garden because it gives me a sense of belonging and being. The garden to me is like a family. They grow bigger and stronger under my care, I treat them and make them happy, they smile, and they cry. I love them like any parent does a child. When a plant flowers It's a child that I have raised. When a bee lands on my plants and drags the pollen across them- it's magic, like the falling pieces of dust from a fairy as it flutters across the flowers and makes me smile.

Nurse said she's proud - that despite everything, my willpower is strong and my resolve fierce. It's true, in a way. If I want something done, I try to make sure that I don't let myself forget I'm human. It would be easily to fall into a pattern of letting people help me. As long as I resist it and continue fighting my own battles, I'm still me. If I give in, I'll lose everything and They will bundle me up and I will probably never break again. Breaking, it seems, is what makes me different to everybody else. It's also what reminds me I'm just the same.

I'm not usually jealous. I try to be fair and kind, to brighten people's day with things they never knew before. Perhaps if I can impart enough knowledge on those around me, they'll know enough to understand that what I want more than anything is to run and jump and skip and fly. We have a habit of wanting what we can never have. Ever since I was little, I've wanted to be perfect.


| History |
Mama and Father grew up together - they spent days playing in the treehouse by the creek and running through the Hob at each other's side. They were inseparable, the children of two farmers, and when they married everybody said they knew it was going to happen. They were perfect, and when Mama fell pregnant with a baby girl and gave birth to Meela their family was complete. Father got a job in a farm and Mama went out to sell what she could at the markets. When she gave birth again, everything changed.
Within my first year, I'd suffered countless breaks and endless nights of crying. (Babies are born with three hundred to three hundred and fifty bones.) Mama dropped everything to rush to my side each time, and Meela was left alone frequently as I was carried to the doctor for yet another bandage or splint. There wasn't much they could do for me other than piece me back together each time I feel apart. I found the diagnosis of Osteogenesis Imperfecta in one of Father's old books when I was five years old. Everything was different - no perfect house with roses down the walls greeted my father when he returned home at night.

Instead, he would more often than not find the house deserted for hours on end before we returned. He loved me, I knew that from the way he worried each time I' d snap, splinter or split. When I was four years old, the money ran out. Mama went back to work, filled with reluctance, and left me to read. I did read - filled my mind with every morsel of information I could manage, scanning page after page of text until I could almost quote the dictionary.

Meela waited home with me, instructed to care for me and make sure I wasn't hurt. I didn't want her to fail - but staying still hurt me almost as much as a break, and I begged her to let me play. When she did, the inevitable happened and we lied together - it didn't take a lot to convince our parents that a fractured arm was the result of a slightly overzealous collision with the furniture rather than a tree. I hated myself for tearing apart their happy family, for intruding with my illness and sickness. Mama and Father promised it wasn't my fault, that they loved me regardless. Meela didn't look so sure

My power was discovered when I was around thirteen, at a story time. I'd never read aloud before, and it was disastrous- the book was one about all these different sorts of farm animals- pigs, cows and chickens were running all over the place. Coincidentally, one of the children was the child of an ex-Silhouette student. He knew I had a power, and talked to my mother about Silhouette, the only school at the time.

My mother told my father about it, and they decided to send me to the school in a few years. They told me it would do me good, to be away, but I think they were relieved to get me out of their hands. The stress was too much and my parents never noticed my sister.

So I went to France. Silhouette was supposed to be a safe haven, but really there was a bully problem of sorts. Midget, cripple, weakling. It made me more curious as well, and I suffered many a break. But I adore the place, and I'd never leave. So I became a teacher here... And the rest is history.

M E D I C I N E | D A U G H T E R
Pick it up, pick it all up.
And start again.
You've got a second chance,
you could go home.
Escape it all.
It's just irrelevant.

It's just medicine.
It's just medicine.

You could still be,
what you want to,
What you said you were,
when I met you.

You've got a warm heart,
you've got a beautiful brain.
But it's disintegrating,
from all the medicine.
from all the medicine.
from all the medicine.

You could still be,
what you want to be,
What you said you were,
when you met me.

You could still be,
what you want to.
What you said you were,
when I met you.
when you met me.
when I met you.


So begins...

Layla Lethe's Story

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As far as adventures go, this one hasn't disappointed. When they told her France was glorious, so many years ago, she'd imagined a plethora of beautiful buildings, enchanting people and fine foods. Despite her vivid daydreams, reality brought with it a magic that her own childish mind never suspected. (From the height of four and a half feet, everything seems grand.) Here, cheeks are flushed with delight and eyelashes flutter, desperate not to miss a single moment. She wished she could suspend every single clock for long enough to capture this fine world, but for now she is stuck with a steadfast amount of time, quickly running out. For each marvel she is more than grateful - She has chosen this fate over dying slowly in her own bed, and enjoy enjoy it she must. The others frown, and she pities them.

Naturally, she is quiet. The occasions in which she keeps company usually leave her with little to say other than the facts that pour from her lips when she is nervous. This morning, she made myself a promise that at breakfast she would test her own bravery. "If it wasn't for cell death in the embryonic stage of development, humans would have webbed fingers," She blurts, and then clamps her hands over her mouth with surprising force.

