Johana "Joey" Cross

Bar Tender, Card Dealer, Undercover Security Officer, and Emergency Lounge Singer, Joey is employed by Lux Beta Pleasure Cruises

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Crystal Blood


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This is Joey's adventuring outfit, what she where when she isn't working.

When Joey is working as a Dealer or bartender on Lux Beta, she wears a long-sleeved white dress shirt, a black vest and black pants (occasional a black tie). Also she wears her prosthetic mechanical eye and her hair back in a high ponytail. When she is on the job as a security officer she wears the same outfit but with a black suit jacket and sunglasses. (Also an ear piece, gun and security badge). In the emergency case the entertainment fails to perform, Joey has a beautiful singing voice. For the emergencies she wears her hair in loose ringlets and flowing metallic cocktail dress.


Joey is fairly laid back, she likes adventure, which is why she works for Beta Lux, she can be very tom-boyish, she doesn’t think much of her gender, or other peoples. Over all an agreeable person.


Joey will occasionally wear her prosthetic eye, which looks perfectly normal, but it allows her to see in the dark, zoom in up to 20 yard, and take photographs. She also tends to wear large "power gloves", they are bad for dexterity, but they are extremely heat and cold resistant, very durable and add increased weight to her punches. Joey goes almost no where without her utility belt, which contains the basics, flashlight type deceive, tazer, mini laser, small photon knife, etc... Some of it is old fashioned and out of date. Joey's shoes contain a small anti-gravity device, not enough to lift her, but it allows her to skate along the ground rather than walk. Her goggles mainly stay on her head and are just standard issue, though she tends to wear them during fights so her prosthetic eye does get damaged.


Joey had a fairly boring childhood. She grew up on Venus and her parents worked for one of the travel agency, so Joey's first job as a Beta Lux Cruise Ship employ has been her job since, she is now 24 and looking to move on with her life. She has seen almost every corner of the known galaxy but feels she has still missed out on something. She is waiting for the right moment to quit her job at Beta Lux.

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