Brant Stalin

"I may look like a good guy but anger has nothing on me."

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a character in “Sin or Virtue?”, as played by GamerX



Name: Brant Stalin

Sin or Virtue: Sin - Wrath

Age: 20

Orientation: Heterosexual

Description: In his normal form Brant looks like a good guy with a foul face. He always wears a light jacket to cover the holes in his shirt from the bat-like wings that sprout from his back in his full power form. He hates wearing hats since they would cover his full power form's horns and they also mess up his hair. When he takes off his jacket you can see scars on his shoulder blades (from where the wings are connected) and these scars are in the shape of skeletal wings. When the wings sprout they are small but they are powerful with razor sharp claws on them. As for his fingers in his full power form they extend a little and the nails become razor sharp. His skin grows dark almost like decaying skin and his eyes glow an eerie white. His teeth become quite sharp and even just brushing against them could cut the skin.

Power: The more someone gets mad the more powerful he tends to get, almost like he is feeding from the anger. Even if someone is trying to hide their anger he can sense it and use that to his advantage. His blood lust increases from the sight of blood and causes him to want to see more, this effectively creates a never ending cycle until he is satisfied. To curve his blood lust he needs either to taste his own blood or kill someone.

Full power form: His wings allow him to have short distance flight or gliding. The flight distance is only ten feet in any direction however. Also his blood lust greatly increases.

History: His whole life Brant was always expected to be a good boy, when that was completely opposite of his true nature. He felt as if no one truly understood him, and they didn't since he kept such a goody-two-shoes act for so long. Although when he turned 17 he couldn't take it anymore; the bullies, overly high expectations, and never getting to make his own choices. It all drove away his act and his true nature was revealed. In a bloody scene Brant killed off the bullies, his parents, two younger siblings, three of his teachers and a few innocent people that got in his way. He was placed on the top of the most wanted for the horrid scene and went into hiding; although this didn't last too long for him. When Brant was soon to turn 20 his hiding spot was discovered and he was killed by a sniper on the SWAT team. Although this was the biggest mistake they could have made at that specific time as a true monster was released from the man. Brant took his new full power form and slaughtered the one that killed him and over 30 others that saw the incident, even if they didn't have anything to do with it. When he calmed down a little he noticed his clothes were ripped at his shoulder blades and he had blood all over himself. That is when he thought, 'Have I been given a second chance? No, I have been reborn as a better being.' From there he walked away from the gory scene with no remorse for what had happened.

Personality: Brant is usually ill tempered and this only gets worse when something happens he doesn't like. Even though he is usually good at hiding it to prevent too much conflict from arising, Brant still likes to see the anger that is deep inside one's soul. Sometimes he may seem distant but that is only because he doesn't like many people in this world. Those that Brant lets get close to him can rest assured that he will kill someone before letting them harm something or someone he cares for. The easiest way to tell if Brant is warming up to you is if he is nasty to you; if you are close he won't be as nasty but he will seem like a bit of a jerk. If he hates you he won't bother to hold back on letting you know for a second.

+Most of the Sins

-Overly nice people
-Almost all of the Virtues (The others he tolerates)
-Saving a needless life
-Giving mercy
-Stupid people

Other: Brant hates his Virtue counterpart even though he barely knows anything about the person. If it were not for needing him to protect Brant the pest would be attacked by Brant at all times until one of them were dead.

Weapons: When in his full power form Brant uses his razor sharp claws and deadly teeth. In his normal form Brant uses hand-to-hand or a sword that he took from the dead body of one of his victims.

So begins...

Brant Stalin's Story