Maximilien Relander (Name isn't decisive)


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a character in “Silver and Blood {Remake}”, as played by MegaCheeseyMonkey


    â™Ĩ Fighting || There's nothing he loves more then fighting. It's his way of living. His swords are his arms, his sheathes his emotions. There is nothing else he would ever do. Too bad the treaty with the werewolves is going on because there would be a lot more blood shed between the two factions. He also looks for trouble within the halls of the school.
    â™Ĩ Music || A fan of anything that has a good rhythm, he is usually found rocking out on his Mp3 or any digital device that has music stored in it. He is quite blunt about his opinion on other people's musics liking. I mean... someone has to be that guy no?
    â™Ĩ Running || He's said this more then once and he'll say it again. There's nothing more he doesn't love then just running. Running for his life, for fun or for the sheer fact of just running. The acceleration of his heart is a thrill to him. Feeling all of his body ache after the run is enjoyment. He loves the adrenaline rushes he gets when parkouring the small forest around the village, or to jump from roof to roof without a care in the world. If he gets frustrated, he will run or else he will hurt somebody.

    ✘ Being 'Judged' || You want to piss him off really quick? Judge him on what you've heard of him and not what you've seen of him. This is the greatest pet peeve he has and he will sock you in the face just for looking at him the wrong way the first time you meet him. He hates anybody that spreads rumors and judges other people, even though he hates it less then if it were about him.
    ✘ Problems his fists can't resolve. || Being the stubborn brings this to all his problems. If he can't solve a problem with his fists, he usually doesn't want anything to do with it. A diplomatic problem that he can't punch? He runs around hollering his head off at the incompetence of the person.
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