Mist [Aurora Hillard]

like what you have, not beg for what you want.

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a character in “silverwolf school of arts”, as played by silver0lilly


Theme song:
Loves to sing and play guitar
Blond hair with purple tips and streaks'
She is in grade 11
Her eyes are blue but with the contacts she has they look more like a bluish red
Likes to make poetry
Grew up on the poor side of town but when her parents died she was adopted by a wealthy family
Came to this school for the music department
She's quiet at times, but at others she can be extremely out spoken


She grew up like any other kid with a low family income, she learned to live with what she had and not wish for what she couldn't have. From a very young age she new all about the truth of Christmas, her parents never wanted to tell her but how else could they explain why Santa never came to there house. She went to school on the ‘poor’ side of town so she didn’t get as bullied as much as if she had gone to another school. When she was 11 her mom and dad and little brother where killed by gang members. She was so upset, it broke her heart to know that no one stopped to help her brother after her parents where killed, her brother died of his injury's and he was only 5. a year latter she was adopted by the graves family, a rich lawyer and his wife. They couldn't have kids and didn’t really want to raise a little kid. Aurora started to go to a normal high school and she was doing ok there. One day at a party where her friend Jake was playing with his band, she got asked to fill in for one of the singers because the girl had strep thought and couldn't sing. At first she flat out refused but after a bit she agreed. The crowd loved her and soon she was one of the main members of the band. When she learned about silverwolf she was extremely exited and begged with the graves to let her go. It didn’t take much to convince them, they where soft hearted and bent easily for her, they said she could start as soon as the forms where filled out.

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i shifted my bag on my shoulder and pulled my sutecase along. i looked up at the school. i was amazed i could still call it a school it looked more like a mansion. i walked in the front door and started to look for my room. it was up in the right wing and when i opend the door i gasped in amasment. when it had said i got my own room i thought they would mean a small crampt room but this was AMASING. there was a 4-poster bed with huge fluffy purple blankets and peliows on it. i droped my stuff by the door and took my shoes of not wanting to ruin the soft white carpet. as i looked arownd i found a walk in closet, a HUGE bathroom with marble floors, and a room that was empty but looked like it had sound proof walls. i giggled happily and started to put what little i had away. i grabed my guitar and locked my door behind me just in case. i stroled down to the cort yard and was amased to find it empty, when they said this place was new i thought they ment like 10 years old but by the amount of people i had seen it was almost like this was its first year. i sat on the bench and strumd a few cords on my acustic checking it to see if it was tuned right.