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Felicity Faust

{In all honesty, we are continuously searching for someone whose demons can play well with our own.}

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a character in “Silver and Blood”, as played by Ever




Welcome to the story that is my life, my past. No, it isn't anywhere near being close to the ideal fairy tale...but I'm happy enough as it is. Plus, I never was the 'princess' type, anyhow.


Halestorm || Innocence
Thousand Foot Krutch || War of Change
Plumb || Better
Gary Jules || Mad World
Thousand Foot Krutch || Move
The Pretty Reckless || I'm Going to Hell
Thousand Foot Krutch || Take It Out On Me
Thousand Foot Krutch || The Art of Breaking


If you expect this world to be fair with you because of your own purity and piousness, then you are merely fooling yourself with a delusion. That's the same as expecting the lion not to eat the lamb because the lamb didn't attack it's predator.

Letti, Col || Stemming as shortened bits from her first name.
Felicity, Fel || The aliases she goes by.. in fact, hardly anyone knows her actual, birth given name is "Colette".
Dolly, Princess, Angel, Bambie, China etc || Refer to her as any of these and you'll receive a black eye.
Faust or Frost || What most Hunters know her by, Faust being her lineage and "Frost" being a product of mispronunciation.
Hunter / Werewolf
New Girl
Face Claim
Fuwa Aika || Zetsuen no Tempest


'Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the Fairest of them all?' That is how the old saying goes, correct? But what happens when that mirror can no longer disguise your ugliness and shatters?

ImageHair Color
A brilliant shade of ashy gold that, depending on the given light, darkens to a caramel or lightens to milk-tea.

Eye Color
A light violet with fanning streaks of lilac from her pupils. Noticeable with her mood shifting, the orbs will either become a blue-violet or medium hue of mauve.

Skin Tone
Tying into the key element of being reminiscent of a china-doll, Fel's hue is of a luminescent porcelain, not a single rash pigmentation (save for the occasional opaque hint of rose gracing her cheeks) marring the smooth surface. Constantly flawless and blemish free, her skin is often a topic of envy among other females, each one colouring with jealousy at it's perfection...but, in all honesty, Felicity hates it. The paleness seems to further alienate her from her peers, the glow of it further enforcing the idea of her origin being of something far more ethereal than the humble human.

5'0'' even.

92 lbs

ImagePhysical Description
Noted to be a beauty that could rival, and surpass, that of any known model, Colette boasts an appearance that could be both described as seductive and innocent. Standing at the petite height of 5'0'' even and weighing in at a mere 92 pounds, this particular girl has been naturally molded to possess a physique carved like a perfect hourglass.. something of which women have spent decades trying to achieve. It's evidently no wonder why there isn't a single qualm about her wearing whatever style of clothing she desires or how she easily becomes the occasional fantasies of men. With her nipped waist and toned limbs, there also seems to be no problems or worries about the idea of gaining weight, either...quite an envious trait. Either it's her embodiment of femininity that directs attention towards herself or it's the innocent, doll-esque skin that's the selling point..but you can always count on Yuri to turn heads..even if she doesn't want to.

Moving onto her hair, yet another selling point, Felicity has been, arguably, blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of silken naturally colored hair that, when caught in the rays of the sun, illuminates with a brilliant golden ashy tint, cascades and frames her silhouette perfectly... almost like a drawing. Typically, and almost shamefully, the lazy girl will leave her waterfall down due to the wispy strands barely cooperating (and also due to the fact she's quite sluggish when it comes to following stylish trends.. hair isn't the most important issue, alright?). Usually, when the low-back reaching tendrils are set loose, they will have a slight, almost non-existent, wave to them... yet, oddly enough, that wave is just enough to frame her face picturesquely and to radiate the impression of her ethereal beauty belonging to that of a china doll. On the note of her bangs, seeing as Fel doesn't have the energy to style them like most girls, they have grown in such a way that the longest part (the middle strand) barely brushes past her eyebrows.

Now then, the other qualities are stunning and all but the major factor that sets this particular girl from the crowd are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are her best and most alluring trait. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of purples, even darkening with her mood swings.


If the world cannot accept me as I am, how can you expect me to accept the world as it is? I will not change merely because someone commands it of me nor because they do not like who I am.

