Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

Silver Chronicles: The Dark West


It's 19th Century America and it's up to a secret society unofficial called Silver to protect the blooming nation as it expands west. The Paranormal is out there but so are the hunters.

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"Ever since man has walked out of their warm safe caves there has always been a struggle with stronger more powerful beings for survival. Though what these beings didn't count on was that Man was blessed with two things that set him apart. Man was clever and their will for life was unmatched. Thus began the wars with “Monsters” from the woolly mammoth to more sinister creatures. The kind of creatures that, like how the stories say, go bump in the night along with those tall tales grandparents would recite. Humans needed to bridge that gap of power so they created weapons like bows, spears, and swords to fight these beings. Always a losing battle unless the human would outsmart those monsters. And those humans who got good at killing these monsters would be known as hunters. Stalking, praying, and killing on the same creatures who did the same to man, and as the years passed so did human hunting skills. Devolving stronger and better weapons due to wars which only thinned the line between the hunter and the pray. But as man’s understanding of science grew so did his disbelief in the creatures that once haunted his ancestors. The Para and Supernatural activity of ghosts, goblins, and witches all went dark of human understanding. The creatures like Bigfoot, Nessie, and thunderbird all just legends. But there are those that know the truth. That these monsters are still out there and the darkness that we humans have placed them in has only made them that much more dangerous. That’s what we’re here for. To protect people from the evil that still exists in this world. And keep their miserable little world normal so society can continue as a whole. We work in the shadows so that we don’t disturb the peace of people’s minds. We Hunt in the shadows because that’s where our pray hides. When those beings go bump in the night we’re the ones that go bang. What lies before you now is the opportunity to do more good in your life then you could imagine. A calling that goes above and beyond the call of duty for any one nation, and a true way to connect with your ancestors. We hunt. We kill. We Protect. We are God’s light in the darkness and we shall overcome. Welcome to America’s Federally owned Monster Hunting agency. Welcome to Silver." Yours Truly, John Smith

So it seems you have received a letter from the mysterious, John Smith. One would call that an honor if they knew who that was and what "Silver" was. Well if your an experienced Monster Hunter then you just might have an idea. Long ago a secret society with no name was established in the American Colonies when the English crown still had control. These men and women were trained hunters and detectives of the paranormal whose job it was to protect the people from the mysterious creatures of the night that the colonies may have had to deal with. A branch of an already existing secret society with no name that traces it's roots to medieval europe. Where in medieval europe? Well, no one really knows that. Though after America cut it's ties with Britain during the American Revolutionary War it seemed the secret society was here to stay. Staying funded by the money the government would funnel into the organization and it's members. Though denying the existence all together for the sake of keeping society as normal as it could be. As normal as a society could stay with the existence of creatures of all kinds. From folk lore to cryptozoology.

"We have no name because we don't exist. The government gives us the money and the connections then we just have to hope for the best. If we should find our assess caught up in some deep shit then that same government isn't going to cover for us. We keep to the shadows because thats where our pray likes to hide. We hunt in secret because we try to keep everyone's miserable life as normal as possible. When things go bump in the night we go bang. But if you want to call us something--call us Silver." --Member of Silver.

Setting: So the setting of the story will take place in 19th Century America. Around the year 1858 just after Japan has opened it's borders for Trade to America and only a few short years away from the Civil War. England is going through it's Victorian Age, America is known for it's Wild West, and Japan is still Feudal. Weapons are becoming more advanced. What went from single shot muskets goes into Colt's lever action rifles and single action revolvers. In the roleplay you take on the persona of a Monster Hunter who has either been a member of Silver or is becoming a member of Silver. Solving cases of different monster related actives. From the popular Vampires and Werewolves to hunting down creatures of Native American myth and tales. As well as Bigfoot, Thunderbird, Yeti, and other possibly large animals. Don't be fooled though because real magic is active in this universe still. Silver solving cases where Slaves have killed both masters and innocent people using voodoo as a tool of revenge. Demons are Hellish beings that like to play Human in order to steal souls.Vampires come in different versions with different weaknesses, but for one thing their body doesn't just turn to dust or fade away. So hunters have been hung for Murder when being unlucky enough to get caught by local authorities. A hunter might see a Vampire but the police only see a person. So Hunters need to cover their tracks. A few missions might be placed in Japan as Silver will be collecting hunters from around the world as America becomes a melting pot and immigrants may be bringing their magic and monsters with them.

