Gabriel Daniels

Gabriel is a 38 year-old professional racer in the illegal combat racing sport 'Crimson Sky'. She lives for the thrill, and she will not let anyone take her life from her. She also works for Humans First

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Porecomesis


Gabriel has brown eyes and black hair that falls freely down to her shoulders, with red tips. She is often seen wearing her whole-body racing uniform, with white hand, arm, leg and chest areas with black palm, underarm, back of leg, rest of the torso and neck areas. Separating the black from the white are blood red outlines that also go around her wrists. She wears a black helmet with a narrow red visor when she is racing. She has an athletic build.
Outside of her racing, Gabriel wears a white tank top and camo short shorts, or anything else that permits a large degree of free movement.


Gabriel is carefree, enthusiastic, competitive, reckless, and anything else to describe someone that acts first and thinks/worries later. She’s a child at heart, but she loves a challenge. No matter what upheaval, challenge or triumph she confronts, she has a wonderful ability to bounce back, stronger than ever. She’s more or less respectful of able combat practitioners or racers, but she will egg them on until they agree to fight/race her. She hates the feeling of being restricted, and will do anything to ‘rock the boat’. She’s very independent, but she does have a lonely side. Although she works for Humans First, she merely sees the Mavo, Navis and Beasts as ‘more competition to crush’ rather than generally inferior to humans.


Racing suit: Her racing suit also contains nanomachines and magnetorheological fluids in order to survive major crashes unharmed.

Helmet: Gabriel’s helmet contains a bioscanner, installed by Humans First to help her weed out Mavo, Navis and Beasts from humans. It is also very durable, and it comes with energy vents at the back, which expel any excess kinetic energy in the event of a direct hit to her head. This helmet can also link to her suit, so if she builds up too much energy, she can vent it out. If too much energy is built up in a single moment, it is automatically vented.

Photon whips: Surrounding the forearms of her racing suit are photon whips that, in their resting state, look like thin cords. When she wills it, the cords can extend up to 10 times in length when photon energy is applied. The whips can change between two modes: while they are blue, they are solid and merely wrap around or whip her targets, and while they are red, they are able to cut through metals, except for, of course, the CHEsuits, militarised vehicles and the Sonic Bikes. Gabriel can change between these two modes at will. Speaking of Sonic Bikes:

Sonic Bike: Sonic Bikes are a popular mode of transport for adventurous motorists. They are long and use a combination of magnetic materials and photons to levitate in the sky, and it uses complex stabilisers to stay upright. Gabriel’s Sonic Bike, the Bloodsucker, is a top-of-the-line model made by Humans First. The Sonic Bikes made by Humans First are their countermeasures to the CHEsuits. Standard equipment for a Humans First Sonic Bike include:
-> Ionized zero-point energy tether,
-> Dual revolver photon cannons (that fire ionised photons), and
-> Energy shield cloak.

Gabriel has made several additions to the Bloodsucker, including changes in build to enhance speed and:
-> Flare and chaff compartments,
-> An improved engine and oxygen tank to allow underwater travel.

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