An uncertain Navi who joins the Wayfarers

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Maiko (formerly M-
Race: Navi
Age: Designed to look ~17


Maiko is deeply introspective and philosophical, often trying to understand deeper meanings in everything she comes across, including her own existance and reason. For this reason, she is usually quiet, though this is also because she is by nature shy. She has terrible self-esteem and doesn't consider herself to be worth anything at all. She is a master combatant, an expert in guns, swords, and hand to hand combat as a consequence of her original 'purpose'.


Maiko was not designed with any weapons built into her, as LCA wanted her to appear completely human to fool their enemies. Instead, she typically uses her body in hand to hand combat. However, she does have two hand-held weapons: a proton powered gun that transforms into a proton sword, and a traditional proton blade.


Maiko was 'born' as M- in the headquarters of the Navi group LCA, who created her as a means to battle and destroy their enemies. What LCA did not count on, however, was M-'s mind rejecting the destructive and combatative personality they tried to install in her. An attempt to force M- to shut down led the newly created Navi to decide to escape. In order to do so, she was forced to fight against LCA for her freedom, and succeeded in escaping. Once she was out of the facility, she began attempting to 'get herself together' and learn about herself. To this end, she took the name 'Maiko'--taking the name M- and assigning a letter corresponding to each number. She travelled through the world, trying to get rid of her combatative origins. Finally, she decided instead to embrace them, thinking she could use it to benefit people. To this end, she joined the Wayfarers.

So begins...

Maiko's Story