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Anna-Sophia Tucker

"Have you ever just felt so...Lost?"

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a character in “Silverwood”, as played by SugarCoatedVanilla



"I don't even know myself."


Full Name:
Anna-Sophia Amber Tucker


Sept. 18th

Zodiac Sign:

New Girl/Traveler



"Do you really want to know me?"

Pink || Pink is literally her favorite color. Call her too much of a girly girl, but she could honestly care les about that factor. She doesn't show that she likes pink, if you actually go into her room is of the main thing you'll find in her room, along with orange.

Coffee || There is nearly no friend of her that doesn't know of her coffee obsession. Its a classic white girl thing as most people would say, but its true when it comes does to it. One of her favorite things she does quite a bit is go to new coffee shops. She has never actually stayed n one place and often visited lots of cities throughout her life.

Donuts || There is one thing that will early always make her agree to something. Glazed sprinkled donuts.

Moving || Although she travel the time it one of the things she's been doing since she was little, she hates it. She wants to settle down and actually make friends without having to leave them over and over again.

Mothers || Anna has never forgiven her own mother when he came down to it. The first time she moved, she remembered her mother saying she couldn't go. It tor heart away and she cant tolerate the thought of mothers anymore.

Wolves || Anan has never known why, but she doesn't like wolves at all. The memory of the day she was bitten was locked away in her memory for her own good. She can only remember the fear she felt the night it happened.

Jumping || Its rare to catch her when her guard isn't down. She easy to scared and jumps at the slightest of contacts. She cannot stand to be touched by someone she doesn't trust.

Lop-Sided Smile || When she's upset about something she gives a lop sided smile that doesn't reach her eyes. Even when she isn't upset, a habit she doesn't when she doesn't know what to do.

Hiding || Whenever he is feeling really strongly about something she covers her face ace easily gets red and some people like to actually point it out. Its a horrible habit she formed.

Understanding || When people are upset things, s's one of the people who will do her best to understand how you feel at that moment. She doesn't like to the choose one specific side, but you will try her best to see both point of views when I comes down to it. She isn't afraid to point out the flaws on both sides just to get them to come back together in a way that it should be.

Drawing || Sophia does really well when it comes to drawing. Normally she carries around a small journal that holds all of her little creations in the small thing.

Coloring || Most people are gonna call it dumb or whatever, but she is really well when it comes to coloring in anything.

Math || If there is anything she excelled in school in it would have to be math. She has never gotten lower than a high C in that class. Even if she did it was most likely due to her being absent or coming to a new school.

Expressing Herself || When it comes to liking others and that type thing she is the worst at telling others about how she feels. Majority of the time she just expresses her thoughts on other things besides herself. When it comes to herself she isn't exactly one that wants to talk about her feelings.

Sense of Smell || Sophia has a horrible sense of smell and she has a horrible time when he comes to recognizing things, just by their smell. It has to be nearly up to her face in order for her to smell it.

None || She doesn't have any she wants anymore to now about.

"Can looks tell a story?"


Eye Color:



The first thing you might notice about would be he hair. It is naturally a honey blonde color wit a few strands of light brown. She had big round hazel eyes that she love way more than she really should. Her hair falls down to the middle of her back, which she usually wears down in wavy or loose curls. Typically you'll also find her wearing unique earrings, along with bracelets on both of her wrists. Her skin is a milky white color and it highlights her eyes. Her figure isn't the smallest, does have small waist line with a bit of hips. She love bright colors and usually you'll find her wearing fashionable clothing with a hint of some other things along with it. On each of her nails she has a design that represents a place that she ha visited, or lived in for a period of time. On her right ring finger nail she always has a wolf design on it. She couldn't ever remember where she was, nor would her father tell her. But she can vaguely remember living somewhere, where she would often times go out the woods an wolves would be all around there. She honestly hated it, but learned live with it also, but she still will refuse to go near any wolf. At most times you'll find her with a big smile on her face.

My Wolf

Fur Color:
Light and Dark Brown
Eye Color:
Her wolf was naturally smaller than it any other normal wolf. Due to her being an omega she would always be small in comparison to other ones. Her wolf has a rather slim and flexible figure. She easily fits in small areas and when she runs its easy for her body to move around the place. Her ears are rather large and they tend to in the way when she runs at a fast pace.