ImagePotential Interest
N/A but has the potential for romantic feelings to blossom for the 'Brother' || Mate is the Alpha (unknowing)


    Agility & Flexibility || Fel's body was put under intense training during her time as an apprentice, the stature pushed to it's limits daily. As such, she has become far more nimble and flexible than most humans and hunters. From mind-boggling contortions to parkour running to even head-reaching kicks, Felicity is both an interesting and admirable ally and opponent.
    Swordsmanship || Not only was she trained to be nimble but Fel was trained to be fluent with a sword. While she prefers a single, she has been known to, under dire circumstances, wield dual blades.
    Hand-to-Hand Combatant || Thanks to her past and the effort she put behind this skill via martial arts, Fel is quite well-trained in terms of fighting in hand to hand combat. Of course, that doesn't mean she likes to use this technique of fighting..after all, she isn't the strongest around.
    Pressure Points || Not having vast amounts of strength can be pretty sucky.. which is precisely why Lettie has divulged her time in studying the various pressure points scattered about in the human body. If worst comes to and she has to resort to drastic measures, at least she can temporarily numb a person or make them pass out by a precise jab at a nerve.
    Experience || While some may argue about this being a skill or not, in Fel's eyes, it certainly is. Due to her past encounters with wolves, she knows exactly how to take them down, how to recognize their behavioral patterns, tracking and weaseling them out almost a second nature. After all…she is considered a prodigy in the Hunter world. If she couldn't do this much, what type of "exception" would she be?
    Field Medic || From putting someone under to sewing on a detached limb, Fel can, seemingly, do it all…and without having a queasy stomach. Stemming from her time in isolated New Zealand, it was essential that this Hunter learned how to sterilize and treat wounds. As such, she isn't a stranger to providing flawless and on-the-spot medical treatment.
    Knife Throwing || Stemming off from Swordsmanship, Fel saw the need in having a smaller and more transportable weapon on her person. As such, she picked up knife throwing, her accuracy almost unparalleled.

    Selective Eidetic Memory || Perhaps her most useful skill, Fel possesses a 'selective photographic memory'. In a matter of seconds, imposing text blocks ingrain their way into her mind, languages a natural occurrence to her (Felicity fluently speaks Russian, Japanese, Korean, English, and Italian), the memorization of combinations and passwords the equivalent to counting to 3.
    Math Caculations || Dubbed to be the "Human Calculator" by her classmates and teachers, Fel has yet to meet a math problem she couldn't solve in 15 seconds or less.
    Insomniac || A natural talent that many do not know exists, Felicity can actually stay awake for days on end by tapping into her adrenaline reserves and not feel even an ounce of weariness. Her record? 2 and a half weeks without sleep.
    Painting || Often, this is the last thing people would peg Colette as: an artist. But, deep down, Fel enjoys expressing her feelings and opinions on a blank canvas.. in fact, she has gotten quite versed with a paintbrush and paint.
    Chef || Enjoying the creative freedom and the endless combinations of complex flavors, Fel is, surprising to some, rather handy in the kitchen. Armed with a knife and a pot, this woman's food never fails to impress and captivate.
    Green Thumb || Still unsure about the origins of this talent, Col has the gift to make just about any plant grow with exceptional beauty and speed.


In all honesty, we are continuously searching for someone whose demons can play well with our own.

Image♗ Fel will never, EVER admit she's afraid of something or it's out of her skill set to complete ♗
♗ Doesn't know of her werewolf origins ♗


    Violent || Stuck in a mindset that the only way to get things done is through physical threats, Fel, unfortunately, is quite violent. Of course, she tries to restrain herself arounds her friends..but sometimes, even they can irk her to the point where she has to put a hole in someone's locker.
    ImageFussing || The surefire way to know that you've embarrassed Felicity is through the stereotypical and cliched habit she has; she'll fuss with a lock of her hair, gaze averted from the perpetrator and a light rose will colour her cheeks.
    Nail Biting || When perplexed by something, Lettie, noticeably, lightly bites the nail of her right thumb.
    ImageBlunt || It's almost ridiculous how severe this habit is; Felicity, for the life of her, can not be anything but 100% truthful and opinionated about every matter.
    ImageTwitch || Another bad habit, when annoyed or offended, Fel's right eyebrow will give a small twitch to declare such aggravation outwards. Of course, soon following the motion, a punch to the gut or a swift kick to the shin is delivered.

