Althya Mith

Silent Team Silverrose member

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A black haired 19 year old human. Note that she prefers wearing white to black.


Very little words are said from this young girl, often only answer in a nod or a shake of her head. Just because of this, it does not mean she is stoic or even shy. On the contrary, she is friendly and open. She enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles, and grocery shopping. Her expressions tend to be difficult to read but likes to smile and laugh while with friends and people she feels comfortable with. Though she is not an official member of the Wayfarers, it seems that she works with members of the Wayfarers the most often and enjoys Laryn's company.

While facing enemies or fighting, her personality does not seem to make a dramatic change, though, the change can only be felt by friends, etc. She is unrelenting if she is trying to protect someone else and if thrown into a notable rage, you better be praying that you are on her side and not the one to be receiving the punishment.


Althya has a curious M-Proton ability with light. As long as there is a light source for her to work with, she is able to, in a way, sculpt it into different shapes, forms, and densities, as if it were some kind of clay. The weapons she carries are based around this ability; two proton powered flashlights, in which the handles of the flash light becomes the handle/grip of the weapon and the stream of light is then turned into a blade of her desire. Note that her ability does not work without a source of light. (i.e. nighttime with no moon, dark room, ninja-y missions of sorts, captured in the back of a truck. Those kind of things)


An Earthly human that often played with her imaginary friends made from her ability to bend light. Later on in life, as her parents continued to disapprove of her lack of work ethnic and oddity, they sent her away, hopping she would return a person ready for society. Althya never truly returned, continuing her work when she discovered the joy of a flash light! Though it was her play-toy for a while (along with jigsaw puzzles) she was soon using it for self defense. After several attacks and attempts to destroy the offending shop, she found it in her interests to join the great Team Silverrose, now known far and wide for their great deeds.

So begins...

Althya Mith's Story