Inside of Me


Loyal, Trustworthy, Spoiled, Weird, Awkward, Pun-ny, Kind, Country
Anna is quite a quirky type of person. She loves to have fun all the time and is usually caught trying to make a joke or laughing. Some may find it annoying, but she likes the way she is and wouldn't change t for the world at all. People that know her, know that se can be one of the funniest people you meet and one that isn't really ashamed of making mistakes all the time She learned to live, even though she is may be looked at badly for something that she did, everyone makes mistakes and she doesn't spend all her time worrying about it at all. You live and you learn, and she tries not to make the same one again. Although she may make the same one over and over again, you can't blame a girl for trying. Anna is often a curious little kitten and she will get into things she isn't exactly supposed to get into at all, making it good or bad depending if she gets caught or not. She can't really help it, even if she does get in trouble for it.
Although Anna tends to be a happy person all the time, she isn't always happy. Just Like everyone else, she gets upset and cries about things too. But she tends to hide everything with a smile so that others don't worry about her and she is very loyal when it comes to her friends. Once you have become someone dear to her she won't turn her back on you unless mad. She doesn't mean it to be bad, but she like to know if someone is really okay or not. She is one of those people tend to hate but love at times too. She hasn't ever had too many friends and most people find her annoying, so when she was at school she had "Friends" by name only, not people who actually would get close to her. She acts like it doesn't matter, but on the inside she just holds her emotions inside not letting people know. Once again, she puts others above herself always. When it comes to liking a person, she is one that is easily jealous of things and that can be a good or bad type of thing. She isn't the type to show and react on someone rudely when she gets jealous at all, but she does get jealous when it comes to guys. When it comes to Anna she is someone that you can't always expect her to be one way , because she may just go a completely different direction you do it to her. She typically doesn't like to see others in pain so she puts other people in front of herself not really minding if she is hurt in the end or not. She is a friendly type of person who isn't very afraid to talk to anyone, unless you have something very off of you and she can tell. She is known to getting into other people space even if they are .

The Past


Throughout her life she has always been that person you see and then they are gone in what seems to be a blink of an eye. Its always been that way for her since she was very young. She had never known why she was always being taken place to place, and her parent refused to tell he why either. For her, her life has always been a mixture of things happening around her and she has never known what it was. Her mind has always been curious as to why she was kept in the dark and not knowing what was going on around her and it simply drove her crazy. It was honestly the hardest thing to deal with, though she has gotten used to it.
But she has no clue as to what happened to her when she was younger. Her parent would do anything to keep her from knowing for her personal life. Her mother was a werewolf who married a human, but when she had her only daughter she was born human instead of getting passed down the wolf gene. To her mother it was one of the best things that could happen to Anna so she would be able to do what she wants with her life without having to worry about being discovered or fighting. But then one day the small town she was born in went into war with another pack. Anna had been left outside with her mother while her mom gardened. It al seemed to happen too quickly and before she knew it their were wolves running rapidly around attacking the pack. Sophia was only three at the time and was out farther than she should have been. When she noticed the wolves the first thing she thought was simply them being a dog and she ran after it trying to play. But the moment she got close enough she was attacked. The wolf bit her leaving a nasty looking mark on her.
Due to the bite her wolf gene had been made active. Though since she was bitten it made her an omega, something that nearly all other wolves seem to hate. Anna seems to be a late bloomer. due to her being 18 and still has yet to actually shift for the first time. Her scent is the scent of a rogue, although at the same time no one can sense the wolf inside of her. She has had no contact with it, though with it being that, when she shifts it wont be what everyone seems to expect. Her wolf will naturally be small, just a bit bigger and taller than a pup.

Other Stuffy Stuff

So begins...

Anna-Sophia Tucker's Story


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Mikaela sat by the café window, her pick-up coffee latte gently in one had but untouched as she absent-mindedly rubbed her temple with the same hand she were leaning her cheek against. There were a lot pondering on her mind and she couldn’t help but wonder on the famous ‘what if’. For instance, what if there were no divide in packs? Chaos, she supposed. But what if Sin grasped the importance of control and humanity. He could change his and his pack’s way to avoid being the unpredictable horror of the townsfolk.

But it was what it was. As the thoughts rolled on, stirring nothing but anger inside, her little warm plastic cup burst open from the middle, spilling on her. “Crap!” Instinctively she moved from the pouring hot substance. All she could do from there were sight out, flicking the drink from her fingertips as she waited for service to make a hasty approach. Instead, it were a cautious hesitant one. The employee’s eyes shifted nervously to Mikaela as she cleaned the table and floor.

It took a moment for Mikaela to catch on to the staff’s fear. “I’m a good one,” she told the restless waitress somewhat defensively. She nodded with a tremor dominating her hands. Mikaela shook her head to herself and buried around her pockets for some change that she left on the table for the shaken waitress.

Mikaela hadn't even look worn down or dirty. Quite presentable actually. She trudged along the street and headed back home, wondering if any other wolf from her pack got unjustified discrimination. Especially when her pack were just trying to look out for the people and keep the wilds at bay.That were their prime duty in her eyes anyway.

Her feet had successfully got her home and she were disrupted from fumbling with keys when she caught whiff of a tainting scent. cooper-ish and foul. Something definitely not right. Self-consciously, she took a glance around the deserted street then ran quickly to where her senses urged her until the smell grew stronger and stronger as the smell drove her into the woods and at last she had to skid to a stop to prevent from falling over the dead body. After a sharp gasp of recognition, her hands clamped over her mouth and nose to prevent the temptation to scream, and stop the awful smell from invading her senses. The sight truthfully were no better though. Soulless, cold eyes, horrifically pale and lots of blood drying over different sections of the thin female body.

It didn't look like knives work or guns. Then again...people could be twisted. The body were so dismantled, there were no telling but the wound in the neck definitely implied jaws locking on.