Nicholas Taylor

One of the greatest engineers that works for the Solar Alliance. He develops the CHEsuits that are used to oppose Humans First.

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Porecomesis


Full name: Nicholas Taylor
Nicknames: Nick
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Nationality: Earth
Birth Date: September 30th, 2247
Age: 48
Zodiac sign: Libra

Job/Profession: Engineer
Allegiance: Solar Alliance

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 148bs
Build: Tall, lean, lanky.
Blood Type: O
Handedness: Right-handed
Skin shade/color: Light intermediate
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Gray
Hair style/length: Messy, spiky, short.
Facial hair: Small goatee and beard.
Distinguishing traits: His tired posture and top-of-the-range glasses.

Sexuality/preference: Heterosexual
Relationship/Martial status: Single
Family/relatives: Mother, father, sister (40), sister (32)
Friends: Co-workers, doctor, MAGNUS (his Navi).
Enemies: Humans First
Acquaintances: Clients, some military personnel.

Proficiency: Robotics, physics.


Personality: World-weary, non-caring, loner, analytical, serious.
General Public Behaviour: Tired, nonchalant, serious, dismissive, observant.
Goals: To protect people who need his help.
Life's Ambition: Undecided; he goes with the flow.
Fears: The idea of Humans First getting their hands on the CHEsuit designs.
Likes: Rest, alone time, lack of company, chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate, apples, his CHEsuits and Navis, smart and responsible people.
Dislikes: Slackers, crowds, idiots, spicy foods, lemons.
Least Outspoken About: His problems, his loneliness.
Most Outspoken About: His CHEsuits, his opinions of other people, what he believes is right.
Aptitudes: Machinery, physics.
-> Know who you’re dealing with.
-> Any creation- any at all- is a reflection of you.
Superstitions: “Machines are sentient.”
Religion/Beliefs: Doesn’t care.


Combat Weapons Pack type 4: This CWP comes equipped with a forearm-mounted photon blaster for the right arm and a photon shield for the left. In addition, the feet are equipped with small thrusters to improve manoeuvrability and speed. A small energy core on the back provides energy.

Special glasses: Nick’s glasses, exclusive to him, can see the ebb and flow of energy, capture images like a camera with very high resolution and they can scan a machine’s composition or circuitry, normally to find symptoms for glitches or errors. In addition, they are very resilient and they protect Nick’s eyes. These glasses are normally used diagnosing problems with machines, but Nick insists that they are quite comfortable and always wears them except for when he is sleeping.

CHEsuit: The CHEsuit (Colossal Human Exoskeleton) stands at around 15 feet tall, with the cockpit being shaped like a gondola lift. Interface methods include a full-face helmet which allows the pilot to use the external speakers or to use the weapons, the special gloves which react to the user’s arm movements and the CHEsuit’s arms move accordingly, and the pedals which move the legs depending on the force on the pedal. The pedals, in depature from previous exoskeletons, do not use fixed-position pedals, so the legs can move in other directions.

The CHEsuit has advanced balance mechanisms that keep it upright. The CHEsuit’s feet consist of five thick prongs so that the CHEsuit can walk on uneven terrain, and the CHEsuit’s arms and hands are delicate enough to pick up spiders. The CHEsuit’s legs are connected to a module connected on the bottom of the cockpit that can swivel if the need ever arises.

The CHEsuit’s integrated weapons include a photon blade mounted on each forearm, two photon blaster turrets on the top of the cockpit for long-range powerful fire and one on each side for short-to-medium-range rapid fire. It also has an energy shield to protect from hazardous materials and enemy fire. Underneath the cockpit is a smaller photon blaster turret for dealing with smaller enemies and those that get under it.

The CHEsuits are designed from a durable, heavy, EMP-proof alloy that renders all handheld weapons useless in its wake. Also, they are heatproof and waterproof, so they can’t be overheated or rusted. The only things that can stand in their way are other CHEsuits, airships, missiles, warships.

The shoulders, which are connected to the sides of the cockpit, are disguised radomes which can communicate with the satellites. The satellites can display desired information on the main screen of the cockpit, the main screen also being the transparent shielding that protects the pilot. So far, no discovered materials have been able to penetrate it.

CHEsuits are manned by a single pilot. To make a single one would cost roughly $70 million (today), and then they’re normally sold for $80 million. Any organisation that buys CHEsuits rarely buys more than 3 at a time. Which is fair; they are the ultimate mobile weapon in planet-based warfare.

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