    Fighting || Be it mockingly playful or intensely meaningful, it's in Col's blood to enjoy a bout of scuffing.
    ImageFreedom || To Fel, almost nothing is better than being in control of what she wants to do, where she wants to go at that moment.. and trust me, she'll fight tooth and nail to get this leisure back if Imagesomeone steals it.
    Cloudy or Rainy days || Sun and pale skin never mix well.. especially so when that said-person has light sensitive eyes.
    Training || It's one of the many ways that Felicity chooses to calm herself down. Be it through physical exertion or mental exhaustion, as long as she keeps herself busy, everything will be fine.
    Reality || Not one for believing in daydreams or fantasies, Col enjoys hard facts provided by logic and science.
    Sweets || A guilty pleasure, the quickest way to her heart is to provide her with sweets.
    Gambling || Not exactly the world's healthiest habit, Lettie has actually become quite partial to the idea of bets. And it shows.. this girl can literally win any challenge thrown her way.
    Expensive Tea || Another secret pleasure of hers, Fel just adores high-quality, loose-leaf tea.
    Control || Having had influence and followers since she was born, it's a natural and expected concept for her to possess.
    Math || Being the realist she is, Fel is quite partial to numbers and facts. Hence is why she is practiced and skilled with solving equations.
    Being an Ambivert || Both an introvert and an extrovert, Lettie does enjoy other's company (when she chooses). However, on the flip side, she also enjoys separating herself from society to leave herself alone with her thoughts and person.

    Threats || A human instinct, sure. But Felicity takes any and all confrontation personal..and, as such, she'll deal with it on a personal level.
    The Werewolves || Hating them with such an intensity that she wishes to eradicate their existence, she pegs all of her life's troubles and losses on their being.
    Losing Control and Freedom || Pretty self-explanatory.
    Spicy or Bitter Foods || By far the easiest way to get on Fel's target list. Just..don't.
    Swimming/ Large Bodies of Water || Since she never learned how to swim, it is only natural that Felicity would hate it.
    Fairytales and Legends || Since when have you ever heard of a realist enjoying topics along the lines of paranormal or fiction?
    Being Idle || Hardwired with constant adrenaline, being forced to stay still and lazy is Colette's greatest nightmare come true.
    Romance || The whole concept seems like a such, she would prefer to avoid it.
    Birds || Disgusting, obnoxious and messy creatures in her opinion, Fel has never been one to enjoy the sweet birdsong or the thrill of finding their feathers on the ground.
    Sun Exposure || Literally, all she has to do is be out in the sun for a matter of a few minutes without sunblock before being burnt to a crisp.

    Fearless || A rare trait for humans to possess, Fel is, seemingly, without fear. Without a shred of hesitation, she will plunge herself into the nightmares of others and into the abyss to save others.
    Protective || The embodiment of a strong figure, you can always count of Felicity to have your back in a fight or in a time of need.
    Emotional Masking || Thanks to the environment she grew up in, a motto where only the strongest deserve life, Fel is quite skilled with masking her emotions when need be. When in this state, other's words and insults rarely ever get to her, a mental barrier of sorts constructed to filter out the negativity from such attacks.
    Reckless || Both a curse and blessing, especially paired with her fearlessness, Felicity isn't one to ponder and weigh the consequences first
    Blunt || Not always being of popular opinion, Colette isn't afraid to voice her feelings and thoughts on a given subject.
    Knowledge || After all, it is pretty hard to go up against someone who can determine your attack patterns in a matter of a few seconds.
    Power || Thanks to her family, she has both wealth and a name. As for the Hunter community, she has done enough to prove her natural talent.

    Being Gentle/ Being Feminine || Not exactly her forte, any feelings of being gentle or the prospect of acting like a female is foreign and alien to her.
    Compliance || Disobedient, at times, is a mild word for her behavior towards certain demands and orders. 'Stubborn as a mule' was pretty much invented for her.
    Sheer Strength || Being a woman, no matter how much she has trained, Fel will always be under men in terms of strength. And, unfortunately, it shows during extended fights.
    Rage || If someone ticks her off, that does it. Without hesitation, Fel will go into a lapse of anger, any object within reach a potential tool to make her victim feel pain. When this occurs, it's hard to make her calm down until she fumes for a bit.
    Those Close to Her || Both a strength and a weakness for Colette, those near and dear to her heart drives her to the extremes of being overprotective. And, trust me when I say this, Col won't hesitate to have bloodshed should anything happen to them.
    Achluophobia || The fear of the dark. At times, Felicity experiences moments where she has intense anxiety attacks when left alone in the dark.
    Heavy Thunderstorms || During these times, Fel has been known to freeze in mind-crippling fear followed by severe anxiety attacks.
    Brooding || If she gets into a fight with someone close to her or if someone gets hurt because of her, Felicity will spend days on end mulling over how to apologize or how to make things right.
    Snowfall || For the oddest reason, the first snowfall has always had Col in a panicked state. Apparently ingrained into her conscious that snow = fear, she will often hole herself up in her room during the first snowstorm, any signs of her existence erased for that period.


