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Sin City

Sin City


Previous RP by me.. In the Pacific Northwest, Vampires and Werewolves have been kept a secret by a Society of hunters now the cats out of the bag.

455 readers have visited Sin City since Adrian Shadoan created it.



"Peace and freedom what every race strives for."

For two hundred years and more the Town of Rosharon has been cleansed of the vicious animal attacks that lead to a secret war in the beginning of the 1800's. The towns people no little if anything about the battle for survival that was waged on the town and the blood spilled quenched the land of the drought. The drought was said to be the cause of all those deaths but within the Shade Society a group of Vampire Hunters stationed within the heart of Rosharon, they know better.

The year was 1808 it was a silent night with a beautiful shimmering moon peeking behind the dry clouds. A strange family came to the town seeking supplies for their travels as they continued on the Oregon trail out to the Pacific. The founding fathers of Rosharon placed the village upon the trail only five or so miles away from the coast so that traveling pioneers would surely need to stop by for provisions, a place to hunker down for the evening and maybe even the company of a lady. The family decided to stay for the night they said that the road had made them weary and that driving the horses in the dark could only lead to disaster.

Eager for business the founding fathers invited them to an evening meal, they feasted on many things that no poor man would ever be able to afford. Strangely the family never ate any of the food offered to them, they only smiled sweetly and stared about the room talking of their travels and of the many lonely nights on the road with no good conversation. One of the Founding fathers a Reginald James allowed the family to stay with him for the evening along with his darling wife and their son. At the break of dawn he awoke to find his wife gone, which he figured meant she had gone out to gather the freshly laid chicken eggs. But when he went to his sons room and found it a blood spattered mess he raised an alarm running out into the street holding the body of the blood drained boy.

A years time went by and old Reginald soon began to go mad with vengeance on the mind he started a group of Vampire Hunters later to be named the Shade Society dealing with any thing of the nature. Of course the town had had there score of Werewolf sightings and Vampire sightings alone. The Shade Society hunted down and slaughtered all immortals they came across. On a routine scouting mission Reginald found the remains of his wife, or so he believed by the ring on her finger. This only drove him madder as time went on. With all the deaths of their kind the Vampires came forward and struck up a plea bargain with the Shade Society.

All of coexisted for a very long time but deep within the Vampire ranks there is an uprising. A few here and there that have grown tired of the oppression of the elders to keep quiet and be like the Shadows. As in never been seen and especially not heard. They believe that the are being treated like children and have started attacking the Towns folk. The People of Rosharon are scared and fear the night and the day alike the attacks seem to happen all the time anymore. Hunts have been started for the beast of Rosharon, but sadly the people are not able to find the creature or a sound reason for their fears and deaths.

It is now 2010 and the sleepy village in the mountain fog is still thriving, Vampire and Humans coexisting with a few deaths here and there. But no one really suspects anything more the Legendary Rosharon Beast. The Shade Society keeps a tight lock on everything and says nothing. While an enraged Vampiress leads her minions to attack the town some time in the near future. The years have been cruel and even the Society is now defiled with Human hunters and Vampires. They work together to stop the oncoming threat.


Species list and details

Vampires~ The vampires in this rp are capable of walking in the daylight (No they don't effing sparkle) They are pale and normally were sunglasses to hide their blood red eyes. They exist alongside the humans and have normal jobs just like the humans. Power wise each vampire has at least one special gift, besides the supernatural speed, strength, and the ability to jump extremely high. They are beautiful graceful killing machines.

Humans~ The humans of this rp are just like your normal average humans. Though some humans have supernatural powers as well. Or they have special techniques, and or weapons. Not all humans are unaware of the Vampire threat, and you can be a Hunter for the Shade Society.

Werewolves~ They are in this rp but not yet you can opt to be a werewolf but I'm afraid like most of the Vampires your gonna have to hide your true side from the public for a little while.. Werewolves can also be part of the Shade Society.

This rp is rated R meaning-
1. You can cuss but don't go extreme
2. Romance is allowed but if it gets far to heavy take it to the pms.
3. Fighting is also allowed.
4. Characters can die.. and some will.
5. Absolutely no god modding seriously its irritating.
6. Please keep to the story, its Vampires, Were Wolves and Humans. No Angels and Demons, keep Tom Hanks outta my rp.
7. Don't post in IC until I have accepted you and posted your profile in the Character List.
8. You may have as many characters as you can control if someone starts getting left out or if its Werewolf in the waiting.
9. Please and I can't stress this enough... HAVE FUN!!!!
Hybrids~ Hybrids can only be Vampire and Werewolf, and we can't have too many. They have the same abilities as Vampires and Werewolves supernatural power. And the have the special abilities too. Though they are very uncommon.

Profile Skeleton-
Name:post in here
Age: post in here
Sex/Sexuality:(please don't put yes, it was funny in that one movie and it will be funny for a few seconds)
Species:(Vampire, Human, Werewolf)post in here
Abilities:(If its elemental you can only have one Element and only one ability)post in here
Weapons:(anything you want.. but no light sabers)
Personality:(can come out in the rp)
Side: (Evil Vamp, Good Vamp, Evil Were, Good Were, Good Human, Evil Human, Shade Society Member, Neutral)

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