It takes her a long moment to recollect herself. Finally, she clambers up onto a table, regains her balance, and promises herself that she can do it. "Hi... everybody," She says, wondering how the girl who clambered fearlessly into the highest branches of a tree despite her brittle bones could quiver so easily under the gaze of her students. "My name is Ms Layla- I'm the English teacher- and I think, if you want, maybe... we could just take a moment to wish?" She stumbles on her own words, ever so aware of her tiny posture. Just the other day, a student told her she wasn't aloud in the teachers lounge before realising that she was actually a teacher. She brings out her notepad, her pen, and the empty jar labelled 'wishes'.

"I'd like it very much if you could all make one - before we start- I want to know that everyone is hoping for something." She blinks, surprised at herself, and jumps quickly down from the table, passing the jar.

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Xavier stood in his boxing stance for a few minutes, cooling down from the short but intense energy burst. He was breathing heavily, with each exhale, sparks flew from his fists as the static gathered around his body, began to die down. His phone vibrated in his pocket, creating a tickling sensation on his thigh. He shook his hands, as if he was drying them without a towel, causing the remaining electrons to disburse.

"Who's that text from?" Xavier questioned as if someone was there with him.
'Adelina, she said to meet her in the commons. I never knew you had a date.'
Xavier stuttered a little, before heading towards the kitchen to see if the food had been topped up. "Who said that it was a date? Jesus, you guys assume too much."
'Ah, denial I see? Just wait until Laptop hears about this.'

Xavier had returned to the kitchen, but it was still rather empty, which meant one thing, there was still no coffee. He grunted as he took a seat on the wooden chair at the table, placing his phone in front of him.
"Listen mate, if this was a date, do you honestly think I'd be this calm right now? We are just friends, now shut up and reply to her for me." He glared at his phone, as if he was intimidating it.
'Alright alright.. What do you want me to send?'
"I don't know, you're the genius, you think of something." He whispered, as Ms layla climbed onto the table. He didn't like people watching him while he spoke to technology, it made him feel weird and slightly insecure. Stuffing his mobile into his pocket, he glanced at Ms Layla as she stood 'tall'.
Just what does she think she's doing...
Meanwhile his phone constructed a reply to Adelina. 'Sure thing baby, can't wait to see your fine ass again xx'

"My name is Ms Layla- I'm the English teacher- and I think, if you want, maybe... we could just take a moment to wish?" She stumbled over her words, which was unusual for her. But then again, she wasn't the tallest of people, and she was standing on top of a table, something he would expect from a newblood. And yet she still seemed jolly.
Xavier admired her personality, she was one who was faced with many issues and problems, and despite students often exploiting her weaknesses, she still managed to keep a smile on her face. And a great smile it was.
He watched her, bemused, as she passed a jar around.

"You want me to make a wish?" He looked at her with a bright smile, grasping the pen and her notepad. "Sure thing Miss."
He took a short while to think about what he truly would want- perhaps a new phone? A girlfriend? Or to just be..Normal? He looked down at the notepad, thinking back to the quote, then he thought about all the people that he had hurt during his past. Scribbling the pen across the notepad, Xavier made his wish.
"Here you go Miss, and good morning to you." He returned the equipment with a smile.

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After her confrontation with the new teacher, and getting assaulted by Charlie, she hoped the rest of her day would go better. It was nearly 5 in the afternoon, and the night was still young. Hopefully hanging out with Xavier later would help clear her mind. She decided to take a shortcut by cutting through the outside garden when she realized her phone buzzed. She went for it, and as she was reading it she could not believe what she was reading. What the hell Xavier? she thought as she closed her phone. A slight blush ran her face, but it disappeared as quick as it showed up. What is that boy thinking, sending me shit like that? Does he like me? She pondered as she passed the kitchen windows. She looked to see who was in there, and for the most part the kitchen looked empty. However over by the coffee machines, Xavier stood with another woman. What is wrong with you boy? Sending me text like that, and there you are flirting with another woman? She got pretty agitated from seeing that, and reached for her phone. Adelina was this close to cancelling, but she got another idea. She'd thought it be better if she messed with him a little later. Ha, this is going to be really fun. She walked back inside and headed for the kitchen.

Adelina reached for the kitchen as the woman was waiting on something. Xavier gave her a piece of paper. Probably exchanging numbers. She reached them both, and was wondering why she was standing on the table. "Hey Xavier, so is this?" She asked as the woman introduced herself as Ms. Layla, and that she was one of the English teachers. She didn't look like one that's for sure. She had to be half the size of Adelina. She offered her to make a wish."A wish? What's this about?" She asked her looking skeptical.

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Before Adelina knew it Xavier grabbed her hand, and felt a slight spark which as odd. He then began to stutter at the realization of him holding her hand. That got her in a good mood, but nevertheless what came next was quite a shock. He had to go and cancel their plans. Plans that were planned last week Monday. Xavier said he had to go work on a last minute paper thing, and left. Adelina was shocked an a bit annoyed that he cancelled but he look truly sorry so she let it go. One quick look at the teacher that read Stay away from him and left for her room. It was getting late anyway. She wondered if she would see Jane in their room. Come to think about it, Adelina never really had a full conversation with her. No matter. Adelina was tired and she was gonna go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow's lesson is a great one. She cannot wait for Fire lesson, they are going to be awesome.