On broken wings, one learns to soar high above the clouds, unafraid of falling. We surpass that fear once we reach a height that, even we, cannot deny gives us euphoria.

Blunt | Reckless | Two-Sided | Fearless

To outsiders, she's cold, stoic, ruthless..someone who deserves a respect from a distance. Someone who even the teachers hold a fear, someone who isn't afraid to land you in the hospital for a snarky comment…someone who isn't afraid to kill you if you claim yourself to be a werewolf. Yet, that's all the outsider's perspectives, the traits expected from a Hunter prodigy. So..what about the Colette on the inside? The Lettie that those close to her get to experience?

On the inside, Felicity is absolutely the type of kindred spirit who keeps her feelings under lock-and-key and past where it should be kept; a book. Not wanting to focus on herself or hauntings, this girl, instead, tends to redirect such attention onto her friends and duties..almost a tad bit too excessively mind you. And as such, she is typically described as a caring and selfless person who charitably jumps to other's rescue to, without hesitation, recklessly exert herself in order to be of their aid. As you can imagine, Fel does tend to go overboard constantly, resulting in, more often than not, putting herself in danger's way to protect those she cares about.. she'll even go to the length of shielding someone from a bullet (or others) if it comes to it. This has been the root origin of her recklessly caring trait, those near and dear to her heart in a never-ending state of worry for her wellbeing. However; despite the constant trouble that plagues her, Col truly means everything she does. When performing a task, no matter what it is, this girl will always put forth the greatest display of effort possible, the belief that hard work will pay off in the end guiding her course. Also to be noted, blunt to a fault, this teenager may also have a bit of a temper should someone ever get on her bad side...and isn't afraid to say so if this occurs.

As a child who was pushed into a lifestyle of maturity, Colette typically doesn't allow for others to bother her much as they normally fact, most statements are ones that are brushed aside without further investigation. Of course...there are always exceptions (especially when the prickly subject of her family appear). A certain idea would have to be extraordinarily infuriating for her to crack and figuratively assault the person...but when this occurs, you can be assured that this grudge-holder won't utter a single word to you for months at a time. Taking in her blunt trait, to some people's confusion, Fel can be, at one moment, calm and composed before flipping into a fierce and without bounds character.

On the broadest possible note, Felicity does have a rather likable and optimistic nature >around her friends<, especially so when she is feeling lively, and can often be spotted taking a playful jab at others...namely her friends. Whether it's about their crush on someone or about a certain aspect of their appearance they hold in a positive/negative light, she loves to playfully prod at them before accepting said retaliations with jovial heartiness. Of course she does it with care as to not upset them.. however; there are times where she can't help herself.

In the end though, even if she doesn't fully announce them, Colette does harbor her own demons and monsters that remain dormant far below the surface. Those demons you ask? The lack of a family, of the warmth most take for granted, the heavy expectations put on her due to her family name..and the odd changes occurring within her body that she has been experiencing every waking moment. Because of these burdens she carries, Fel does attempt her best to hide such difficulties as not to become a trouble to her job and friends.


They say the past could never hurt, that'll you forget it if you stand outside your virtue. They are all bloody liars.

What more can there be said about Colette Faust's life? A prodigy from birth, she was to be the shining star of the "Faust" lineage, the sliver lining that would play a great role in putting the Hunter species back on top. Borne by two well-respected figures, Constance and Edmund Faust, she was raised as a single child, the apple of everyone's eye, anything and everything bestowed onto her person..nothing was considered too extreme or too demanding for her. But..there has to be more to her existence, doesn't there?

In all actuality, Colette wasn't mothered by Constance and sired by Edmund.. the truth is far from that. Indeed, this supposed Hunter is the product of the mates Rosalie and Gabriel Aluna, the rising alphas of the second pack that existed in Wolf Lake. Keyword; existed. When the war originally broke out between the invading Hunters and the werewolves, little Annaliese Aluna (as was her birth name at the time) wasn't even brought into this world.. but she was to bear the brute of the bloodshed and pain. It was the night of her third birthday, a time that was meant to be filled with rejoicing and laughter, when everything she knew, the world she was to be swaddled in, was shattered. The date was December 21, the first snowfall swirling down to Earth's surface with a steady and silent flow. The family of 3 had just seated themselves around their dinner table, presents wrapped with glittering paper adorned the walls, the flickering flames from the 3 candles providing the only light source. The daughter, the one who possessed the special day, was jumping up and down in her seat, excitement almost causing her to burst. The parents, hands squeezing one another with comforting excitement, were gazing fondly at their child, eyes holding nothing shy of adoration and the highest form of love… truly, it was picture perfect, a Hallmark card worthy of a moment. Then the first attack was launched. The quiet evening was disrupted by the startled screams and fearful shouts as Hunters invaded the pack grounds, their intent to kill, to eradicate. Blood lingered heavily in the air as Gabriel, intent on protecting not only his pack but mate and daughter, rushed into the fold of violence, his order to Rosalie demanding she stayed inside the house. Naturally, Anna's mother obliged, despite the fear she felt for her other half.. and that was her first mistake.