Silver's Code:
1) You must not harm the innocent.
2) You are to never hunt alone.
3) We accept all beliefs and cultures into our ranks
4) All are Freemen
5) One will not fight in the wars of their nation.
6) Do not tell the innocent who you are.
7) To expose the society is to become a traitor.
8) To kill your partner warrants death (unless extraordinary cases are present)

Note from GM: I do want your characters to really possess a slice of history. If your Native American think think about where you might live, most likely Oklahoma because of the Trail of Tears. If your African you most likely got here by being a slave. What's your character's history? Look up pre-civil war America if you have too.

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Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

He is English. Born in England and worked in England. He basically hitched a boat to a america in a drunken stressed out haze-since his family no longer wanted to be associated with him and he wanted to get way from his crime.

Eh, making my character have dramatic skin change so he turns black...would actually be a really cool idea in some sense but not really as weird or open for possible humor. Unless I made him a real stereotype who hates black people because he see them as all stereotypes...which could make a cool personal trip for him, learning about his racism issues and having to deal with racism as a whole. There wasn't a too big a link at racism being the cause his accusation, it was more of the fact he did a bad job, got suckered by some poor evidence and blamed the Irish bum-more on the account he was a foreigner contributing nothing, sort of a territorial classism issue more-which due to the crime got the guy lynched.

A typical haunted by ghosts curse isn't really anything extreme or weird(but it can be good given the right touches here and there) and can more or you said be dispelled by prays, magicks or enchanted objects and doesn't have that much of an effect beside making him paranoid at best and a little stressed out from time to time and if I'm going for a pure mind play curse rather than a character alteration I would be better off just shooting high and aiming for something specifically meant to drive him mad(or at least disturb him...since those kind of events are generally just more cinematic to write
Example Given: When he lights a candle flesh drips off it instead of wax or something. Shadows stop moving in his eyes. Sound suddenly stops for him.

Which, would be nice. I'm rusty in the RP-year long break mostly-and little events like that would help me work out the rust.

Alright. How about something more classic call of Cathulu type character scenario. He suffers with a curse that no one can identify, haunts him and makes him experience random scenarios. Silver only knows that the curse is reaching an "ultimate" as in it is building up and will only get very, very slowly more intense before unleashing it actual effect. He sticks to Silver and works hard because its his only chance to find something or someone(who may be a something technically) that can give him answers. He Joined Silver shortly after contracting the curse from a book that he collected from the occult. Which he burnt out of disgust shortly after, although left with the fact monsters do exists. Prayers and specifically holy items and actions only soften it-to the same effect an soothing cream has against a enflamed tumor has-in this one he still a normal detective, pretty good at his job. Decent ballistic skill and physically alright for a punch up.

I kind of want the curse to be really over powering-or at least have a sort of... surrounding presence-or be really, really weird (like the hobo one for just an example)also he copes with the drinking issue with Silver basically giving him only solid food, letting him camp outside as a guard-since his curse says he can't have lodgings-and pretty much using a straw-the curse only activates if it touches his lips, if it got straight into his mouth he is ok-

if you like any of those that I said. Feel free to pick one. I'll write up a profile for him.

please excuse if I'm typo'ing a bit. It late for me.

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

To No-one-special: So he was cursed by his actions which had an Irish immigrant killed? While racism back in the mid 1800s was still going around I think that by the mid 1800s the English and Irish living and working together in America could tolerate each other. Remember this has been a long time since the era of British controlled colonies and most English are going to identify themselves as Americans now. Yes there was still racism among certain europeans the groups tended to stick together. This was the era when New York split into different groups like Little China, Little Ireland, and Little Italy. Europeans were quite good at sticking together to keep themselves safe. So an English mod killing an Irish-man in America... especially further into the west (where every white man worked hard together to pave themselves a future) would be rare.

