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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Snakeeyz99


A pretty sleek humanoid android, AUGER is mostly red since his transformation from his previous form MUSCLE (v0.1). Otherwise he looks completely the same. He is made of a rare alloy called Mallium, which has been combined on the molecular level with Jack Tanner's biological material to form a new and unnamed semi-living material.


A is usually passive and intelligent, since he was designed as a supercomputer, but he can be extremely strong in a fight. He prefers hand to hand combat, but knows when it is appropriate to use his sword and gun.


Two photon cannons in his hands and an EMP device in his chest
A single photon pistol and a small photon scimitar.
Devices in his feet that allow flight and levitation for sustained periods of time.


A robot code-named MUSCLE (Mechanically Unique Standardized Conservation of Life Exploration) was built secretly by a talented young android technician named Jack Tanner. Two years later, that android self-destructed in a pointless attempt to stall or destroy Chronos. The android known as S-9 retrieved his memory chip from the remains, and Jack was able to reconstruct the android as an organic machine which became known as AUGER (Android [who has] Undergone Genetic Enhancement Rehabilitation). Shortly after the group won the battle against Chronos, Jack fled unexpectedly with his former fiance Alina, leaving A in charge of his company, REAP (Robotics, Exo-suits, Androids and Photons). He slowly began using his newfound fame to expand the market in selling lesser Second Gen X-18 MUSCLE androids.

So begins...

A.U.G.E.R's Story