Sensing the wretched devils nearby, Rosalie ended up ushering her daughter up the stairs to her bedroom, barricading their persons inside the room of lilac hues and strewn toys…that was mistake number two. A duo of Hunters, husband and wife, ended up crashing through Annaliese's bedroom window, intent of targeting the Alpha's mate and daughter. Before Rosalie even had a chance to react, Edmund plunged a silver knife in her side, the poison mingling with her bloodstream within seconds. The writhing mother had no choice but to watch, the accursed venom stilling her to be immobile, as Constance tranquilized the sobbing and screaming Anna before cradling her in her arms and disappearing the way they came in. Gabriel arrived at the house seconds later, choosing to stop the poison from spreading in his mate first before finding their daughter. Of course, they weren't the stars of the Hunter community for nothing..Constance and Edmund Faust, as well as their party, had far long retreated..and with a bargaining chip: Annaliese Marie Aluna.

Despite the constant struggle and endless patrol nights, not a single member of the Aluna nor Striding pack could gain the Hunter's scent. It was almost as if they disappeared completely. And, in a sense, one would suppose they did. In two towns over, the Fausts were in hiding, debating their next move with careful precision. However, something interesting was happening within their walls; both started to grow fond of the little girl that they captured as, originally, a pawn. It didn't take long for the childless pair to decide the next course of action they would take; wipe her memories to make her assume they were her parents. Using the blood of an Alpha that they had killed from the past, Anna was forced to consume the crimson liquid, her memories of her actual history being deleted with Constance and Edmund telling her what to believe. And she did. The Faust family ensured that any documentation of their daughter's actual origins were annihilated, that they were replaced with what they wanted everyone to believe.. that little "Annaliese Marie Aluna" never breathed. Instead, Anna was coined with a new name, a name befittingsuch an ancient and powerful lineage; Colette Felicity Faust. Given pills laced with small traces of silver, Lettie's wolf was subdued, her true nature pushed into the recesses of her being, and she was put under intense training to become the ideal Hunter. However, within the course of her third year of life, despite the love she felt and received, Constance and Edmund knew that they couldn't keep their "daughter" anywhere near Wolf Lake when they launched the final attack. And so, she was moved once more.

ImageSent oversees to live and train with a family friend in New Zealand, Col quickly flourished. Nothing seemed too advanced or too difficult for her to master…even the art of killing. When she had turned four, the final attack on the Aluna being launched, Felicity's life was, unknowingly, ruined once more. Constance and Edmund were killed by the Striding pack, their fate concealed from her for her best interest. By the time she had turned 9, the news that the Faust line was still living, that the sole member was a prodigy, spread like wildfire in community. By 10, Fel had killed her first werewolf. By age 13, she had killed 12… a number unheard of her those of her age. Then, when she had a few days shy of turning 16, her guardian decided she was ready to know the truth; her parents were long dead and by the hands of the Striding pack. Driven by revenge for her wrongfully killed parents, Felicity infiltrated Wolf Lake, eager to determine the threat and exact out what she was made to do.

I hate the word fate. Birth. Encounters. Farewells. Success and Failure. The misfortunes of life. If our lives are already set in stone by fate, then why are we even born?

So begins...

Felicity Faust's Story


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#, as written by Ever


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#, as written by Ever


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#, as written by Ever

Location || Lakeview Highschool
Time || 9:25 am on Monday, September 8 in the year 2014

The date is September 8, 2014, the day that officially marks a week's return of the student body from their summer festivities. At Lakeview High, the initial buzz, still riding on an impregnable wave of excitement regarding tans and vacation photos in it's wake, hums within the drearily lit hallways. Even the sickly florescent bulbs, with their continuous drone rattling off the steeled lockers, can't seem to damper the mass's boundless energy…namely that belonging to those of the female gender. Why, you may ask? Simply because each and everyone of those drooling and shrieking girls gets to see their beloved leaders of the school once more, the ones they simply refer to as "The Pack".

