Amy 'Rose' Gibbs

Member of the Silverose Detective Agency

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Chari


Name: Amy β€œRose”
Age: 14
Race: Beast
Homeplanet: Presumably Venus

Abilities: Very Fast, even for a beast. Good Eyes. Multiple Transformations.

Weapons: Twin Photon swords or a double-ended Photon Weapon. Sometimes she uses a two handed photon greatsword.

Appearance: 5’5” Wears white a lot. Used to never wears dresses or skirts (shorts for her), but now she does ocassionally. Has cat ears and a wolf tail, both the same shade as her hair (which are not shown in the picture). She always hides them as best as she can, usually by wearing a White bandana and keeping the tail in her shorts.



Bio: Not much that she will tell. As it turns out, she is actually a byproduct of the same experiment that made Chronos. She was RX-005, frozen in suspended animation until 4 years ago. She emerged into the world with no memories, and quickly latched on to the first person to show her kindness, Silver. She developed quite an outgoing and cheerful personality over the years. She was with Team Silverose two years ago in the last battle, although she was forced to play on Chronos side for awhile. This turned out to be a ruse. After the battle, she disappeared along with Silver.

So begins...

Amy 'Rose' Gibbs's Story