Royal Guard gone Mercenary.

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a character in “Silverose”, as played by Snakeeyz99


A kindred spirit to Jack, S-9 shares a profound interest in ancient earthling culture. As a result, he wears an antique duster and hat from the early 1900's (these were found in an ancient time capsule jettisoned into space in the year 2050).
He is an excellent marksman, and carries two powerful photon pistols on his belt. Unlike the X-18 series, S-9 has definite human features.


S-9 can be cocky sometimes, but this is usually made as an attempt to add humor into a situation. He is more human in personality than many other androids. To royalty and his friends he is endlessly loyal.

Theme Song: Carry Me Home-The Living End


2 photon pistols.
Healing photon devices in his hands, that require much energy to use.


S-9's earliest memories were recovered in a battle against Chronos in the Royal Palace on Earth. He remembered his purpose to protect the royal family with his life, and some of his earliest jobs. Then his memory goes blank, and he arrives at the time when he first met the torn face of Jack in an alleyway. S-9 had somehow been badly beaten and was being picked at by scavengers on Venus. Jack fought off the scavengers, one of whom wielded a primitive switchblade(Ironically found in the same capsule as the duster and hat), and repaired him. Owing Jack a life-debt, S-9 aided Silverose in the destruction of Chronos. After the battle, Princess Sacura vanished with the Wayfarers. With torn duties to her and the king, he left to become a skilled mercenary. However, in the two years since then he has not had a real challenge, and his powers have decreased far below those at his peak.

So begins...

Sentinel-9's Story