Beth Potter

"Hey I'm Beth it's nice to meet you, my last name is Potter me and Harry Potter are cousins, JK"

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a character in “Sincerely, Anon”, as played by youloveme?



♦ The Basics ♦

» Name: ”Just call me Beth”
Bethany Marie Potter
» Age: ”I am 16 going on 17 baby da da da da”
» Role: ”Like a cinnamon roll? YUM”
The Bubbly One
» Gender: ”UMMMMM You can’t tell?”
» Sexual Orientation: ”I like boyzzzzz”
» Occupation:
She is a junior in high school. Aside from that she works at the local Starbucks, she is obsessed with the place so it is the perfect job for her.


♦ The Description ♦

» Face Claim: Miranda Kerr
» Hair: Bethy has dark brown hair with dark chocolate highlights. Her hair is really long with a natural wave.
» Eyes: She has dark brown eyes.
» Face: Heart shaped face with cute little dimples when she smiles.
» Build: She stands at 5’6 but is very skinny.
» Style: She has a very girly style she likes to wear colored skinny jeans, sweaters, high low anything, and anything with lace.
» Markings: ” Oooo Oooo! My heart scar!”
She has a scar on the back of her ear that is shaped just like a heart


♦ The Character ♦

» Likes:
- Star Bucks
- Pringles ”I’m going to marry them and have there babies”
- Owls
- Make Up
- Hot Chocolate
- Nerd Glasses
- Mustaches
- Fuzzy Socks
- Hair
- Harry Potter
- Nail Polish
- Magazines
» Dislikes:
- Pizza
- Mad People
- Storms
- Bugs
- Waiting in line
- Bad guys
- Cheaters
- Being scared
- Secrets
- The Cold ”Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday
» Phobias:
» Habits:
Biting her nails
Pulling on her earlobe when she is nervous
» Personality: Beth is just one of those people that everyone loves. It’s hard not to love her. She is sweet as candy and loves everyone. She is always very friendly and never judges anyone. She is always smiling and having a good time. She is just hard not to love she’s just so awesome.
Beth is one of those people that treats everyone like a best friend when she first meets them. She’ll just come up to them even if they have only talked like once and she will hug them. And if they never met she will come up to them and be really friendly. She is makes a lot of friends because she is so nice to all the new people that she meets so it helps. That is why she has so many friends, it’s because she is so friendly.
For the start Beth is going to be really trusting of you. She is a very trusting person so you better get used to it. Though he trust can be broken, so don’t break her trust. Beth won’t hit you or anything if you break her trust but she will make you feel guilty. She has this way of making everyone feel guilty. She cry and always look sad around you, next thing you knows you’ll just have to apologize and get it over with because you really do feel incredibly guilty. Beth calls it her gift to get people really guilty so that she never has to apologize it’s always them.
Though even after breaking her trust you can regain it. After you agonize she will forgive you but you won’t get her trust back yet. It will take a very long time. Though the one thing that you will never get from Beth is her deepest secrets, she will not tell anyone them. Her deepest secrets are only things that she knows. She could never trust anyone enough to tell anyone.

But aside from her being trusting she is also funny. She is one of the funniest people your will ever meet. She is always joking around or doing something silly. Though honestly she is funny to hide the fact that she really hates to be serious, she likes things to be light and fun. She really doesn’t know how to carry a serious conversation that well because she is constantly trying to avoid them.


♦ The Past ♦

» History: Beth was born and raised in aq big city, to be more specific New York City. She grew up a pretty normal life there. Well fairly normal. Her mom got pregnant with Beth she didn’t know who the father was so she convince Beth that the rich man was her father, Beth believed her. Then a while later when she was 13 her ‘father’ left. It was revealed later that year that he was never her father and just a man her mother has convinced her was her father. So Beth went on heart broken blah blah blah.
She started to get in with the wrong group after that. She did some stupid things like lost her virginity at the age of 14. She smoked some weed, ect. Then one day she got into a fight with her mom and she moved out and into her friend named Jamie, who was also not the best of kids house. Jamie’s older brother Jake had gotten into some trouble with the law so Beth tried to stay away from him. But one day it was only Beth and Jake in the house and Jake rapped her. It ruined her. She found out she got pregnant but told Jamie it was from her ex-boyfriend. She stayed there until she was about 4 months pregnant then moved back in with her mom. She told her mom the same story she told Jamie and her mom was mad. But she wouldn’t let Beth put the baby up for adaption once she had it.
So Beth has the baby and her mom figured out what she was going to do. Her mom decided that she was going to pretend the bad was hers and not Beth’s so that Beth could have a normal life. She Beth would go through high school and college and once she was done with college she wouldn’t have to worry about a baby either. She made it so Beth could have a normal life. The only problem was everyone at school knew Beth had a baby so they moved to this small town. Now her moms pretending that the baby is hers so Beth can have a normal life. Though sometimes Beth thinks about how she wishes after high school she could take her baby with but she knew that wasn’t part of the agreement. She just wishes she could call it her baby but her mom won’t let her do that all she will let her do is call it her sibling so Beth cries at night because she can’t even claim her baby as her own.
» Family: Her Mom Anne who owns a bakery
Her son Braden Ronald Potter
» Relationships: TBA
» Secrets:
- She has a child but her mom is pretending it’s her child so that Beth can have a normal life
- She smokes every now and then
- She was rapped
- She used to be bulimic when she a pregnant because she thought if she was she would get skinner and no one would notice her stomach
» Password: Forever Moi
» Other:

So begins...