Prowling across the navy-speckled tiles, every member of the school's populace presses their forms against the freestanding closets, parting in hopes to give their 'royals' enough room as they maneuver to their designated classes. It's always like this, every morning…from the parking lot to the classrooms to even the cafeteria; the blob separates but surrounds. Of course, "The Pack" is aware of the not-so-discrete adoration [in fact, even their teachers respond in a similar way] but they have learned to live with it. However, today is special, today the en masse is far more edgy, far more anxious. For you see, there are 2 other peculiar causes behind the movement of anticipation… only one known to the whole. This Saturday marks the full moon, the time in which "The Pack" hosts their annual party down by the lake…and everyone is vying to be part of it.

While the masses may be jumping about for recognition, there are 2 students who are dreading it. The Day siblings, the two remaining Hunters in Wolf Lake. For, unlike the lambs and lemmings who are begging to be led to their death, they know of the truth, of what really occurs between the trees during this 'party'. And, so far, they haven't had it in their power to stop the deaths. But, this is where the second surprise comes into play, the one that not even the wolves know of; they have requested another hunter be sent to their sleepy town. Of course, they haven't met their new roommate yet, the said person's luggage just barely arriving a few days prior to the shackling end of summer vacation…they don't even know the requested aid's gender or name! Yet, both of the Day siblings are past the point of desperation.. neither could care less about the presence of a complete stranger in their home. As long as they do their share, that is.

The first period of the day is about to begin, all of the characters have been spilt into these stationary classes;

- English -
Satoru Day
Celeste Day
Cassandra Augustine
Taylorr Loretto
Dexter Trap

-Advanced English-
Colette Faust {Transfer}
Michael Loretto
Eva Callis
Theo Finch

These two groups will remain spilt until lunchtime in which, thereafter, they will have gym class together and the rest of the day integrated.


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If this world will show you no mercy-

then why not treat it the same?

School; what fun. Eva wasn't quite fond of the idea, of learning, that is. School never really appealed to her. She never proceeded to think about the future, only thinking about the present and the present only. So a job? Nah. College? Nah. Future? Maybe later. Those things would proceed to come as everything else did. School was just another phase in proceeding to becoming much more independent and mature to Eva. But she was already independent and mature enough, honestly.

Oddly, despite this, Eva was placed in the advanced classes among others of her kind, those who belonged to the werewolf species. Was she talented? Who the hell knew. She never cared too much about anything, being pretty much apathetic to everything and anything there was. That was normal for someone like her though, and it never really went to her head. As long as she passed her classes with good grades, everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about.

Tiredly, she arrived at her class, kicking back in her seat with her daily 'I-Don't-Care-Anymore' attitude, which, quite frankly, fit her without doubt, "I want to go back home..." She grumbled quietly to herself. Definitely, she missed that summer air and warmth. Fall was already here, or very close, and winter would be right around the corner. Great, the seasons she just absolutely loved.

...That was deep sarcasm. Well, part of it. Winter wasn't that bad most the time. It was always the snow she loved, but not much of anything else.

What Eva missed most about summer was the freedom of every day. Sure, maybe she'd have to attend events with her pack, or have chores to do, or anything of the day-to-day sort, and while the heat was definitely unbearable, she practically had everyday to herself to do whatever she wished or like. That usually consisted on catching up on her sleeping, as she got little most of the time, studying anything she was curious about, taking her usual whole day walks, and then, of course, praying for her little sister's health. Cin might have been gone for a couple of years, but Eva always prayed once a week, at the very least, for her happiness up in heaven, if there really were such a thing.

Eva didn't realize how far her mind strayed until she noticed that she was in class, at school. First days were always like that, "Damn it... Its too early in the year to resume this insanity." Her eyes then did a quick skim around the classroom and realized, 'Our alpha's not here yet...' Eva's feelings towards Michael, her pack leader, were always full of suspicion, despite him being the top of the top, 'And wasn't there a transfer student? They'll probably introduce her during class or something.' Then, without knowing she said it out loud, she murmured, "What the hell's taking him so long? There's no one to talk to in this class. Hurry it up, Theo..." Eva sighed.

Oh, but there was an upside, wasn't there? Wasn't today a special week? Eva had spent so much time the night before stressing about how she'd have to start school again that she had forgotten completely about the fact that this week was the full moon. Right, the party. Groups of people weren't Eva's thing. Just the thought of it made her uncomfortable.


