Leader of the Wayfarers

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Lightning Flash



Laryn also has gotten rid of the collar and his right arm is always heavily bandaged. He is 19 years old and a Human


Laryn is a rather apathetic individual. He is sarcastic bordering on agressive but for those he holds close, he is fiercely protective. He sometimes comes across as brash and overconfident and sometimes is to that effect. He lacks control sometimes and really doesn't have any softness about him. Preferring to tell the naked truth as opposed to sugar coating it. As a leader he may take on tasks that are out of his reach but always seems to come through in the end. Although when his past is brought up he gets fiercely defensive and will not stopat anything to keep it secret. When doing business he puts up an act as being a punk to not get cast out of the underworld that he's incorporated himself into, but he is actually a rather shrewd businessman.



Laryn uses Photon axes and Lightning M-Photons. He used to use twin axes until the final battle against Chronos where his right arm became completely burned, rendering it useless. To this day he has not used that arm in a battle, but his left arm has gained a great deal of strength in the meantime. He also has two dragon tattoos, one on each arm that help him amplify the power of his M-Photons by running the current through them.


Laryn doesn't talk about his far past, although all that some select people know is that it has something to do with Yils Draymar, whose gun he gave to Ash near his final battle against Chronos. But those in the underground know him as the leader of the Wayfarers, whose reputation Laryn desperately tries to keep. Because not many people would take you seriously if your entire group origonally consister of you and two girls, and later three girls. But Laryn formed the Wayfarers to combat the slavery of Beasts, however illegal his methods may be. Soon, through his exploits he was joined by Kofleur, then Teisha and later Sacura after he helped Ash "Silver" save the universe from Cronos. During his exploits in saving the galaxy Laryn has gained a lot of respect for Silver and treats him as a best freind even thought the two may not be such.

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