Beth Potter's Story


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To: Sabine Carter
From: Blocked Number
How's the love life going? Found any cute girls lately? - Anon. x

To: Amanda Stone
From: Blocked Number
How's daddy's little girl? He sure loves his daughter, doesn't he?;) -Anon.

To: Aaron Stone
From: Blocked Number
How's all Mom's co-workers keeping up? Then again, how would you know? You'e probably too high to remember anything.. ;) x - Anon.

To: Charlotte Clark
From: Blocked Number
I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I know why you're here ;) Fire.. bad choice of words? x - Anon.

To: Louis Everly
From: Blocked Number
How's Ryan's family these days? Still mourning over their lost little boy? Be careful where you step, that could be you one day. x - Anon.

To: Marjorie Feller
From: Blocked Number
It must be hard work being a prostitute - especially having to kill off kids in your stomach;) Remember: Stay safe! X - Anon.

To: Beth Potter
From: Blocked Number
Everyone thinks you're so innocent, yet you smoke and have a child. What happened? - Anon. x

To: Kasper Wren
From: Blocked Number
Welcome to Mackenzie Prep! Be careful, there are some dark people here - and I know how much you hate the dark;) - Anon. x

To: Snow K Wren
From: Blocked Number
How's your boyfrie- Oh, wait, you've never had one.. shame. x - Anon.

To: Elisa Grace
From: Blocked Number
How's that diet your on going? What is it called - not eating? - Anon. x

To: Teagan Thorn
From: Blocked Number
How long are you going to pretend your not sick? Maybe once everyone realizes who is responsible for your sister disappearing? x - Anon.


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Bethany Potter

Beth woke up to her alarm clock blaring ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. Her alarm clock played songs that were on the radio and this was the one that happened to be on. Anyone that knew Beth would know she HATED this song. She groaned and tried to turn of the alarm clock but just ended up pushing it off her night stand onto the ground. It made the alarm clock shut up but may have also broken it.
So now that Beth was awake she reluctantly got up. Though through all the commotion the baby must have woken up, because Beth could hear the cry from the other room. She knew her mother was probably down stairs making breakfast so Beth yelled, “It’s okay mom stay down there I’ve got Braden !” Within a few seconds her mother yelled, “Okay,” and Beth ran to the baby’s room.
She wasn’t allowed to have much interaction with the baby because he mother insisted on her treating him like her brother as part of the act. Her mother said that most sisters don’t like to spend time with their baby siblings so Beth shouldn’t want to either. So at every chance she got where her mother didn’t say anything Beth spent time with him.

Beth picked up the baby from crib. He was a bit heavy because he was chubby. She thought it was cute though, chubby babies are cute. Beth held the baby on her hip and hummed a but then Braden stopped crying. “See you’re fine,’ whispered Beth in a quiet loving voice, she smiled at the baby a loving motherly smile.
She walked with the baby over to his closet. “What should you wear today?” she asked the baby even though she was well aware he would not respond. She grabbed some clothes from his closet. Then she walked over and changed his diaper. After doing that she dressed himis a blue and white striped full body romper that covers his feet and a blue button up knit sweater. ‘Cute,’ she said with a smile as she picked him up again. “ Should we go down stairs and give you to grand-“ she stopped herself. “And give you to your mommy,’ she said quietly.

After giving the baby back to her mother she got readyshe put on a plain red long sleep swoop neck shirt, a pair of distressed skinny jeans, brown almost knee high boots, a necklace with a heart charm in it and Braden’s picture inside, her bow earrings, and her gold watch. Then she did a natural make up look, and left her hair natural because it has natural waves.
Once she finished getting ready she grabbed her bag and walked down stairs. Her mother every morning makes breakfast for Beth but she never eats it not because she has a eating disorder but because she doesn’t want to spend time with her mother while she eats breakfast. Her and her mother don’t exactly get along that well.
So like every morning she grabbed her back pack from the kitchen table, gives Braden and kiss and walked out the door. As she walked out her mother yells, “Don’t forget to pick your brother up tonight from daycare.” Beth flinches at the word brother but replies back with ‘Whatever.’ She wasn’t going to let her mother get to her.
Then Beth entered her car and started driving. She had to stop at Starbucks to get her coffee that would fuel her day. As she driving she thought about running away with Braden, but she also thought about how bad of a life he would have. If Braden for the rest of his life was her brother then Braden’s life would be much better. That’s what she wanted for Braden’s life to be useful and that would not happen with Beth as his mother.
Beth shook off those thoughts though as she arrived at Starbucks. She quickly ran inside got her coffee and ran back out. She wanted to get to school early so she would be able to find he classes without being late for any.