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Tired, Celeste was beyond tired as she dragged her feet behind her, marching into the class way before most would show up as she simply slouched in her seat. It was always the first day of school Celeste would travel to school early and alone and would probably be something of a grump, her pranks more "vicious" than normal. Right now, she had glued the teacher's desk's drawers shut, and by the time students were starting to walk in the room, including her brother, Cassandra, and the two werewolves, Celeste was screwing around with the teacher's chair, testing it by sitting on it randomly.

"Ugh!" Celeste yelled exsperately, stomping to her desk and leaning against it with her arms crossed. Directing her attention to Taylorr and Dexter, her glare was set directly on the embracing pair before they separated the hug. How desperately did she want to shove her foot up that she-wolf-

"Hey now! No need to get angry!" Of course it had to be her. It had to be Illusion this early in the morning, a figment of her imagination until she decided to focus energy on making her seem real. "Oh, maybe there is, did you see the way she glanced at your brother?" The voice teased, now becoming more noticeable and forcing herself to cough rather hard to cover up anything and hit her desk with the back of her foot. Swatting the air around her, she was exactly swatting the unwanted figment away.

Sure, it was obvious they viewed each other as "hot", but Celeste was always the one "blocking" any unacceptable female contact that came her brother's way. There just didn't seem to be anyone good enough for the boy, really. She hated a lot of them just for that reason. She wasn't ready to lose her brother to some floosy, not now, not ever.

Scoffing at Dexter lightly, she turned her back to the pair, heading to her brother's direction, biting her thumb. If only Dexter wasn't a werewolf, than maybe she'd be the one in Taylorr's position... Maybe if she wasn't a Hunter...

'Idiot' Celeste frowned at the thought as she threw herself into her older brother in the form of a hug. "Big brother! Aren't we getting a new member of the family today?" Celeste asked, trying to clearly get to the two Werewolves attention. "I hope she's pretty~..." Celeste stopped herself from saying anymore, not wanting to really get into a fight over it as she giggled.

Celeste was obviously choosing to ignore the fact tonight was the full moon, she was obviously ignoring as if anything was going to go wrong at the moment. They'd get the new girl, bring her home, they'd figure out a plan, and they'd show up. Right? The new girl wouldn't want to do anything without consulting them, right? They worked as a team, and there was no "I" in team... There was an "Am" though, and wasn't that a singular something something? Now her thoughts were just running ramped with soft concern and worry, Illusion nagging her from the depths of her mind to go along with it.

It was just going to be one of those days, wasn't it?


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Dex groan as he plopped down in his seat. "Trust me... I wanna go home too... But, at least we get to have our parties again~ And see our old friends~" Dex chimed, wanting to give Taylorr some reason as to be happy about being here~ 'cause it's true that they could do their hunting parties again. And he knew that every body, minus the hunters, were excited about that~

His ears caught Celeste's voice. It wasn't that loud in the classroom, but it was honestly only his ears that had picked up the noise of her voice and words. Okay... So maybe she was trying to be a bit loud... 'cause it seemed like the entire class heard it. Dex glanced at her before turning to Taylorr again with slight worry. "Um... Is that a good thing? 'cause doesn't a new family member... Mean a new hunter?" Dex asked kinda stupidly... Maybe Celeste was just trying to psych them out. No... She wanted them to hear it. Should they tell Micheal?

Dex couldn't help but look at the two hunters again... Was there really another one? Would he/she be an actual problem or as useless as the other two? Okay... So they weren't useless. That was mean... They were good, just not better than his pack. Maybe they shouldn't be worried... 'cause they were a pack after all. Six against three. No exactly even. His math skills may be terrible, but he still could tell that they had the better odds.

In an act of impulse, Dex twirled around to address the hunters. A bold move that Taylorr would probably kill him for. But he was curious, dammit! "Oh~? And who is this person~? I didn't know that you had anymore siblings~ Are they as kind as you~?" He commented pretty much kindly. Dex couldn't help it. He hated that they were hunters... But he was just kind my nature. The reason that he was an omega after all. He dug into his hoodie pocket and pulled out a small bag of M&Ms. What? He needed something sweet to munch on for the day...


