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Silhouette Institution

The Silhouette Institution


a part of Silhouette Institution, by AmyGotScared.


AmyGotScared holds sovereignty over The Silhouette Institution, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Silhouette Institution is a part of Silhouette Institution.

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Xavier Adams [18] "What is a soul? It's like electricity - we don't really know what it is, but it's a force that can light a room"
Atheya Vera [17] "It's all a lovely dream, but that's what it is. A dream."
Adelina Mynatt [15] Purple...? Blue..? Nooo! Too dangerous! I'm not worthy!
Zachary "Zac" Lambholdt [14] "I also respond to Senor Pantalones." *squiggly eyebrows and mustache twitches.*
Flynn Calder [14] Probably maybe not.
Bobby Burkinson [11] "Why the hell are we here ? You know things like this only bloody happen in America. Jesus..I need to wank."
Lacy McCarty [10] "Monster's live inside of us, not under our beds."
Scott Kearny [10] A man of Valor...
Olivia Kingsley [9] "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."
Stephanos Kokinos [9] You're only as strong as your weakest link. Luckily, that link no longer exists.

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"I'll see you later, Zavi. Try not to have too much fun without me."

Xavier glanced at Scotty from the corner of his eye as he gathered his books required for his lessons, he then looked back at the blue hue of his laptop, continuing typing away at the keys. "Ah yeah, you've got Mr Wilson right? Good luck with him!" He chuckled as the door slammed behind Scotty, leaving Xavier alone in the room.

"Man he takes long showers." He grunted, before performing the regular morning schedule, using little hot water as possible. He then packed his laptop and needed books into his bag and zipped it up tightly, causing it to bulge slightly. Before heading out, Xavier needed to recharge. Two nights straight with the lack of sleep wouldn't do anyone any good, especially when he's expected to learn. He had been told multiple times by the Superlatives and Teachers that recharging from sockets was forbidden, since it could cause many problems.

But Xavier was feeling greedy.

He figured that a simple 'snack' wouldn't hurt anyone, especially since the sun was particularly bright, there would be no need to worry about a blackout. Placing his hand over the socket, Xavier closed his eyes as static gathered around his body, causing statical sounds to echo out from his dorm room. By now, electricity was being fed out by Xavier's hand, as he began to feast off of the power source.

To anyone, doing such a thing would cause considerable amount of pain, but for Xavier, the moment was bliss. He released slight groans of pleasure and relief (worrying for anyone who would be unfortunate to listen in) as his eyes opened, illuminating a dim blue hue from his sclera. After a few more seconds, Xavier removed his hand, allowing sparks to fly from his palm before closing it tightly.
"I hope I didn't get too carried away." He muttered to himself, grasping his bag and throwing it over his shoulder as he headed for the door. Being a Medial, his following lessons were pretty intense, stepping up from the requirements expected from a New Blood, living life as a Medial was no easy task, especially when you had Power Control lessons first thing in the morning.

He dashed down the hallway, eager to meet Adelina before having to concentrate in class.

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Character Portrait: Luther Wilson
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"Can you believe it. You're actually going to be a Father!" Mai's head rested softly on top of Luther's chest, trailing her fingertips over his well defined torso. Their breathing was soft and calm, in time with one another as Luther's arm snaked around her, holding her close.
"Look's like you'll have to start acting like an adult now." She laughed softly, tilting her head to look up at him.
"Don't start saying that, you're going to make me feel old!" Luther chuckled, glancing back at her.
"Soon you're going to start growing grey hair, walking around with a walking stick, moaning at children for stepping on our yard- People will call you Mr Grumpy."
"Are you sure you didn't sneak out of bed and drink the rest of that wine from last night?"
"Are you saying that I'm drunk?"
"Well I wouldn't be surprised if you were." Luther smirked smugly, as multiple knocks at the door echoed.
"Why you cheeky little~" Mai yelled after him, throwing a pillow at him as he left to answer the door.

Luther observed silently as his students flooded into his classroom. His arms were cross, as the whiteness around his eye was stained in traces of red, as if he had been crying. He watched carefully, looking at each and every student laughing, smiling and expressing their happiness to people that they hardly know. Luther couldn't help but think how easy they made it look. It was a sad case for Luther, particularly since he can only remember the last time he was happy, completely unable to feel that emotion any more.

Stepping out of his leather chair, Luther headed to the board, writing his name over it, before slamming the chalk back down on the desk.
"Alright. I'm only going to say this once. If you're not going to shut up, I suggest that you go and find a different teacher." He said calmly. His voice was deep yet he rarely ever raised it, truly adding no emotion to it at all. Gradually the class began to quieten down, all heads turning to face him as he reached for his cup of coffee.
"My name is Mr Wilson. You will only address me as that. If I hear word of any nicknames given to me, I will have no hesitation of throwing you out, do you all understand?" He turned, sitting back down onto his leather chair.
I guess you were right Mai. I am getting old. He thought, exhaling softly.

"I welcome you all to my classroom, it's one fancy place isn't it not?" He looked around the classroom, each student having barely any space to move from desk to desk, books from the bookshelf missing causing some of the remaining books to stand slanted, peeling wallpaper and a minor palm tree in the corner of the classroom wilting. The only thing that looked presentable were the pictures of famous landmarks and locations, all of which he had visited.

With a chuckle that lacked emotion, Luther had began teleporting around the room, stopping on top of his wooden desk.
"Fret not." He pointed at the window, which created a 'portal'. "We will barely be using this classroom. Now if you follow me, I will be taking you to your lesson." He hopped down from the table, walking over to the portal.