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Milky Way Venus Owner: RolePlayGateway

A water-land


Milky Way Mygita Owner: RolePlayGateway

A dusty rock in another galaxy. Place where most of the Beasts were shove by frightened humans. Part of the Solar Emp. Many deserts and rocky areas. Picture the rock spires and mesas of the West USA mixed with the painted desert, only cooler. Largest Cities: Corines, Sparti


Milky Way Omic Owner: RolePlayGateway

Capital of the Omicron, and the worst sleaze pit in the galaxy. Picture the Chicago of Al Capone. Very polluted. Nasty place to be, all said and done.


Milky Way Mars Owner: RolePlayGateway

Most densely populated planet. It is basically one big city itself. Olympus Mons is the most popular ski resort in the galaxy (for obvious reasons). The world climate is basically like that of Canada


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Milky Way Gokanin Owner: RolePlayGateway

Jungle planet, mostly uninhabited except for research outposts, and some humans who decided technology was bad and formed tribal communities. Largest City: NONE! WEREN???T YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!


Milky Way Earth Owner: RolePlayGateway

Capital of the Solar Empire. Is basically one big nature preserve now, with the cities in glass domes to keep nature out and people in. Big Cities: Nuvo Yorka (yes, New York???), Los Angeles, Romahi (Rome)


Milky Way Endro Owner: RolePlayGateway

Most populous city in the Galaxy, and Capital of Endro. Famous for its copper skinned humans, and its government of androids. And lets not forget its amazing food. Is basically one giant city, although it is very advanced and clean. Houses the main facility of the G.M.A.

New Terra

Milky Way New Terra Owner: RolePlayGateway

A recently discovered inhabitable planet which has an atmosphere and composition identical to Earth's. It also has nearly identical vegetation and wildlife, causing scientists to marvel over the similarities.