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#, as written by Ever

ImageWith a soft hum, a noise that had only been amplified by the emptiness of the streets, a charcoal-toned Mercede Benz rolled through the sleepy town. Yet, even a “roll” wasn’t even quite at the right speed… in fact, it appeared almost too fast as the sleek automobile skipped between the panels of glass on the main stretch’s quaintly kept shops.Hm..? So this is the infamous ‘Wolf Lake’? My.. interesting.. mused one of the two passengers within the leather-encased carriage, the words bordering between amusement and disappointment. Folding her toned arms under her chest, Colette exhaled a wearily soft sigh, eyelids fluttering to a close. So this where I was born…? Heh, doesn’t really surprise me that I don’t remember it. It’s been, what, 13 years…? But more importantly.. As if exhausted with her mental commentary, the Hunter lazily reached out, two tapered fingers clutching around the drawn blinds that separated her from the autumn’s watery light, before tugging it to the side. As if in sync with her motions, the driver of the luxury vehicle halted the tires’ motion, their destination already upon them. After a rather curt and formal exchange of ‘thank you’s, ‘goodbye’s, and ‘good luck’s, Col was left standing before the steeled double doors, the doors that would lead her to a new destiny. This is where they are.

The first thing that the girl noticed, off the bat, was the aura. Undetected by normal patrons of the tiled halls, there was a heavy cloud that clung to the air, an air that radiated a claimed territory…. and a werewolf that stakes its territory is never a good sign. With a frown tugging the corners of her mouth downwards, nose wrinkled just slightly in disgust, Felicity couldn’t help but shake her head in disapproval. ”I swear..what have those two been doing?! Just sitting back and picking their fingernails..?!” Giving a small hmph of self agreement, the newcomer took vague note of her surroundings as she navigated her way to the front office, a slight smirk hidden within her next thoughts. Then again, if they had it under control, they wouldn’t have requested I come here.. correct? However, any traces of being smug were just as quickly masked with surprise the second the girl stepped through the registration office. Already present within the small, oddly white themed, room were four people...all of whom wasted little time in shaking her hand and introducing themselves. ”Ah-! You must be Miss Faust! I have got to say, it is lovely meeting you.." ventured the only man in the room, his white hairline remarkably receding and wrinkles deeply set. "I'm Principal Griffin and this here is the Secretary, Mrs. Johnkins, and your English teacher, Ms. Robbins." following his words was an indication to each of the persons he listed, the first being an elderly woman and the latter being a middle-aged flower. Simply offering them a reserved greeting of 'Thank you' and a slight smile, Colette detached herself from their mindless chatter as her files were stored away. Within mere minutes of first arriving, Ms. Robbins was guiding her out of the front office and down the emptied corridors. Hm... it's quite dreary for a highschool...then again, what do I know? It's my first time being in such a place.. more importantly though, these two Hunters, they warned me I wasn't to be in their class..right?

Blinking in surprise, Colette vaguely registered in her mind that they had already arrived at the classroom's door, not a single rash sound being produced from within. Casting her mauve orbs over to Ms. Robbins, who, at the current moment, was waving her new student through the door, the female hunter instinctively straightened her spine. So..this is it... remember 'Elegant and commanding', that's what Marcus told me. chimed her thoughts, her posture and demeanor going through millisecond alterations. Ducking her chin and relaxing her shoulders, Fel glided to stand by the front desk of the small room, doe eyes set forward and still. A true instantaneous transformation with a powerful feel to it, one that demanded respect and attention. As if surprised by the sudden reconstruction of her character, Mrs. Robbins remained frozen in the hall.. in fact, it wasn't until Fel gave a slow flutter of her eyelids, a soft cough emitting from her throat, that the astonished woman snapped into motion. "O-oh right-! Class..we.. h-have a new student joining us! Her name is...erm... what was it again, dear? Oh, you know what- J..just tell us about yourself!" stuttered the ruffled teacher, apparently at lost on what to do. Drawing back up her eyelids, violet orbs gleaming with an unassuming nature, Colette took this second to observe the crowd before her. Hmm...that redhaired one..... he must be the Alpha.. and the wolf with white? His mate.. that leaves that one. Black Omega? And odd Omega..but probably one nonetheless. assessed her hunter instincts, a sudden smirk tugging on her rosebud mouth. Eyes narrowing slightly, that gentle aura suddenly replaced with a knowing, a dangerous, allure. "Hello. I am Felicity Faust, though you may call me 'Fel'. I originally lived here in Wolf Lake for a brief amount of time but, due to personal reasons, I moved to New Zealand. However, due to those same...whats the word? Ah, issues.. due to those issues, I'm back here once more. I hope we can all get along." With that added bit, she simply graced her teacher with a dismissive smile before floating over to the desk next to the black haired Omega.