Now say this curse was the product of a White mod lynching a black man then it would seem more likely. Racism in America concerning those who were not european (mostly native american and blacks) was very strong. Especially in the north were slavery was outlawed. Silver will tend to have to take up cases were they have to protect slave owners because there slaves bring with him certain African Occultism, Caribbean voodoo, and just straight hoodoo. While some members may not agree with slavery and one of the core rules of Silver is that every member is a freeman it is not up to them to take stances as a whole on where a nation stands political.

I would imagine that if your detectives actions kill an Irishman it would cause him to have a different kind of curse. A curse of being haunted by the Irish Families Banshee. This would be something to fear as the Banshee would see the character that killed the irish man before his time and would then haunt him. Either to kill him later or to just scare the shit out of him everywhere he would go. Silver could also protect him from this as well as any hoodoo curse. And even though a character might be cursed they would need to find a way to make him sober because they can't have a hunter drunk all the time. It would be bad for the organization should anything happen...and it would eventually just kill the character.

I like how your thinking about this and that you came to be before you submitted, but unless he has a special pendent, which will protect him from the curse or the banshee, given to him by silver, then can't really be a hunter. A Blessed Pendent, A Ritual he has to perform from time to time, Prayer, or use of his own picked out magicks. And remember to really make sure you stay within the setting of the mid 1800s.

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

I'm interested. Tell me, My good man. Can our humans be cursed in any manner-or under magical effects?

Because I have an idea for a human detective,

Basically I'm going to say he was picked up by Silver who help him cope with curse and use him as an agent(mostly due to his background and to put him to use)

His curse is that anything that touches his lips turns into hard vodka/special brew/ Gin (this includes water, any food that liquid or mushy. Creams and solutions to mouth sores...and lipstick). His beard will grow unwildly massive to it reaches his adams apple in a matter of minutes-even if he just shaved-and if he manages to get lodgings he will within the hour lose it somehow-with no money back-his fresh clothes will always get dirty to a unacceptable degree within two hours.

Basically, his curse is that he always be a drunken hobo but he retains the knowledge of his life before the curse. He was an actual detective before it all. He got the curse after his investigation got a poor Irish immigrant lynch by the English and thus had to assume his appearance and life style as punishment.

I sort of trying for a tragic but comedic potential character. Too weird and disruptive of a concept, buddy or?

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

Sweet, I'll start making one but first, will there be a specific skeleton to follow or not? It really doesn't matter to me if there is one or not. Unless there is something special you need to know about the character that is.

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

Well glad to have people aboard with my Idea. So let me answer all your questions.

To Asper: Yes, in fact because of the immigration of Asians into America in this time period there will be a few Japanese monsters mucking things up in 19th Century America. I've created a few short stories of Silver during this time period and the two main characters are hunting partners one of whom is a Japanese Ronin. This ronin got into hunting in japan when is master was killed by a Yokai. He travelled to America after his hunting partner arrived in Japan from America to help with a case there.

To Calvazara: I'm looking for characters who basically fit the bill for the time period and are not overly powerful. Humans are great characters by themselves I believe, and the tend to be more easily accepted into Silver. Harder to trust old enemies such as converted Vampires, but that isn't unheard of for Silver to have a few hunters who are more than human. Make a character and i'll see if it flies in my world. Will your character be born into the Silver Society (parents who were in it), a seasoned member, or a new guy who just learned about the supernatural world?

To Seveneleven: Just go ahead and drop a sheet, dude. As of right now there isn't any reserving. Any Character I have in my head will be played by me and be more along the the lines as NPCs for your characters to meet. Like Silver's leader being one of my characters who will give each group of hunters their own case.

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

I was coming online to check out my roleplays and decided to look at the newest ones and your idea caught my attention. It sounds very cool and I'm considering making a sheet. Are you reserving or do I just drop a sheet whenever?

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

I really like this idea and the time period is my favourite! So, what type of characters are you looking for?

Re: Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

Really awesome RP idea, is there a possibility as playing as a samurai? And joining whenever Silver travels around.

Silver Chronicles: The Dark West

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