Within a few minutes Beth arrived at the school. She sighed, it was a small school, she was used to big schools. But Beth got out of the car anyways and headed for the school. She was started junior year and it was her first day at this school she was pretty scared. The school that she went to before, she had been going too since kindergarten. But at her old school everyone though she was a slut too. Beth was going to work to have the perfect reputation now she planned to be popular.
Beth then arrived at the door and walked in. The school looked like every other school. You could tell who the slutty cheerleaders where, and the jocks, and the nerds, and the depressed people. This was just a typical high school.
So Beth just walked to her locker which was number 65. Just before she was about to open it her phone went off. Everyone thinks you're so innocent, yet you smoke and have a child. What happened? - Anon. x, it read. At first she a scared, how could someone know? But then she shook those thought off. It was probably just someone from her old school who thought it would be funny to scare her so she texted back:

To: Blocked Number
From: Beth Potter
Hahaha very funny I know it is someone from my old school that is texting me.

Then Beth slipped her phone back in her pocket and tried to open her locker. It wouldn’t open she pulled and pulled. Then eventually she hit it. She could feel her knuckles get cut after she hit it and she flinched. Then she looked at her hand. There was a gash in it and it was red, she was pretty sure it would end up bruising too. Just her luck.
Beth knew there was no point in trying to open her locker any more but she did kick the bottom, hard. It didn’t open though. She groaned, she already hated this school. With nothing to do Beth looked around her locker was right next to a boy on one side and a girl on the other (I don’t care who, whoever choose to have thee locker by her, then that’s who it’s by).


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Charlotte Clark

Beep. Beep Bee-
Charlie groggily pulled the duvet covers off her. She turned off her alarm and quickly made her bed, before getting dressed into some black, high waisted denim shorts, a pink see through top with skulls on it and a black tank underneath, some black tights, some black converse and a leather jacket. She applied a layer of concealer, mascara, eyeliner and blush, before leaving her bedroom, her schoolbag slung over one shoulder.

Another hour later - which included eating her breakfast, tying her hair into a fishtail plait and brushing her teeth - and Charlie was at the school. Her phone buzzed just as she was getting off the bus, which reminded Charlie that she wanted to text her friends. She opened the message as she walked through the double doors and through the corridors, to where her locker was.

To: Charlotte Clark
From: Blocked Number
I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but I know why you're here ;) Fire.. bad choice of words? x - Anon.

Charlotte stopped in the middle of the hall as she reread the test, greeting her with a million elbows and people swarming past her all at once. Fire - they didn't know, they couldn't know. It wasn't that that worried her the most, it was the message itself. I know why you're here... that one must be a lie. No one knew about that, not even her closest friends. Unless Jason told someone, it had just been the Clark's little secret.

She shook her head lightly, plastering a fake smile over her frown as she had been doing for months. She deleted the message and decided to meet up with some of her friends, and hopefully get her mind off of the weird message from a blocked number. She opened her locker, grabbed her books, and sent the messages.

To: Amandaa<3
Hey, where are youu? x

To: Marjorie:D
Hey, where are youu? x


To: Blocked Number
From: Sabine Carter
Um who the fuck are you and how the fuck do you know. Stay away. ~S

To: Sabine Carter
From: Blocked Number
I'm sure you're dying to find out, but that would spoil the fun, wouldn't it? - Anon. xo

To: Blocked Number
From: Teagan Thorn
What are you talking about and what is your problem?

To: Teagan Thorn
From: Blocked Number
Don't act dumb, I know you're not. You must be pretty smart to get away with selling pills.. ;) - Anon. x

To: Blocked Number
From: Elisa Grace
Leave me alone, you don't know me.

To: Elisa Grace
From: Blocked Number
How do you know that? I could be standing beside you right now. x - Anon.

To: Blocked Number
From: Beth Potter
Hahaha very funny I know it is someone from my old school that is texting me.

To: Beth Potter
From: Blocked Number
Maybe it is, or maybe I'm standing right beside you;) And why does it make a difference? - Anon. x

To: Blocked Number
From: Louis Everly
Who is this? What are you talking about?

To: Louis Everly
From: Blocked Number
I could tell you, but that would spoil the fun, wouldn't it? Even though you would probably kill to know.. - Anon. xo

To: Blocked Number
From: Aaron Stone
Leave me alone

To: Aaron Stone
From: Blocked Number
Grow up, and don't expect me to start pitying you just because you sleep around to help your mother. - Anon. x

To: Beck Hades
From: Blocked Number
Are you still in that gang, The Emeralds? Caught you! - Anon. x

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